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The Auk, Volume 74, Number 1 (1957)

Publication Information
1 (January)


Notes on the American Sparrow Hawk. 1-19.
A. I. Roest.
In Memoriam: Adriaan Joseph Van Rossem. 20-27.
Alden H. Miller.
Pigmentation of Eggs: Variation In the Clutch Sequence. 28-41.
F. W. Preston.
Cowbird Parasitism of the Northern Yellow-Throat. 42-48.
P. B. Hofslund.
Evolution In the Genus Myzomela (Aves: Meliphagidae). 49-72.
Karl F. Koopman.
Individual Variation In the Fish Crow, Corvus Ossifragus. 73-78.
Julian J. Baumel.
Proceedings of the Seventy-Fourth Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 79-89.
Harold Mayfield.
Report of the Committee on Bird Protection To the American Ornithologists' Union, 1956. 90-93.
Reviews. 107-110.
Recent Literature. 111-127.
Notes and News. 127.
Obituary. 128.

General Notes

A Hybrid Between the White-Throated Sparrow and the Slate-Colored Junco At Dalton, Georgia. 94.
Mr. And Mrs. R. E. Hamilton.
Occurrence of Bachman's Warbler (Vermivora Bachmani) In Northern Mississippi In June. 94-95.
Thomas D. Burleigh.
Robins Use Same Nest For Three Sets of Eggs In One Season. 95.
Walter P. Nickell.
The Function of the Concealed Throat-Patch In the White-Necked Raven. 95-96.
S. F. Blake.
A Recent Colima Warbler's Nest. 97-98.
Dorothy E. Snyder.
Cape May Warbler Feeds on Amphipods. 98.
Walter Dawn.
The Primaries of Archaeopteryx. 99-101.
D. B. O. Savile.
Merlin Attacks Brown-Eared Bulbuls. 101.
H. Elliott Mcclure.
The Abbreviated Inner Primaries of Nestling Woodpeckers. 102-103.
Charles G. Sibley.
The Loss of Teeth In Birds. 103-104.
William C. Dilger.
Absence of Syrinx In the Turkey Vulture (Cathartes Aura). 104-105.
Mildred Miskimen.
Land Bird Migrants Over the Florida Straits. 105.
Norman P. Hill.
Differential Mortality Among Red Crossbills (Loxia Curvirostra). 106.
Richard R. Bond.
Range Extensions In Puerto Rico. 106.
Robert L. Grayce.
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