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The Auk, Volume 61, Number 4 (1944)

4 (October)


The Present Status of the Double-Crested Cormorant on the Coast of Maine. 513-537.
Alfred O. Gross.
The Races of the Solitary Sandpiper. 537-544.
Boardman Conover.
The Status of Barrow's Golden-Eye In the Eastern United States. 544-554.
Dr. Edwin M. Hasbrouck.
Notes on Breeding Lapland Longspurs At Churchill, Manitoba. 554-560.
Lawrence I. Grinnell.
The Effect of Tree Removal on a Mourning Dove Population. 560-563.
H. Elliott Mcclure.
Sex Ratios In Ducks. 564-571.
George A. Petrides.
Southward Migration of Adult Shorebirds on the West Coast of James Bay, Ontario. 572-576.
C. E. Hope, T. M. Shortt.
A Color Abnormality In the Slate-Colored Junco. 576-580.
Ernst Caspari.
Notes on Some Virginia Birds. 580-583.
C. E. Addy.
Clutch-Size In Introduced Birds. 583-587.
R. E. Moreau.
The Passenger Pigeon As Observed By the Rev. Cotton Mather. 587-592.
Frederic T. Lewis.
Notes on the Races of the White-Breasted Nuthatch. 592-604.
John W. Aldrich.
Chimney Swift's Winter Home Discovered. 604-609.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
A Survey of the Prairie Falcon In Colorado. 609-616.
Harold Webster, Jr.
In Memoriam--Carl Eduard Hellmayr. 616-622.
John T. Zimmer.
Report of the A. O. U. Committee on Bird Protection For 1943. 622-635.
Recent Literature. 658-684.
Notes and News. 684.
Obituaries. 685-687.
Index To Volume 61. 688-712.

General Notes

A Hybrid Costa's X Broad-Tailed Hummingbird. 636-637.
Laurence M. Huey.
Observations on Interspecific Sexual Behavior Between a Chicken and a Pigeon. 637-639.
Howard H. Vogel, Jr.
Greater Snow Geese Near Quebec In 1634. 639-640.
Ivers S. Adams.
An Arizona Nest of the Coppery-Tailed Trogon. 640-642.
A. A. Allen.
Food of White-Rumped Shrikes. 642-643.
G. F. Knowlton, F. C. Harmston.
A Nutcracker's Search For Buried Food. 643.
Victor H. Cahalane.
Leopard Frogs Devouring Small Birds. 643-644.
L. S. T. Norris-Elye.
Observation on the Food of the Bronzed Grackle. 644-645.
Stanton Grant Ernst.
Nestling House Wrens Hatch a Foster Egg. 645.
Harold B. Wood.
Age of a Red-Vented Bulbul. 645-646.
G. Willett.
Nesting of a Song Sparrow on a Salt Marsh. 646.
Ralph W. Dexter.
A Fishy Bird Story. 646-647.
James W. Kimball.
Are the Seasons Changing?. 647.
Wm. J. Cartwright.
Cractes Vs. Perisoreus. 647-648.
John T. Zimmer.
Nesting Notes on the Arctic Tern. 648.
Carl R. Eklund.
Breeding Records of the Prairie Horned Lark In Kentucky. 648-650.
Harvey B. Lovell.
European Widgeon In Alabama. 650.
Henry M. Stevenson.
European Widgeon In California. 650-651.
Corporal Maynard F. Reece.
White-Fronted Goose At Rouses Point, New York. 651-652.
Dayton Stoner.
The European Migratory Quail In North America. 652.
W. L. Mcatee.
Western Burrowing Owl In Clark County, Washington. 652-653.
James Beer.
Great Black-Backed Gull Breeding In New York. 653-654.
Leroy Wilcox.
Tree-Top Migration of Savannah Sparrow. 654.
Brooke Meanley.
Evening Grosbeak At Lexington, Virginia. 654.
J. J. Murray.
Green-Winged Teal In St. Croix, Virgin Islands, U. S. A. 654-655.
Harry A. Beatty.
Three New Bird Records For St. Paul Island, Alaska. 655-656.
Ford Wilke.
Bubulcus Ibis In Venezuela. 656.
William H. Phelps.
The Snowy Owl In New York State: 1942-1943. 656-657.
Dayton Stoner.
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