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The Auk, Volume 81, Number 2 (1964)

2 (April)


A New Genus and Species of Tanager From Peru. 125-131.
George H. Lowery, Jr., John P. O'Neill.
Individual Experience As a Factor in the Navigation of Manx Shearwaters. 132-146.
G. V. T. Matthews.
Discovery of Breeding Black-Capped Petrels on Hispaniola. 147-159.
David B. Wingate.
The Effect of Salt Intake on the Size and Function of the Salt Gland of Ducks. 160-172.
Knut Schmidt-Nielsen, Yoon T. Kim.
Some Factors in the Decline of the Osprey in Connecticut. 173-185.
Peter L. Ames, Gerald S. Mersereau.
Biological and Oological Studies of the Molothrine Cowbirds (Icteridae) of Argentina. 186-203.
Gunnar Hoy, Johann Ottow.
Proceedings of the Eighty-First Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 204-218.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw.
Reviews. 234-237.
Special Review: Russian Ornithological Literature. 238-241.
Charles Vaurie.
Recent Literature. 242-254.
Notes and News. 255-256.
Obituary. 256.

General Notes

Observations on the Day-Old Young of the Spectacled Eider, Somateria Fischeri. 219-221.
Colleen Helgeson Nelson.
Flycatching by Wandering Tattlers (Heteroscelus Incanum). 221-222.
Robert T. Orr.
The Type Locality of Atlapetes Albinucha. 223-224.
Raymond A. Paynter, Jr.
A Nesting of the Purple Gallinule (Porphyrula Martinica) in Ohio. 224-226.
Milton B. Trautman, Samuel J. Glines.
Breeding of the Purple Gallinule in Illinois. 227.
G. P. Waldbauer, J. Hayes.
First United States Record for the Slate-Throated Redstart, and First Specimens of Various Species for New Mexico. 227-229.
Bruce K. Harris.
First Records of the White-Tailed Kite for El Salvador and Alabama. 229.
Merriam L. Miles.
White-Tailed Kite in Nicaragua. 230.
James Bond.
Nest and Eggs of the Cabanis Tiger Heron in Chiapas, Mexico. 230-231.
Walter Dawn.
Description of a Race of the Double-Striped Thick-Knee (Aves, Family Burhinidae) From Colombia. 231-233.
Alexander Wetmore, J. I. Borrero H.
Male Mourning Dove Rears Young Unaided. 233.
W. Reid Goforth.
Third United States Record of the Black-Faced Grassquit (Tiaris Bicolor). 233.
M. Ralph Browning.
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