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The Auk, Volume 67, Number 3 (1950)

Publication Information
3 (July)


Birds of Moku Manu and Manana Islands Off Oahu, Hawaii. 285-306.
Frank Richardson, Harvey I. Fisher.
Frank Michler Chapman, 1864-1945. 307-315.
Robert Cushman Murphy.
Report of the A. O. U. Committee on Bird Protection, 1949. 316-324.
Nesting Birds of the Willow-Cottonwood Community In California. 325-332.
Lloyd G. Ingles.
Geographical Variation In the Gray Kingbird, Tyrannus Dominicensis. 333-344.
Pierce Brodkorb.
Recent Observations on the White Pelican on Gunnison Island, Great Salt Lake, Utah. 345-356.
Jessop B. Low, Lee Kay, D. I. Rasmussen.
Notes on Determination of Sex and Age In the Woodcock and Mourning Dove. 357-360.
George A. Petrides.
Luscinia Megarhynchos Brehm In the Western Palaearctic Region, and a New Race from the British Isles. 361-363.
Phillip A. Clancey, Adolph Von Jordans.
Some Notes on Panam. 364-367.
Eugene Eisenmann.
Twenty-Fifth Supplement To the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds. 368-370.
Stability In Zoological Nomenclature. 370-374.
Francis Hemming.
Bird Names In Linnaeus' 'Catalogue' of Edwards' Natural History. 375-377.
James L. Peters.
Notes and News. 403-404.
Recent Literature. 405-425.
Obituaries. 425-430.

General Notes

Feather Replacement In Cassowaries, Casuarius. 378-379.
A. L. Rand.
Sun-Grebe, Heliornis Fulica, In Veracruz, Mexico. 379.
William B. Davis.
Albatross Feather from Jones Beach, Long Island, New York. 379-380.
David G. Nichols.
Occurrence of the Cattle Egret, Bubulcus I. Ibis, In Surinam, Dutch Guiana. 380-381.
Fr. Haverschmidt.
Concentration of Trumpeter Swans, Cygnus Buccinator, In British Columbia In Winter. 381-382.
John P. Holman.
American Brant, Branta B. Hrota, In Georgia. 383.
George W. Sciple.
Food of Young Pintail Duck, Anas Acuta, In Alaska. 383.
Rodgers D. Hamilton.
Tularemia In the Red-Tailed Hawk, Buteo Jamaicensis Calurus. 383-384.
Mitsuru Nakamura.
A Ruffed Grouse, Bonasa Umbellus, That Did Not Abandon Her Nest. 384.
C. W. Severinghaus.
On the Name Francolinus Sephaena Spilogaster Salvadori. 384-385.
A. L. Rand.
A Summer Record of Long-Billed Curlew, Numenius A. Americanus, In Florida. 385.
Floyd B. Chapman.
Another Nest of the Smooth-Billed Ani, Crotophaga Ani, In Florida. 385-386.
Floyd B. Chapman.
The Flammulated Screech Owl, Otus F. Flammeolus, In Louisiana. 386.
Leslie L. Glasgow, Claude H. Gresham, Stephen Hall.
Saw-Whet Owl, Aegolius A. Acadicus, In West Virginia. 386-387.
Ralph M. Edeburn.
Northern Record For Klais Guimeti In Central America. 387.
Robert T. Moore.
Observations on the Racquet-Tips of the Motmot's Tail. 387-389.
Helmuth O. Wagner.
Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher, Muscivora Forficata, In South-Central Florida. 389.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Northern Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, Dendrocopos B. Hylonomus, In Central Florida. 389.
Kenneth C. Parkes.
Death of a Rough-Winged Swallow, Stelgidopteryx Ruficollis. 390.
Dorothy E. Snyder.
A Note About the Wren-Babbler, Spelaeornis. 390-391.
S. Dillon Ripley.
Roosting Brown Creepers, Certhia Familiaris. 391.
Rudolph H. Stone.
House Wren, Troglodytes A. Aedon, Utilizing Nest of Baltimore Oriole, Icterus Galbula. 391-392.
Allen H. Benton.
A New Race of [Ce]Nanthe [Ce]Nanthe (Linnaeus) from the Western Palaearctic Region. 392.
P. A. Clancey.
[Ce]Nanthe Phillipsi (Shelley) In Eastern Abyssinia. 393.
P. A. Clancey.
A Name For the Dark, Western Populations of the Palaearctic Whitethroat, Sylvia Communis Latham. 393-394.
P. A. Clancey.
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher, Polioptila C. Caerulea, In Sawyer County, Wisconsin. 394.
A. W. Schorger.
The Races of Lanius Souzae Bocage. 394-395.
C. W. Benson.
Vireo Solitarius In Honduras. 395.
James Bond.
A Western Meadowlark, Sturnella Neglecta, In Alabama. 396.
Henry M. Stevenson.
Cuban Golden Warbler, Dendroica P. Gundlachi, on Florida Keys. 396.
Robert F. Mason, Jr.
Nesting Black-Throated Gray Warblers, Dendroica Nigrescens, East of the Rocky Mountains. 396.
Julia W., Robert M. Armagast.
Adjustment To Environment By Blackbirds, Euphagus Cyanocephalus. 396-397.
Fisher C. Baily.
A Summer Tanager, Piranga Rubra, Annihilates a Wasp Nest. 397.
Miguel Alvarez Del Toro.
Winter Courtship Display of Female Cardinal, Richmondena Cardinalis. 397-398.
F. J. Freeman.
First Winter Occurrence of Painted Bunting, Passerina Ciris, In South Carolina. 398.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Carpodacus Finches Feeding on Nectar. 398-399.
Gordon W. Gullion.
Bird Cooperation In Time of Danger. 399.
David L. Wray.
The Seabirds of Soemoe Soemoe and Vicinity, Northern Moluccas. 399-400.
John J. Christian.
Notes on the Birds of Guam. 400-403.
Lewis F. Kibler.
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