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The Auk, Volume 64, Number 4 (1947)

Publication Information
4 (October)


Notes on Behavior and Abundance of the Black-Footed Albatrosses In the Pacific Waters Off the Continental North American Shores. 507-523.
Charles Yocom.
Notes on Saipan Birds. 523-527.
Ken Stott, Jr.
The Reproductive Cycle of Ring-Necked Pheasants In Montana. 528-548.
Robert W. Hiatt, Harvey I. Fisher.
Plumage Changes In the Golden Eagle. 549-576.
Malcolm Jollie.
Notes on Mexican Birds. 576-581.
Dean Amadon, Allan R. Phillips.
The Races of the Gray-Headed Flycatcher [Culicicapa Ceylonensis (Swainson)]. 581-584.
H. G. Deignan.
Cyclic Invasions of the Snowy Owl and the Migration of 1945-1946. 584-601.
Alfred O. Gross.
Some Nesting Records of the Sarus Crane In North American Zoological Parks. 602-615.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw.
Recent Literature. 634-659.
Obituaries. 660-667.
Notes and News. 668.
Index To Volume 64. 669-690.

General Notes

The Roosting Tree of the Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher. 616.
Frank W. Fitch, Jr.
January Singing In the Black-Capped Chickadee. 616-617.
Francis H. Allen.
Post-Nuptial Copulation Among Swallows. 617.
Gordon W. Gullion.
Behavior of Nestling Tree Swallows In Water. 617-618.
Robert O. Beatty.
Nest-Building By the Virginia Rail. 618.
Dorothy E. Snyder.
An Impeded Herring Gull. 619.
Dr. M. A. Jacobson.
A Concentration of Bald Eagles In Virginia. 619.
Dr. M. A. Jacobson.
Wing-Flapping Rates of Birds. 619-620.
Charles H. Blake.
Wood Ducks Versus Squirrels. 621.
W. J. Breckenridge.
R. 621-623.
R. A. Johnson.
Flight Speed of Wild Turkeys. 623-624.
Fred A. Glover.
Interrelations of House Wren and Bewick's Wren. 624.
Maurice Brooks.
Bank Swallow and Belted Kingfisher Nest In Man-Made Niche. 624-625.
Hobart M. Van Deusen.
Late Nesting of the Hermit Thrush In New York. 625-626.
Thomas Smyth.
Female Cowbird Dead At Prothonotary Warbler's Nest. 626.
Homer F. Price.
Ring-Necked Duck Broods In New York State. 626-627.
C. W. Severinghaus, Dirck Benson.
Food of the Lark Bunting In Central Utah. 627.
George F. Knowlton.
Fall Migration of the Purple Martin. 627-628.
Margaret H. Mitchell.
Albinism In a Flock of English Sparrows. 628-629.
Malcolm Davis.
Albino Bluebirds. 629.
Sara Menaboni.
A Partial Albino Cardinal. 629.
Malcolm Davis.
The Range of an Individual Bob-White. 629.
George H. Breiding.
Northward Extension of the Breeding Range of the Least Tern. 629-630.
Wendell Taber.
Lesser Black-Backed Gull on Long Island. 631.
Phillips B. Street, William W. Lukens, Jr.
Barn Owl In Quebec. 631.
Raymond Cayouette.
The Mourning Dove Breeding In L. 631-632.
Raymond Cayouette.
Upland Plover In Thunder Bay District, Ontario. 632.
L. S. Dear.
Sabine's Gull on Long Island, New York. 632-633.
Dr. M. A. Jacobson.
European Teal In Northwestern Pennsylvania. 633.
William C. Grimm.
Northern Eider on Martha's Vineyard. 633.
Edward L. Chalif.
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