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The Auk, Volume 62, Number 2 (1945)

Publication Information
2 (April)


Summer Birds of the Fremont National Forest, Oregon. 177-189.
Thomas H. Mcallister, Jr., David B. Marshal.
A Study of the Nesting Activities of the American Redstart. 189-206.
Louis Sturm.
Temperature and Growth Studies of the Northern Cliff Swallow. 207-216.
Dayton Stoner.
Inbreeding Among Pen-Reared Quail. 217-222.
Ralph B. Nestler, Arnold L. Nelson.
First-Winter Plumages In the Galliformes. 223-227.
George A. Petrides.
Lafresnaye. 227-233.
Thomas E. Penard.
Notes on Birds of Northern Newfoundland and Labrador. 234-241.
Evarts G. Loomis.
The Present Status of the Great Black-Backed Gull on the Coast of Maine. 241-256.
Alfred O. Gross.
The History of Bird Banding. 256-265.
Harold B. Wood.
A Systematic Study of the Main Arteries In the Region of the Heart--Aves Xiv Gruiformes, Part 1. 266-269.
Fred H. Glenny.
Reaction of the Mourning Dove To Colored Eggs. 270-272.
H. Elliott Mcclure.
Notes on Veracruzan Birds. 272-286.
William B. Davis.
The Homing Ability of the Carrier Pigeon Its Value In Warfare. 286-298.
Lieut J. A. C. Nicol.
Recent Literature. 318-344.
Obituaries. 346-347.
Notes and News. 347.
The Sixty-Second Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 348-351.
Lawrence E. Hicks.
Associate Members of the A. O. U. Elected 1943-1944. 352-357.
Financial Report of the Treasurer For the Year Ended September 30, 1944. 358-360.
Julian K. Potter.


On 'Hylocichla Guttata Oromela'. 345.
Fred Mallery Packard.
The Nomenclature of William Bartram. 345.
W. L. Mcatee.

General Notes

A New Form of Agelaius from Mona Island, Puerto Rico. 299-300.
Ventura Barn.
A Pale Mutant Mourning Dove. 300.
C. F. Graefe, W. F. Hollander.
Red-Eyed Vireo With Vocal Defect. 300-301.
George J. Wallace.
Autumnal Duelling Among Mockingbirds. 301.
George Miksch Sutton.
How Many Times Does a Song Sparrow Sing One Song?. 302.
Margaret M. Nice.
Cowbirds Anting. 302-303.
Margaret M. Nice.
Fall Migration of the Golden Plover At Fort William, Ontario. 303.
A. E. Allin.
Wettable Water Birds. 303-304.
W. L. Mcatee, Herbert L. Stoddard.
Color Change In Ramphocelus Flammigerus. 304.
Karl Plath.
Whip-Poor-Will Endurance. 304-305.
Howard Cleaves.
The Food of the Raven In Virginia. 306.
J. J. Murray.
Middle 19Th-Century Introduction of British Birds To Long Island, N. Y.. 306.
R. C. Murphy.
Cotton Mather's Manuscript References To the Passenger Pigeon. 306-307.
Frederic T. Lewis.
Ornithological Corrections. 307.
Leonard Wing.
Ptilology--A Proposed Name For the General Study of the Plumage of Birds. 308.
Franklin H. May.
Sinaloa Martin Nesting In Western Mexico. 308-309.
Robert T. Moore.
White-Fronted Goose In Connecticut. 309-310.
Stanley C. Ball.
Additional Breeding and Migration Records of the Black-Backed Robin. 310-311.
John W. Aldrich.
Glossy Ibis on Staten Island, N. Y.. 311.
Howard Cleaves.
A Record of the Gannet from the Texas Coast. 311-312.
Gordon Gunter.
Western Grebe In Michigan. 312.
James S. Findley.
Connecticut Records. 312-313.
Elting Arnold, Aretas A. Saunders.
Larus Ridibundus Sibericus from the Aleutian Islands. 313.
O. J. Murie.
First Ohio Record of the Lark Bunting. 313.
Merit B. Skaggs.
The Golden Plover In Nicaragua. 313-314.
Alexander Wetmore.
Blue Grosbeak Breeding In Ohio. 314.
Lawrence E. Hicks.
Records from Churchill, Manitoba. 314.
H. G. Lumsden.
Yellow-Headed Blackbird Breeding In Ohio. 314-315.
Lawrence E. Hicks.
Hooded Merganser Breeding In Ohio. 315-316.
Lawrence E. Hicks.
Rose-Throated Becard Nesting In Cameron County, Texas. 316-317.
L. Irby Davis.
A Correction. 317.
L. I. Grinnell.
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