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The Auk, Volume 68, Number 3 (1951)

Publication Information
3 (July)


On the Juvenal Plumage of North American Pipits. 265.
T. M. Shortt.
New Light on the Cahow, Pterodroma Cahow. 266-280.
Robert Cushman Murphy, Louis S. Mowbray.
An Ecological Reconnaissance of the Pheasants In Hawaii. 281-314.
Charles W. Schwartz, Elizabeth Reeder Schwartz.
The Turkey Vulture In New England and Eastern Canada Up To 1950. 315-333.
Aaron M. Bagg, Henry M. Parker.
The Roadside Census As a Method of Measuring Bird Populations. 334-357.
Joseph C. Howell.
The House Wren Breeding In Georgia: an Analysis of a Range Extension. 357-366.
Eugene P. Odum, David W. Johnston.
Twenty-Sixth Supplement To the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds. 367-369.
Notes and News. 383-385.
Recent Literature. 386-405.
Obituaries. 406-410.

General Notes

Range of the Ringed Penguin, Pygoscelis Antarctica. 370.
Holger Holgersen.
The Pinnated Bittern, Botaurus Pinnatus, In Paraguay. 371.
Alexander Wetmore.
Yellow-Billed Tropic Bird, Phaethon Lepturus Catesbyi, on the North Florida Coast. 371.
Reg. R. Mckay.
Some Observations on the Laysan Duck, Anas Wyvilliana Laysanensis. 371-372.
Vernon E. Brock.
Rat Snake Overpowers Red-Shouldered Hawk, Buteo Lineatus. 372.
George G. Williams.
Aerial Feeding of Duck Hawk, Falco P. Anatum. 372-373.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Food of the Peregrine Falcon, Falco Peregrinus, In Interior Alaska. 373-374.
Tom Cade.
Sora, Porzana Carolina, In Connecticut In Midwinter. 374-375.
Kenneth C. Parkes.
American Woodcock, Philohela Minor, Nesting In South Carolina. 375.
William J. Jenkins.
A Spring Record of the Woodcock, Philohela Minor, In Kansas. 375.
Roger O. Olmsted.
Courtship Feeding By the Purple Gallinule, Porphyrula Martinica. 375.
E. R. Ford.
A Set of Twelve Eggs of the Woodcock, Philohela Minor. 376.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
Greater Yellow-Legs, Totanus Melanoleucus, Swimming. 376.
J. D'Arcy Northwood.
Wilson's Phalarope, Steganopus Tricolor, a New Record For the West Indies. 376-377.
Reverend Father Pinchon.
The Pomarine Jaeger, Stercorarius Pomarinus, In South Carolina. 377.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Nests of the Barn Owl, Tyto A. Pratincola, and the Red Crossbill, Loxia Curvirostra, In Essex County, Massachusetts. 377-378.
Dorothy E. Snyder.
Saw-Whet Owl, Aegolius A. Acadicus, Nesting In Illinois. 378-379.
T. E. Musselman.
A Substitute Name For a Thrush, Turdus, of the West Indies. 379.
H. G. Deignan.
The Discovery of Sprague's Pipit, Anthus Spragueii. 379-380.
Francis H. Allen.
Further Evidence on the Refractory Period In the Reproductive Cycle of the Golden-Crowned Sparrow, Zonotrichia Coronata. 380-383.
Alden H. Miller.
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