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The Auk, Volume 84, Number 1 (1967)

1 (January)


Behavior of the Bobwhite, Colinus Virginianus. 1-33.
Allen W. Stokes.
Physiological Responses of the Blue-Throated and Rivoli's Hummingbirds. 34-48.
Robert C. Lasiewski, Richard J. Lasiewski.
On the Sierra Madre Sparrow, Xenospiza Baileyi, of Mexico. 49-60.
Robert W. Dickerman, Allan R. Phillips, Dwain W. Warner.
Molt in the Adelie Penguin. 61-71.
R. L. Penney.
Responses of Brooding Nighthawks to a Disturbance Stimulus. 72-86.
Anthony F. Gramza.
Selection and Use of Drumming Sites by Male Ruffed Grouse. 87-112.
Gordon W. Gullion.
Diving Schedules of a Common Loon and a Group of Oldsquaws. 122-123.
Paul A. Stewart.
Reviews. 135-141.
Special Review the New Dictionary of Birds and the Proposed World List. 142-146.
Oliver L. Austin, Jr.
Recent Literature. 147-164.
Notes and News. 165-168.

General Notes

Wild Turkeys (Meleagris Gallopavo) With Supernumerary Leg Spurs. 113-114.
Lovett E. Williams, Jr.
Cock Pheasants Rout Marsh Hawk. 114.
John P. Weigand.
A Specimen of the Golden-Cheeked Warbler From Florida. 115.
Glen E. Woolfenden.
Fossil Owls From the Hagerman Local Fauna (Upper Pliocene) of Idaho. 115-117.
Norman L. Ford, Bertram G. Murray, Jr.
Notes on the Interspecific Behavioral Relationships of Marsh-Nesting Passerines. 118-120.
Mary F. Willson.
Aggressive Behavior by a Migrating Cape May Warbler. 120-121.
Herbert W. Kale Ii.
Notes on Hatching and Growth of the Southern Lapwing in Chile. 121-122.
J. K. Greer, Marjorie Greer.
A 36-Year-Old Wild Herring Gull. 123.
Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr.
Observations on Embryos of Common Loons. 124.
Robert Lister.
A Flight-Time Integrator for Birds. 124-128.
Eugene A. Lefebvre, Richard C. Birkebak, Frank D. Dorman.
Another Record of Active Molt in Passerine Birds. 128.
Larry L. Wolf.
Organisms Consumed by Various Migrating Shorebirds. 128-130.
William S. Brooks.
The Incubation Period of the Hawaiian Stilt. 130.
Andrew J. Berger.
The Eggs and Nesting Ground of the Puna Plover. 130-131.
Gunnar Hoy.
Resting" Heart and Respiratory Rates of Small Birds". 131-132.
R. Alan Lewis.
Migrant Races of Western Wood Pewee in Utah. 133-134.
William H. Behle.
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