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The Auk, Volume 82, Number 2 (1965)

2 (April)


The Role of Saliva in Food Storage by the Gray Jay. 139-154.
Douglas D. Dow.
The Structure and Pigmentation of the Feather Tips of the Scaled Cuckoo (Lepidogrammus Cumingi). 155-160.
Alan H. Brush.
Structure in Primary Song of the Mockingbird (Mimus Polyglottos). 161-189.
Joyce L. Wildenthal.
Reproductive Activities of Rosy Finches, With Special Reference to Montana. 190-205.
Richard E. Johnson.
Hybridization of Rufous-Naped Wrens in Chiapas, M. 206-214.
Robert K. Selander.
The Carolina Parakeet in the Upper Missouri and Mississippi River Valleys. 215-226.
Daniel Mckinley.
Chronology of Pair Formation in Some Nearctic Aythya (Anatidae). 227-235.
Milton W. Weller.
The Lipid Reserves of White-Crowned Sparrows on the Breeding Ground in Central Alaska. 236-252.
James R. King, Donald S. Farner, Martin L. Morton.
Proceedings of the Eighty-Second Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 253-267.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw.
Reviews. 289-302.
Recent Literature. 303-318.
Notes and News. 319-321.
Obituaries. 322-326.

General Notes

The Juvenal Plumage and Distribution of Cassidix Palustris (Swainson). 268-270.
Robert W. Dickerman.
Falco Sparverius in Western Arctic Alaska. 270.
Laurence Irving.
An Unusual Habitat for Purple Martins. 271-273.
Richard C. Banks, Robert T. Orr.
The Gender of the Fringillid Genus Pinicola. 273.
W. Earl Godfrey.
Territorial Display As a Population-Regulating Mechanism in the Yellow Warbler. 274-275.
Millicent S. Ficken, Robert W. Ficken.
Townsend's Solitaire and Pine Grosbeak in Missouri. 275.
James D. Rising.
An Example of Sinistralism in Red Phalaropes (Phalaropus Fulicarius). 276-277.
F. G. Cooch.
Royal and Cayenne Terns Breeding in Trinidad, West Indies. 277.
Richard Ffrench, Charles T. Collins.
Digestive Efficiency and Premigratory Obesity in the Dickcissel. 278-279.
John L. Zimmerman.
Dendroica Pensylvanica in Trinidad. 279.
W. John Smith.
An Upland Redhead Nest. 280.
John B. Millar.
Post-Mortem Digestion of Stomach Contents in the Savannah Sparrow. 281.
Dean G. Dillery.
First Specimens of Three Species of Birds From Kenya. 282-283.
Dale A. Zimmerman, Russell E. Mumford.
An Index of Abundance of the Goshawk in Colorado in Winter. 284-285.
Phillip D. Doerr, James H. Enderson.
Roosting Behavior of the Blue Jay. 285.
Cynthia Gale Turner.
Frog Captures a Fledgling Eastern Phoebe. 285-286.
Ted R. Anderson.
The Band-Tailed Barbthroat, Threnetes Ruckeri (Trochilidae), in Guatemala. 286.
Hugh C. Land, Lloyd F. Kiff.
The History and Breeding Status of the Song Sparrow Near Tucson, Arizona. 287-288.
Richard S. Crossin.
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