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The Auk, Volume 85, Number 2 (1968)

2 (April)


Diagnosis and Relationships of the North American Tundra-Inhabiting Peregrine Falcons. 179-191.
Clayton M. White.
In Memoriam: Arthur A. Allen. 192-202.
Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr.
Sexual Differences in Foraging Behavior in Two Species of Dendrocopos Woodpeckers. 203-215.
J. David Ligon.
Some Morphological Features of Avian Kidneys. 216-228.
Oscar W. Johnson.
Modulation in Bird Sounds. 229-243.
Robert Carrington Stein.
Syringeal Anatomy in the Common Crow. 244-252.
Dwight R. Chamberlain, W. B. Gross, George W. Cornwell, Henry S. Mosby.
Taxonomy and Behavior of Pale-Faced Antbirds. 253-264.
Edwin O. Willis.
Competition Between Two West Indian Flycatchers, Elaenia. 265-286.
Kenneth L. Crowell.
A Revision of the Tufted Flycatchers of the Genus Mitrephanes. 287-303.
J. Dan Webster.
Recent Newfoundland Bird Records. 304-311.
Leslie M. Tuck.
Reviews. 330-333.
Periodical Literature. 334-351.
Correspondence. 352.
Notes and News. 353-354.

General Notes

A Hybrid Grasshopper Sparrow X Savannah Sparrow. 312-315.
Robert W. Dickerman.
Geologic Age of Ciconia Maltha. 315.
Allan R. Phillips.
Some Observations on the Breeding of Northern Phalaropes At Scammon Bay, Alaska. 316-317.
E. Otto H.
Migratory Behavior of Whooping Cranes. 318.
Robert H. Shields, Earl L. Benham.
A Specimen of Leach's Petrel From the Gulf Coast of Florida. 319.
Sievert A. Rohwer, Glen E. Woolfenden.
A Specimen of the Black-Throated Green Warbler From Alaska. 320.
R. Guy Mccaskie.
The Pintail (Anas Acuta) Breeding At Latitude 82[Degree] N on Ellesmere Island, N.W.T., Canada. 320-321.
William J. Maher, David N. Nettleship.
Kingbird Feeding Baltimore Oriole Nestlings. 321.
Marion B. Bragg.
Second Specimen of the Prairie Warbler in New Brunswick. 322.
Robert E. Gobeil.
The Occurrence of the Crested Hummingbird, Orthorhyncus Cristatus Exilis, in the United States. 322.
Warren M. Pulich.
Rediscovery of Embernagra Longicauda Strickland. 323.
Charles E. O'Brien.
The Indian Tree Pipit (Anthus Hodgsoni) Recorded for the First Time in North America. 323.
Thomas D. Burleigh.
Razorbill Nesting At Matinicus Rock, Maine. 324.
Carl W. Buchheister.
Nest Protection by the Brown-Headed Cowbird (Molothrus Ater). 324-325.
Russell P. Balda, Steve Carothers.
Great Kiskadee Parasitized by Shiny Cowbird in Surinam. 325.
F. Haverschmidt.
Roseate Spoonbill Chick Attacked by Ants. 325.
Jed J. Ramsey.
Survival of the Cutthroat Finch (Amadina Fasciata) Under Desert Conditions Without Water. 326-328.
Vaughan W. Edmonds.
Berylline and Violet-Crowned Hummingbirds in Arizona. 329.
Jay M. Sheppard.
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