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The Auk, Volume 68, Number 4 (1951)

Publication Information
4 (October)


Adaptations For Food-Getting In the American Blackbirds. 411-440.
William J. Beecher.
Louis Bennett Bishop, 1865-1950. 440-446.
Hildegarde Howard.
Studies of Habitats, Territory, and Nests of the Eastern Goldfinch. 447-470.
Walter P. Nickell.
Removal and Repopulation of Breeding Birds In a Spruce-Fir Forest Community. 471-482.
Robert E. Stewart, John W. Aldrich.
Further Data on Removal and Repopulation of the Breeding Birds In a Spruce-Fir Forest Community. 483-493.
M. Max Hensley, James B. Cope.
Sound Production In Passerine Birds. 493-504.
Mildred Miskimen.
The Hawaiian Stilt. 505-506.
Charles W. Schwartz, Elizabeth Reeder Schwartz.
Notes and News. 530.
Recent Literature. 531-549.
Obituaries. 550-552.
Index To Volume 68. 553-570.

General Notes

A Florida Specimen of Sennett's Nighthawk, Chordeiles Minor Sennetti. 507.
Robert M. Mengel.
Aerial Feeding on Insects By Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Archilochus Colubris. 507.
L. L. Snyder.
A Western Record of the Quetzal, Pharomachrus Mocinno Mocinno, and Chachalaca, Penelopina Nigra, In Mexico. 507-508.
Donald F. Hoffmeister.
Notes on the Barbet Genus Eubucco (Capitonidae) In Southern Peru. 508-510.
Melvin A. Traylor, Jr.
Eastern Kingbird, Tyrannus Tyrannus (Linn. 510.
Helmut Sick.
Gray Kingbird, Tyrannus Dominicensis, Nesting In Alabama. 510-511.
Henry M. Stevenson.
Another Record of the Cedar Waxwing, Bombycilla Cedrorum, Feeding on Dragonflies. 511.
Ralph W. Dexter.
Courtship Display of the Rock Wren, Salpinctes Obsoletus Obsoletus. 511.
Edmund C. Jaeger.
Some Observations on the Nesting and Feeding Habits of the Starling, Sturnus Vulgaris. 511-512.
Mary J. Brown.
English Sparrow, Passer Domesticus, Parasitized By Cowbird, Molothrus Ater. 513.
Hervey Brackbill.
Alaska Myrtle Warbler, Dendroica Coronata Hooveri, In Ohio. 513.
Emerson Kemsies, G. Ronald Austing.
Northern Redstart, Setophaga Ruticilla Tricolora, In Ohio. 513.
Emerson Kemsies, G. Ronald Austing.
Summer Tanager, Piranga Rubra Rubra, In Winter In Florida. 513-514.
J. J. Murray, Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
A Neglected Description. 514.
John T. Zimmer.
Florida Cardinal, Richmondena Cardinalis Floridanus, As Honey-Gatherer. 514-515.
Phyrne Squier Russell.
Cardinal, Richmondena Cardinalis, Wintering In North Dakota. 515.
Henry C. Kyllingstad.
Doubly-Occupied Nests of the Eastern Cardinal, Richmondena Cardinalis. 515-516.
Oscar Hawksley, Alvah P. Mccormack.
Cardinal, Richmondena Cardinalis, Assists In Feeding of Robins. 516-517.
Stanley Logan.
Young Evening Grosbeaks, Hesperiphona Vespertina, At Saranac Lake, New York, 1949. 517-519.
B. M. Schaub.
The Occurrence and Possible Significance of a Spring Molt In Leconte's Sparrow. 519-522.
Harrison B. Tordoff, Robert M. Mengel.
Scott's Sparrow, Aimophila Ruficeps Scottii, a New Bird For Kansas. 522.
R. W. Fredrickson.
Development of White In Tails of Juncos, Junco Hyemalis. 522-523.
Harold B. Wood.
Behavior Responses of the Slate-Colored Junco, Junco Hyemalis Hyemalis. 523-524.
Paul A. Stewart.
On Enemy Recognition. 524-525.
A. L. Rand.
Four Additional Species For Panam. 525-526.
Alexander Wetmore.
Land Birds Feeding on Crayfish. 526-527.
James Hodges.
Taxonomic Notes on South American Birds. 527-529.
James Bond.
Notes on Birds of Islands In Great Salt Lake. 529.
William H. Marshall.
Ocean Vessels and the Distribution of Birds. 529-530.
Malcolm Davis.
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