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The Auk, Volume 83, Number 2 (1966)

2 (April)


Morphologic Stability Versus Adaptive Variation in the Hammond's Flycatcher. 179-200.
Ned K. Johnson.
Wing and Tail Molt of the Sparrow Hawk. 201-206.
Ernest J. Willoughby.
Behavioral Responses of Brown-Headed Cowbirds to Nests and Eggs. 207-232.
Robert K. Selander, Suh Yung Yang.
Quantitative Features of Spermatogenesis in the Mallard (Anas Platyrhynchos). 233-239.
Oscar W. Johnson.
In Memoriam: James Paul Chapin. 240-252.
Herbert Friedmann.
More Hybrid Hummingbirds From the United States. 253-265.
Lester L. Short, Jr., Allan R. Phillips.
Avian Heart Size and Cardiovascular Performance. 266-273.
Alan H. Brush.
A Nesting Study of Spizella Pallida. 274-281.
W. Ray Salt.
In Memoriam: Reuben Myron Strong. 282-287.
A. L. Rand.
Proceedings of the Eighty-Third Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 288-302.
L. Richard Mewaldt.
Cannibalism At a Broad-Winged Hawk Nest. 307.
Donald S. Heintzelman.
Reviews. 320-328.
Recent Literature. 329-344.
Notes and News. 345-346.
Correspondence. 346.
The Russian Ornithological Congresses. 347-348.

General Notes

A Record of the Gray Vireo in Wisconsin. 303.
Helmut C. Mueller, Daniel D. Berger.
Second Nestings of the Wood Duck. 303.
Frank B. Mcgilvrey.
A Display of the Boat-Billed Heron, Cochlearius Cochlearius. 304-306.
A. L. Rand.
Subspecies of Recent and Fossil Birds. 306-307.
Joseph R. Jehl, Jr.
An Analysis of the Stomach Contents of Some Cooper's Hawks (Accipiter Cooperii). 308.
Stewart Duncan.
Notes on Stomach Contents and Weights of Some Chilean Birds of Prey. 308-309.
J. Keever Greer, Dillman S. Bullock.
Utilization of Shad As Winter Food by Birds. 309-311.
William E. Southern.
Notes on the Food Habits of the Korean Pheasant. 311-313.
C. M. Loveless.
The Red-Winged Blackbird in Alaska. 313-314.
Brina Kessel.
Antiphonal Dueting and Evidence for Auditory Reaction Time in the Orange-Chinned Parakeet. 314-319.
Dennis M. Power.
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