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The Auk, Volume 60, Number 4 (1943)

Publication Information
4 (October)


Flight-Speeds of Hawks and Crows. 487-492.
Maurice Broun, Ben V. Goodwin.
Notes on the Breeding of the Pine Siskin. 492-504.
Richard Lee Weaver, Franklin H. West.
Notes on the Birds of Southampton Island, Baffin Island and Melville Peninsula. 504-536.
Reynold Bray.
Notes on Birds of the Kodiak-Afognak Island Group. 536-541.
Victor H. Cahalane.
Major Changes In the Bird Life of Southern Louisiana During Sixty Years. 541-549.
E. A. Mcilhenny.
An Aspect of Collectors' Technique. 550-558.
T. T. Mccabe.
Notes on the Chimney Swift. 558-564.
C. Brooke Worth.
Oriental Forms of the Pygmy Woodpecker. 564-574.
James C. Greenway, Jr.
Factors In the Incubation Behavior of the Common Tern. 574-588.
Nelson Marshall.
Recent Literature. 609-631.
Notes and News. 632.
Obituaries. 633-640.
Index To Volume 60. 641-662.

General Notes

Grasshoppers and Crickets Eaten By Utah Birds. 589-591.
G. F. Knowlton, F. C. Harmston.
Altitudinal Nesting and Breeding-Range Extension of the Wood Thrush. 591-593.
J. Charles Tracy.
Wrens Use Duck Down As Nest Lining. 593-594.
Jessop B. Low.
Unusual Feeding Habit of Grackles and Crows. 594-595.
Clarence Cottam.
Winter Insect Food of Chickadees. 595.
Ralph E. Danforth.
Migrant Gray-Cheeked Thrushes In Song. 595-596.
Robert E. Ball.
Cowbird Behavior. 596-597.
A. K. Mckay.
Cooper's Hawk Carrying a Nest of Young Goldfinches. 597.
J. P. Linduska.
White Gyrfalcon In Quebec. 598.
G. S. Ahern.
Gyrfalcon In Ohio. 598.
E. L. Moseley.
The Dovekie In South Carolina. 598-599.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Wood Thrush In North Carolina In Winter. 599.
Roxie Collie Simpson.
Unusual Breeding Records from the Chicago Region. 599-600.
Edward K. Hammond.
Ring-Necked Duck Breeding In the Province of Quebec, Canada. 600.
Edward G. Wellein.
Eastern Evening Grosbeak At Berwyn, Pennsylvania. 600.
Frank L. Burns.
Summer Tanager and White-Eyed Vireo Near Toledo, Ohio. 600-601.
Louis W. Campbell.
Whistling Swan At Brookfield, Massachusetts. 601-602.
Samuel A. Eliot, Jr.
Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher on Martha's Vineyard. 602-603.
Samuel A. Eliot, Jr.
Nesting of the Upland Plover In Baltimore County, Maryland. 603.
Brooke Meanley.
Mountain Bluebird In Minnesota. 603-604.
Mrs. Walter C. Olin.
A Second Specimen of the Fossil Guillemot, Miocepphus. 604.
Alexander Wetmore.
Additional Bird Records from Alaska. 604.
Ira N. Gabrielson.
Rhinortha Chlorophaea In Borneo. 604-605.
S. Dillon Ripley.
Bachman's Sparrow In Maryland. 605-606.
Robert E. Stewart, Brooke Meanley.
Nevada Savannah Sparrow and Northern Pine Siskin In Lonisiana and Mississippi. 606-607.
M. L. Miles.
Hooded Warbler In North Dakota. 607.
Neil Hotchkiss.
A Third Record of the American Redstart For New Mexico. 607-608.
Arthur F. Halloran, Albert H. Trowbridge.
A New Grosbeak from Northwestern Thailand. 608.
H. G. Deignan.
A Correction. 608.
R. E. Moreau.
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