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The Auk, Volume 66, Number 1 (1949)

Publication Information
1 (January)


Life History of the Yellow-Thighed Manakin. 1-24.
Alexander F. Skutch.
Variation In Dumetella Carolinensis. 25-28.
A. L. Rand, M. A. Traylor.
Red Bob-White--A Report and Correction. 28-35.
Leon J. Cole, Herbert L. Stoddard, E. V. Komarek.
Distribution of the Races of the Swamp Sparrow. 35-38.
W. Earl Godfrey.
Breeding Birds of Virgin Palouse Prairie. 38-41.
Leonard Wing.
The Antillean Grebe At Central Soledad, Cuba. 42-52.
Alfred O. Gross.
Notes on Harpyhaliaetus. 53-56.
Dean Amadon.
Biographical Notes on the Penard Brothers. 56-60.
Fr. Haverschmidt.
The Sixty-Sixth Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 61-69.
Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr.
The American Ornithologists' Union Report of the Treasurer, Fiscal Year Ending September 15, 1948. 70-71.
Officers, Council, Trustees and Committees of the American Ornithologists' Union, 1949. 71-73.
Notes and News. 96.
Recent Literature. 97-111.
Obituary. 112.

General Notes

Feather Replacement In the Macaroni Penguin, Eudyptes Chrysolophus (Brandt). 74-75.
Herbert Friedmann.
Extension of Range of the Ringed Penguin. 75-76.
Malcolm Davis.
Wilson's Petrel In Interior Florida. 76.
Alexander Sprunt.
Death of a Brown Pelican (Pelecanus Occidentalis). 76-77.
Donald E. Stullken.
Brown Pelican on the Coast of Surinam, Dutch Guiana. 77-78.
Fr. Haverschmidt.
Booby's Beak Imbedded In Black Marlin's Back. 78.
Emmet R. Blake.
The Little Blue Heron In Ontario. 78.
C. E. Hope.
Green Heron Feeds on Goldfish. 78-79.
Albert C. Hawbecker.
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron In Rockingham County, Virginia. 79.
Max M. Carpenter.
The Wood Ibis In Ontario. 79.
L. L. Snyder.
Acquired Feeding Behavior In Mallards. 80.
A. O. Ramsay, John E. Cushing, Jr.
Barrow's Golden-Eye Near Waddington, New York. 80-81.
H. L. Kutz.
Surf Scoter Records from Georgia. 81.
David W. Johnston.
First Occurrence of the Black Vulture In Ontario. 81-82.
C. E. Hope.
The Mississippi Kite along the Savannah River In Georgia and South Carolina. 82.
Ivan R. Tomkins.
Ictinia Misisippiensis Collected In Paraguay. 82.
Emmet R. Blake.
A New Hawk from India. 82-83.
W. Koelz.
Nesting of a Swainson's Hawk In Illinois. 83.
Don S. Prentice.
Concentrations of Bald Eagles on the Mississippi River At Hamilton, Illinois. 83.
T. E. Musselman.
Comparison of 1935, 1940, and 1946 Populations of Nesting Bald Eagles In East-Central Florida. 84.
Joseph C. Howell.
A New Button-Quail from New Guinea. 84-86.
Kenneth C. Parkes.
The Status of the Spotted Rail, Pardirallus Maculatus, of Chiapas. 86-87.
Herbert Friedmann.
The Pacific Flyway of the Golden Plover. 87-88.
F. W. Preston.
Aquatic Snails Eaten By Woodcock. 88.
Ralph W. Dexter.
Hoploxypterus Cayanus In Colombia. 88-89.
Lawrence I. Grinnell.
A Preening Phalarope (Lobipes Lobatus). 89-90.
A. L. J. Van Ijzendoorn.
The White-Throated Pigeon Nesting on the Ground on New Caledonia. 90-91.
Dwain W. Warner.
Identity of Trinidad Barn Owls. 91.
James Bond.
Sexual Selection In Woodpeckers. 91-92.
Frederick V. Hebard.
A Flycatcher New To Lower California. 92.
Allan R. Phillips.
Further Notes on Empidonax Affinis. 92-93.
Allan R. Phillips.
A Polydactylous Jay. 93.
Malcolm Davis.
January Song In Black-Capped Chickadee. 93.
August Derleth.
Bewick Wren and Common Rock Wren In Douglas County, Kansas. 93-94.
M. Dale Arvey.
A Robin Rears a Cowbird. 94.
James Hodges.
Atypical Copulatory Behavior of a Robin. 94.
Howard Young.
More Veeries Breeding In Washington, D. C.. 94-95.
Louis J. Halle, Jr.
Magnolia Warbler At Lexington, Virginia, In Winter. 95.
J. J. Murray.
Hooded Warbler In Calhoun County, Michigan. 95.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw.
Harris's Sparrows In Massachusetts. 95-96.
C. Russell Mason.
White-Crowned Sparrows Wintering In Maryland and West Virginia. 96.
Leonard M. Llewellyn.
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