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The Auk, Volume 76, Number 1 (1959)

1 (January)


An Approach to the Study of Molts and Plumages. 1-31.
Philip S. Humphrey, Kenneth C. Parkes.
Notes on Helicolestes Hamatus in Surinam. 32-36.
F. Haverschmidt.
The Impact of Deforestation on Birds of Cebu, Philippines, With New Records for That Island. 37-43.
D. S. Rabor.
The Natural Termination of the Refractory Period in the Slate-Colored Junco and in the White-Throated Sparrow. 44-54.
Max C. Shank.
On the Angle of the Cerebral Axis in the American Woodcock. 55-59.
Stanley Cobb.
Geographic Variation in the Whiskered Auklet. 60-67.
Bernard Feinstein.
Proceedings of the Seventy-Sixth Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 68-81.
Harold Mayfield.
Officers and Trustees of the American Ornithologists' Union. 82.
Treasurer's Report for the Period August 1, 1957--July 31, 1958. 83-85.
Report to the American Ornithologists' Union by the Committee on Bird Protection, 1958. 86-91.
Reviews. 109-116.
Recent Literature. 117-128.
Aou Committees 1958-1959. 128.

General Notes

Thick-Billed Kingbird in the United States. 92.
Seymour H. Levy.
A Hybrid Between Barrow's and Common Goldeneyes. 92-94.
Mary F. Jackson.
First Common Scoter Collected in Texas. 94.
Henry M. Reeves.
An Oklahoma Record of the Yellow Rail. 94-95.
John S. Tomer.
First Carolina Wren Taken in Colorado. 95.
Owen A. Knorr.
Occurrence of the Yellow-Green Vireo in Florida. 95-96.
Burt L. Monroe, Jr.
Weights of Sandhill Cranes. 96-97.
William S. Huey.
Cattle Egrets Provoke Cattle to Move and Pick Flies Off Bulls. 97-98.
Walter Dawn.
The Status of the Semipalmated Plover. 98-100.
Walter J. Bock.
Estimating a Hummingbird Population. 100-101.
Walker Van Riper.
A Chipping Sparrow Nest in Which Eight Eggs Were Laid and Seven Young Reared. 101-102.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw.
Notes on Some Philippine Bulbuls. 102-104.
A. L. Rand, D. S. Rabor.
Observations of Whimbrel, Numenius Phaeopus, and Chilean Flamingo, Phoenicopterus Chilensis, in June Near the Straits of Magellan. 104.
William Belton.
Competition for Food Between Five Species of East African Vultures. 104-106.
George A. Petrides.
A Previously Undescribed Recurvirostrid From the Eocene of Utah. 106-108.
John William Hardy.
The Correct Specific Name of the Quetzal, Pharomachrus Mocinne. 108.
E. Eisenmann.
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