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The Auk, Volume 73, Number 1 (1956)

Publication Information
1 (January)


A Review of the Genera and Nesting Habits of Swifts. 1-32.
David Lack.
Ecological Study of Ruffed Grouse Broods In Virginia. 33-41.
Robert E. Stewart.
Variations In Egg Characteristics of the House Wren. 42-65.
S. Charles Kendeigh, Theodore C. Kramer, Frances Hamerstrom.
The Recent Reappearance of the Dickcissel (Spiza Americana) In Eastern North America. 66-70.
Alfred O. Gross.
Is the Great White Heron a Good Species?. 71-77.
Ernst Mayr.
On the Loons of Baffin Island. 78-84.
George M. Sutton, David F. Parmelee.
The Landing Forces of Domestic Pigeons. 85-105.
Harvey I. Fisher.
The Seventy-Third Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 106-116.
Officers, Trustees, and Committees of the American Ornithologists' Union. 117-118.
Report of the Committee on Bird Protection To the American Ornithologists' Union, 1955. 119-123.
Treasurer's Report, Fiscal Year Ending September 30, 1955. 124-126.
Reviews. 140-141.
Recent Literature. 142-152.

General Notes

Observations on Birds Hawking" Insects". 127-128.
L. M. Bartlett.
Notes on Courtship Behavior of Wild and Tame Blue Jays. 128-129.
Lawrence Kilham.
An Egg-Bound Mourning Dove. 129-130.
Charles W. Kossack.
Starling At Vanderhoof, British Columbia. 130.
J. A. Munro.
Duck Blinds As Nesting Sites For Great Blue Herons on the South Texas Coast. 131.
Gordon Gunter.
On the Reluctance of Gulls To Fly Under Objects. 131-132.
Gordon Gunter.
Some Early Drawings of Canadian Birds. 132-133.
A. W. Schorger.
A Bibliographical Bonanza. 133.
W. L. Mcatee.
Unusual Behavior of a Pied-Billed Grebe (Podilymbus Podiceps). 134.
Robert M. Laughlin.
Probable Breeding of the Northern Prairie Warbler (Dendroica Discolor Discolor) In Florida. 134.
Henry M. Stevenson.
Status of the Upland Plover In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. 135-136.
Herbert H. Beck.
Pleistocene Birds from Eichelberger Cave, Florida. 136-137.
Pierce Brodkorb.
Two Albinistic Alder Flycatchers At Ann Arbor, Michigan. 137-138.
Andrew J. Berger.
Streptoprocne Semicollaris In the Lowlands of Sinaloa and Nayarit. 138-139.
Ernest P. Edwards, Frederick K. Hilton.
The Scientific Name of the Florida Prairie Warbler. 139.
Josselyn Van Tyne.
First Revisor of the Eastern Sapsuckers. 139.
A. L. Rand.
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