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The Auk, Volume 79, Number 2 (1962)

2 (April)


The Biology of the Giant Petrel Macronectes Giganteus. 139-160.
John Warham.
Migratory and Gonadal Responses of Birds on Long-Continued Short Day-Lengths. 161-172.
Charles M. Weise.
1961 Decennial Census of the Kirtland's Warbler. 173-182.
Harold Mayfield.
Specific Limits and Distribution of Meadowlarks of the Desert Grassland. 183-207.
Wesley E. Lanyon.
Bobolink Migratory Pathways and Their Experimental Analysis Under Night Skies. 208-233.
William J. Hamilton Iii.
A Study of Homing in the Bank Swallow (Riparia Riparia). 234-246.
Theodore D. Sargent.
Proceedings of the Seventy-Ninth Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 247-259.
H. G. Deignan.
Treasurer's Report for the Period of August 1, 1960-July 31, 1961. 259-262.
Report of the Research Committee for 1961. 263-264.
Reviews. 279-290.
Recent Literature. 291-299.
Notes and News. 300-302.

General Notes

An Erroneous Report for Sula Dactylatra Melanops. 265.
Alexander Wetmore.
On the Genus Chamaethlypis" and its Supposed Relationship to Icteria". 265-267.
E. Eisenmann.
Nomenclature of Quaternary Coots From Oceanic Islands. 267-269.
Pierce Brodkorb, Elliot W. Dawson.
Precocious Sexual Competence in the Ground Dove. 269-270.
Richard F. Johnston.
The First Record of the King Eider, Somateria Spectabilis (Linnaeus), and the Occurrence of Other Anseriformes in Florida. 270-271.
Oscar T. Owre.
The First Record of the Rufous-Backed Robin in the United States. 271.
Wm. I. Harrison.
Ash-Throated Flycatcher in Rhode Island. 272.
James Baird.
Foods of Le Conte's Sparrow. 272-273.
David A. Easterla.
Feeding Habits of the Mississippi Kite. 273-274.
Robert W. Skinner.
The Weights of 11 Living Eagles and Vultures At the New York Zoological Park. 274-275.
William G. Conway.
Stegophorus Stellae-Polaris (Acuardiidae: Nematoda) in the Pacific Fulmar. 275-276.
Frederick L. Dunn.
Secondary Ddt Poisoning in a Sparrow Hawk. 276-277.
Richard F. Bernard.
Wasp Attack on a Flicker. 277.
Stewart Duncan.
Predation on Peregrines by Ringtails. 277.
Clayton M. White, Gary D. Lloyd.
Mourning Dove With Three Legs. 278.
Robert G. Frankowiak.
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