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The Auk, Volume 81, Number 4 (1964)

4 (October)


Hybridization in the Red-Eyed Towhees of Mexico: the Populations of the Southeastern Plateau Region. 479-504.
Charles G. Sibley, Fred C. Sibley.
Effect of Age, Sex, and Level of Fat Deposition on Major Body Components in Some Wood Warblers. 505-513.
David T. Rogers, Jr., Eugene P. Odum.
The Birds of the Tres Marietas Islands, Nayarit, Mexico. 514-519.
P. R. Grant.
The Relations of Breeding Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers to Wounded Birches and Other Trees. 520-527.
Lawrence Kilham.
Some Effects of Neutron-Gamma Radiation on Late Summer Bird Populations. 528-533.
Jay H. Schnell.
Spatial Separation of Sexes in Rock and Willow Ptarmigan in Winter. 534-541.
Robert B. Weeden.
Seasonal Changes in the Color of Starling Bills. 542-550.
Richard S. Wydoski.
Reviews. 561-571.
Recent Literature. 572-584.
Notes and News. 585.
Obituaries. 586.
Index to Volume 81. 587-602.

General Notes

Albinism in the Herring Gull. 551-552.
Alfred O. Gross.
An Additional Record of the Yellow-Billed Tropicbird (Phaethon Lepturus Catesbyi) From Pennsylvania. 552.
Gorman M. Bond.
Nesting of the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher on Long Island, New York. 552-553.
Gilbert S. Raynor.
New Records of Cattle Egrets in Per. 553-554.
Frank P. Frazier, Jr.
Fatal Entanglements of Herring Gulls (Larus Argentatus) and Common Terns (Sterna Hirundo). 555-556.
Walter P. Nickell.
Diving Times of Wintering Water Birds. 556-558.
Douglas D. Dow.
Observations on the Spotted Rail and Pinnated Bittern in Costa Rica. 558-559.
Dale E. Birkenholz, Donald A. Jenni.
A Record of the Chestnut-Collared Longspur in Florida. 559.
Henry M. Stevenson.
Two Albino Herring Gulls Found At Rogers City, Michigan. 560.
Walter P. Nickell.
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