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The Auk, Volume 75, Number 1 (1958)

1 (January)


The Nesting of the Shearwater Puffinus Carneipes. 1-14.
John Warham.
In Memoriam: Charles Foster Batchelder. 15-25.
Wendell Taber.
Comments on the Phylogeny and Skull of the Passeriformes. 26-35.
M. Jollie.
Status of Grebes In Eastern Washington. 36-47.
Charles F. Yocom, Stanley W. Harris, Henry A. Hansen.
Observations on the Incubation Behavior of a Common Nighthawk. 48-59.
Milton W. Weller.
Relation of Clutch-Size" To Number of Ova Ovulated By Starlings". 60-66.
David E. Davis.
Proceedings of the Seventy-Fifth Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 67-78.
Harold Mayfield.
Officers and Trustees of the American Ornithologists' Union. 78-79.
Committees 1957-1958. 79-80.
Report To the American Ornithologists' Union of the Committee on Bird Protection, 1957. 81-85.
Treasurer's Report For the Period October 1, 1956-July 31, 1957. 86-88.
Reviews. 104-109.
Recent Literature. 110-116.
Notes and News. 117-118.
Obituary. 119.

General Notes

Cattle Egret (Bubulcus Ibis) Nesting In Cuba. 89.
W. John Smith.
Ross' Geese Nesting At Southampton Island, N.W.T., Canada. 89-90.
Thomas W. Barry, Jay N. Eisenhart.
Three Additions To the Avifaunal Records of Newfoundland. 90.
Stuart S. Peters, Oliver H. Hewitt.
Xantus' Murrelet (Endomychura Hypoleuca Scrippsi) from the State of Washington. 90-91.
Bernard Feinstein.
Swallow-Tailed Kite In Bermuda. 91.
Alfred O. Gross.
An Erroneous Record of the Carolina Parakeet and Other Animals In Montana. 91-93.
Thane S. Robinson.
The Status of Pteroglossus Didymus P. L. Sclater. 93-95.
Herbert Friedmann.
A New United States Nesting Area For the Rose-Throated Becard. 95.
Seymour H. Levy.
Traill's Flycatcher Breeding In North Carolina. 95.
Wendell P. Smith, Henry M. Stevenson.
Post-Copulatory Display In Fulvous and Black-Bellied Tree Ducks. 96.
Brooke Meanley, Anna Gilkeson Meanley.
Further History of Some Bald Eagle Nest Sites In East-Central Florida. 96-98.
Joseph C. Howell.
Nest of the Military Macaw In Durango. 98.
Rollin H. Baker.
Why Two Breast-Bands on the Killdeer?. 98-99.
Julian S. Huxley.
Mourning Dove Growing a New Tail. 99.
Nella B. Henney, J. T. Nichols.
Hearing Ranges For Several Species of Birds. 99-100.
Hubert Frings, Betty Slocum.
Hummingbird Feeding Preferences. 100-101.
Walker Van Riper.
The Spelling of Notharchus Macrorhynchos Hyperrhynchus (Sclater). 101.
Eugene Eisenmann.
A Yellow Mutant of the Evening Grosbeak. 101.
Aretas A. Saunders.
Unilateral Microphthalmia In Quiscalus Quiscula and Synophthalmia In Mimus Polyglottos. 101-103.
David Kenneth Wetherbee.
First Record of the Five-Striped Sparrow In the United States. 103.
Laurence C. Binford.
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