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The Auk, Volume 78, Number 1 (1961)

1 (January)


The White-Eared Puffbird. 1-2.
Don R. Eckelberry.
Evolutionary Relationships Among the North American Mallards. 3-43.
Paul A. Johnsgard.
Revised List of the Birds of the Commander Islands. 44-56.
Hans Johansen.
List of and Notes on the Birds of the Iles Des Saintes, French West Indies. 57-62.
Charles Vaurie.
Winter Feeding Patterns in the House Sparrow. 63-71.
James R. Beer.
Ecological Aspects of the Blue-Snow Goose Complex. 72-89.
Graham Cooch.
Reviews. 101-108.
Recent Literature. 109-121.
Notes and News. 122.
Correspondence. 123.
Obituary. 123.

General Notes

Observations of Pellet-Casting by Horned and Pied-Billed Grebes. 90-92.
Robert W. Storer.
The Kestrel (Falco Tinnunculus) in the New World. 92-93.
Pere R. Pinchon, Charles Vaurie.
Three Further Records of Parasitic Egg Laying by Ducks. 93.
Lloyd B. Keith.
Night Migration At 4,200 Meters in Venezuela. 93-94.
William H. Phelps.
Natural Longevity Record for a Bobwhite. 94.
Halsey M. Marsden.
Additions to the Guatemalan Bird List. 94-95.
Hugh C. Land, Larry L. Wolf.
A Subspecies of Torreornis Inexpectata From Cuba. 95-97.
Matthew J. Spence, Barton L. Smith.
First Blue Grosbeak Collected in Ontario. 97.
James Woodford, D. H. Baldwin.
Unusual Feeding Habit of Boat-Tailed Grackle. 97.
Charles E. Carter.
Duetting by Paired Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 97-98.
Hervey Brackbill.
Shadow Boxing by Brown-Headed Cowbirds. 98-99.
Hervey Brackbill.
The Caracara Nesting in Arizona. 99.
Seymour H. Levy.
Albinism in the Small White-Cheeked Geese. 99-100.
Richard E. Marquardt.
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