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The Auk, Volume 78, Number 3 (1961)

3 (July)


Birds of Amchitka Island, Alaska. 305-326.
Karl W. Kenyon.
The Migration of Lapland Longspurs to Alaska. 327-342.
Laurence Irving.
Temperature Regulation in Nesting Bonin Island Petrels, Wedge-Tailed Shearwaters, and Christmas Island Shearwaters. 343-354.
Thomas R. Howell, George A. Bartholomew.
Salivary Glands in the Gray Jays (Perisoreus). 355-365.
Walter J. Bock.
Aggressive Neglect As a Factor in Interspecific Competition in Birds. 366-371.
S. Dillon Ripley.
The Genera of American Ground Doves. 372-378.
Richard F. Johnston.
The Connecticut Warbler in Michigan. 379-388.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw, William A. Dyer.
Nest-Site Tenacity and Homing in the Bufflehead. 389-396.
Anthony J. Erskine.
Adrenal and Thyroid Weights in Birds. 397-422.
Frank A. Hartman, Katharine A. Brownell.
Reviews. 443-454.
Recent Literature. 455-468.
Notes and News. 469-470.
Obituary. 471.

General Notes

A Tern New to the United States. 423-425.
William B. Robertson, Jr., Dennis R. Paulson, C. Russell Mason.
Records of Two Migrant Waterfowl for Puerto Rico. 425.
Virgilio Biaggi, Jr., Francis J. Rolle.
Yellow-Nosed Albatross Off the Coast of Long Island, New York. 425-426.
John L. Bull.
Two Noteworthy Records for California. 426-427.
Laurence M. Huey.
Recent Additions to the Avifauna of Alberta. 427-428.
W. Ray Salt.
Comparison of Female Mallard With Female New Mexican Duck. 428-431.
William S. Huey.
An Enigmatic Northward Migratory Flight Off North Carolina in September. 431-433.
Jack P. Hailman.
Interspecific Relationships Among Birds. 433-435.
Aryan I. Roest.
Nest-Shifting Behavior of the Ashy Wren-Warbler. 435-436.
J. C. George.
A New Method of Preserving Bird Specimens. 436-440.
Robert A. Norris.
Dichromatism in Juvenal Yellow Warblers. 440-441.
William E. Southern.
Old Record of Baikal Teal in North Carolina. 441.
Paul W. Sykes, Jr.
Recent White-Tailed Kite Record in Texas. 442.
Robert F. Mason, Jr.
Unusual Behavior of House Wren. 442.
Charles S. Preble.
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