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The Auk, Volume 76, Number 4 (1959)

4 (October)


Polymorphism in Mexican Brown Jays. 385-417.
Robert K. Selander.
In Memoriam: John Todd Zimmer. 418-423.
Robert Cushman Murphy, Dean Amadon.
Interspecific Intolerance of the American Coot in Utah. 424-442.
Ronald A. Ryder.
Miscellaneous Items. 442-541.
Hybridization in the Buntings (Passerina) of the Great Plains. 443-463.
Charles G. Sibley, Lester L. Short, Jr.
Mortality of the Great Blue Heron As Shown by Banding Recoveries. 464-470.
D. F. Owen.
Reviews. 470-516.
Notes on the Biology of Two Brazilian Swifts, Chaetura Andrei and Chaetura Cinereiventris. 471-477.
Helmut Sick.
Social Behavior and Breeding Success in Canada Geese (Branta Canadensis) Confined Under Semi-Natural Conditions. 478-509.
Nicholas E. Collias, Laurence R. Jahn.
Taxonomic Notes on the American Ground Doves. 510-516.
Derek Goodwin.
Reviews. 542-547.
Recent Literature. 548-560.
Notes and News. 560.
Letter to the Editor. 560.
Index to Volume 76. 561-579.

General Notes

Recent Specimens From Southern New York and New Jersey Affecting A.O.U. Check-List Status. 517-520.
P. A. Buckley.
Albinism in Podiceps Grisegena and Other Grebes. 520-521.
Milton W. Weller.
Eared Grebe in South Carolina. 521.
Walter Dawn.
Records of Flight Preening and Related Aerial Activities in Birds, Particularly the Black Tern. 521-523.
Robert E. Goodwin.
Breeding of the Least Bittern in Manitoba. 524-525.
S. Tenison Dillon.
Elanus Leucurus Breeding in Surinam. 526.
F. Haverschmidt.
Rufous Hummingbird Feeding on Sap of English Walnut At Sapsucker Holes. 526-527.
R. Wiegert.
Head-Scratching and Wing-Stretching of Woodpeckers. 527-528.
Lawrence Kilham.
New Record of the Eastern Barn Swallow in Micronesia. 528.
John H. Brandt.
Ash-Throated Flycatcher in Alabama. 528.
Lovett E. Williams, Jr.
South American Migrant Swallows of the Genus Progne in Panama and Northern South America: With Comments on Their Identification and Molt. 528-532.
E. Eisenmann.
Blue Jays Attack a Red Bat. 532.
William M. Clay.
Large Numbers of Bohemian Waxwings in New Mexico. 532-533.
Jens Knudsen Jensen.
Northern Birds From a Florida Indian Midden. 533-534.
J. Hill Hamon.
Effects of High Air Temperature on the Bill and Claw Keratin Structures of the Tree Sparrow. 534-537.
George C. West.
The Function of the Depressor Mandibulae Muscle in Certain Passerine Birds. 537-539.
Richard L. Zusi.
Falco Peregrinus Pealei Shot in Northern Ohio. 539.
Emerson Kemsies.
Probable Eskimo Curlew on Galveston Island, Texas. 539-541.
George G. Williams.
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