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The Auk, Volume 81, Number 1 (1964)

Publication Information
1 (January)


A New Species of Warbler From New Guinea. 1-4.
Alden H. Miller.
Life Histories of Hermit Hummingbirds. 5-25.
Alexander F. Skutch.
Relation of Oxygen Consumption to Temperature in the Red and White-Winged Crossbills. 26-35.
William R. Dawson, Harrison B. Tordoff.
In Memoriam: Charles William Beebe. 36-41.
Lee S. Crandall.
The Development of Nest-Building Behavior in a Weaverbird. 42-52.
Elsie C. Collias, Nicholas E. Collias.
Experiments on Species Discrimination in Blue-Winged Warblers. 53-64.
Frank B. Gill, Wesley E. Lanyon.
The Specific Distinctness of the Greater and Lesser Prairie Chickens. 65-73.
Robert E. Jones.
The Decline and Present Status of the Imperial Woodpecker of Mexico. 74-81.
James T. Tanner.
Reviews. 98-107.
Recent Literature. 108-121.
Notes and News. 122-124.
Corrigenda. 124.

General Notes

Ecology of the Budgerygah. 82.
Mrs. Ray Rothwell, Dean Amadon.
Displays of the Buff-Breasted Sandpiper At Norman, Oklahoma. 83-86.
Lewis W. Oring.
American Widgeon and Shoveler Breeding in Vermont. 86-87.
Robert W. Fuller, Neil E. King.
Egg Moving by Incubating Ducks. 88-89.
Lewis W. Oring.
Swaying Display of a Female Bell's Vireo. 89-90.
Jon C. Barlow.
Golden Eagle Nesting in Ontario. 91.
Harry G. Lumsden.
Wing-Flashing in the Red-Backed Scrub-Robin, Erythropygia Zambesiana. 91-92.
Burt L. Monroe, Jr.
Icterus Bullockii in Massachusetts. 92-94.
Dorothy E. Snyder.
Further Observations on the Regulation of the Annual Testicular Cycle in Bobolinks (Dolichonyx Oryzivorus). 95-96.
William L. Engels.
Nesting of Worm-Eating Warbler and Slate-Colored Junco in Eastern Massachusetts. 96-97.
Charlotte E. Smith.
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