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The Auk, Volume 63, Number 3 (1946)

Publication Information
3 (July)


Birds of the Mt. Katahdin Region of Maine. 299-314.
Ralph S. Palmer, Wendell Taber.
Bird Detection By Radar. 315-318.
Irven O. Buss.
The Birds of Mona Island, Puerto Rico. 318-327.
Ventura Barn.
Life History of the Costa Rican Tityra. 327-362.
Alexander F. Skutch.
Birds Observed on Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides. 362-368.
Walter E. Scott.
Some Notes on Trinidad Birds. 369-378.
Phillips B. Street.
Bird Notes from El Bahira, Tunis. 378-381.
F. H. Bezdek.
Races of the Striated Marsh Warbler (Megalurus Palustris Horsfield). 381-383.
H. G. Deignan.
On the African Barbets. 384-388.
R. E. Moreau.
Southward Invasion In Georgia. 388-401.
Eugene P. Odum, Thomas D. Burleigh.
A Co. 402-418.
Richard B. Fischer, Geoffrey Gill.
Ornithological Results of the Baffin Island Expeditions of 1928-1929 and 1930-1931, Together With More Recent Records. 418-427.
J. Dewey Soper.
Twenty-First Supplement To the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds. 428-432.
Recent Literature. 454-480.
Notes and News. 482.
The Sixty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the A. O. U.. 482.


Bent's 'Life Histories of North American Birds'. 481.
A. C. Bent.
African Capitonidae. 481.
Charles M. N. White.

General Notes

The Name of the White-Faced Titmouse of the Philippines. 433.
Jean Delacour.
The Red-Spotted Bluethroats of Northwestern Alaska. 434.
Herbert Friedmann.
The Range of Francolinus Finschi Extended Northward. 434-435.
James P. Chapin.
Robins' Nests on Tree Branches Overhanging Roads. 435-436.
Gerald B. Webb.
An Unusual Nest of the House Wren. 436.
John A. Gillespie.
Nesting of Gadwall and Shoveller on the Middle Atlantic Coast. 436-438.
R. E. Griffith.
Rare Egg-Laying Date For the Canada Goose. 438.
Cecil S. Williams.
Red-Eyed Vireo Nesting In Hemlock. 438-439.
Arthur B. Williams.
More Concerning the Thundering and Clapping Sounds of the Chimney Swift. 439-440.
Ralph W. Dexter.
Land Birds At Sea. 440.
John L. Buckley.
Tree Swallow Mortality from Exposure During Unseasonable Weather. 440.
Wilford A. Dence.
Mallard Nesting In Tree Cavity. 441.
Homer F. Price.
Food of a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. 441.
Homer F. Price.
Under-Wing Fishing of the Black Heron, Melanophoyx Ardesiaca. 441-442.
J. Delacour.
White Eggs of the Long-Billed Marsh Wren. 442-443.
John W. Aldrich.
Audubon and Anting. 443.
Francis H. Allen.
Evening Grosbeaks In Southwestern Virginia. 444.
Henry M. Stevenson.
Evening Grosbeaks In Maryland. 444.
Woodrow W. Middlekauff.
Evening Grosbeaks In the Adirondacks In Late June. 444-445.
Frank B. Barick.
Chimney Swift (?) In Ecuador. 445.
W. H. Camp.
Evening Grosbeak In West Virginia. 445.
William A. Lunk.
Olivaceous Flycatcher In South Carolina. 445-446.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Gyrfalcon In South Dakota. 446.
W. H. Over.
Notes on Summer Resident Wilson's Snipes In Columbiana County, Ohio. 446-448.
William C. Baker.
First Record of Harris's Sparrow In Connecticut. 448-450.
Stanley C. Ball.
A Whistling Swan In Cuba. 450.
Abelardo Moreno.
The White-Fronted Goose In New Jersey. 450.
Mabel M., C. K. Nichols.
Burrowing Owl In Ohio. 450-451.
Homer F. Price.
Additions To the Florida List. 451-452.
Francis M. Weston.
Notes from Idaho. 452.
Harold M. M. Webster, Jr.
The Barbets--Errata and Addenda. 452-453.
S. Dillon Ripley.
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