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The Auk, Volume 78, Number 4 (1961)

4 (October)


Interspecific Preening Invitation Display of Parasitic Cowbirds. 473-504.
Robert K. Selander, Charles J. La Rue, Jr.
Water Economy of the California Quail and its Use of Sea Water. 505-514.
George A. Bartholomew, Richard E. Macmillen.
Flight Energy and Estimated Flight Ranges of Some Migratory Birds. 515-527.
Eugene P. Odum, Clyde E. Connell, Herbert L. Stoddard.
Esophageal Diverticula in the Redpoll, Acanthis Flammea. 528-531.
Harvey I. Fisher, Eleanor E. Dater.
Food Consumption in Relation to Habitat in Breeding Chickadees. 532-550.
H. N. Kluyver.
Grace's Warbler in Mexico. 551-553.
Allan R. Phillips, J. Dan Webster.
A Revision of Grace's Warbler. 554-566.
J. Dan Webster.
The Eared Poor-Will. 567-572.
W. J. Schaldach, Jr., Allan R. Phillips.
Nesting Activities of the Red-Footed Booby in British Honduras. 573-594.
Jared Verner.
The Songs and Calls of the Wood Thrush. 595-606.
Aretas A. Saunders.
Burford Lake, New Mexico, Revisited. 607-626.
William S. Huey, James R. Travis.
Hybrids Among the Fringillid Genera Junco-Zonotrichia and Melospiza. 627-632.
Robert W. Dickerman.
Book Reviews. 649-658.
Recent Literature. 659-668.
Notes and News. 669.
Correspondence. 670-674.
Index to Volume 78. 675-701.

General Notes

Lipase Activity in the Heart Muscle of a Migratory and a Nonmigratory Bird. 633-634.
J. C. George, P. Thomas Iype.
Tail Molt of the Saw-Whet Owl. 634.
Charles T. Collins.
A Curtailed Postjuvenal Molt in the Steller Jay. 634-636.
Frank A. Pitelka.
Favorite Foods of Neotropical Birds: Flying Termites and Cecropia Catkins. 636-638.
Eugene Eisenmann.
New Records in Micronesia for the Bar-Tailed Godwit and Black-Crowned Night Heron. 638.
John H. Brandt.
First Tufted Duck Seen in Oregon. 638-639.
James G. Olson.
A Record of the Yellow Rail From Dallas County, Texas. 639-640.
Warren M. Pulich.
A White-Winged Scoter Specimen From Alabama. 640.
Thomas Z. Atkeson.
Dendroica Dominica Stoddardi From South Carolina. 640.
Edward Von Siebold Dingle.
Cattle Egret in Mexico. 640-641.
Col. L. R. Wolfe.
Recovery of Bird Band From an Owl Pellet. 641.
Ralph H. Town.
Loss of 1,000 Lesser Sandhill Cranes. 641-642.
George W. Merrill.
Observation of Avian Pox in a Yellow-Shafted Flicker. 642.
Ronald F. Labisky, Stuart H. Mann.
A Method of Netting Birds At Open Nests in Trees. 643-645.
Val Nolan, Jr.
Aerial Pursuit of Hawks by Turkeys. 646.
R. Roy Johnson.
Peregrine Falcon Hunting Bats While Wintering in Brazil. 646-648.
Helmut Sick.
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