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The Auk, Volume 73, Number 2 (1956)

Publication Information
2 (April)


Meteorological Variables and the Northward Movement of Nocturnal Land Bird Migrants. 153-175.
Gilbert S. Raynor.
The Monotony-Threshold In Singing Birds. 176-192.
Charles Hartshorne.
Observations of a Nesting Colony of American Brant. 193-202.
Thomas W. Barry.
Compass Directional Training of Western Meadowlarks (Sturnella Neglecta). 203-210.
Ursula Von Saint-Paul.
Variation In Carolina Wren Songs. 211-229.
Donald J. Borror.
A Pox Virus of the Slate-Colored Junco. 230-234.
C. Brooke Worth.
The Migrant Loons of Western Pennsylvania. 235-251.
F. W. Preston.
Food Habits of the King Rail In the Arkansas Rice Fields. 252-258.
Brooke Meanley.
Dynamics of Range Expansion of Cattle Egrets In Florida. 259-266.
Dale W. Rice.
Reviews. 292-299.
Recent Literature. 300-309.
Notes and News. 310-311.
Obituaries. 312.

General Notes

An Interesting Displacement Movement In a Slate-Colored Junco. 267.
Louise De Kiriline Lawrence.
The Following Reaction In a Brood of Mute Swans. 268.
Louise De Kiriline Lawrence.
Behavior of a Pratincole. 268-271.
M. Moynihan.
Unusual Bird Records For Ohio. 272-276.
Milton B. Trautman.
Ten-Year Life History of a Banded Chimney Swift. 276-280.
Ralph W. Dexter.
Preservation of Birds' Nests With Plastic Spray. 280.
J. L. Spencer, W. C. Kennard.
Large Swainson's Hawk Flight In South Texas. 281-282.
Robert P. Fox.
Vultures As Disseminators of Anthrax. 283-284.
Dillman S. Bullock.
Red-Wing Nesting In Bird House. 284.
Robert W. Nero.
Breeding of the American Merganser In the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. 285.
Harry G. M. Jopson.
Red-Headed Woodpeckers (Melanerpes Erythrocephalus) Feeding on Carolina Locusts. 285-286.
W. W. Judd.
A Cowbird Incident. 286.
A. Dawes Dubois.
Robin (Turdus Migratorius) Feeding on Ocean Beach. 286.
Walden Pell, Ii.
Baldpate (Mareca Americana) Nesting In Minnesota. 287.
Frank R. Martin.
Unusual Behavior of a Golden Eagle In Southeastern New Mexico. 287-288.
Allen E. Anderson.
Tree Sparrows (Spizella Arborea) Feeding on the Common Reed. 288.
Maurice L. Russak.
Marsh Hawk Pursues Domestic Cat. 288.
Daniel D. Berger.
Relation of the Tail Length of Cock Ring-Necked Pheasants To Harem Size. 289.
Aelred D. Geis, Lucien H. Elbert.
Eastern Meadowlark (Sturnella Magna) Eating a Traffic-Killed Bird. 289-290.
John K. Terres.
Mourning Dove and Dickcissel on the Atlantic Ocean. 290.
Donald W. Lamm.
Masked Duck and Jacana At Brownsville, Texas. 291.
Frederick W. Loetscher, Jr.
Masked Duck In Florida. 291.
Frances Hames.
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