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The Auk, Volume 58, Number 4 (1941)

Publication Information
4 (October)


Habits of the White-Tailed Kite. 453-462.
Robert T. Moore, Arthur Barr.
Animal Migration--Periodic-Response Theory. 463-505.
Angus M. Woodbury.
Nesting of the Ruddy Duck In Iowa. 506-517.
Jessop B. Low.
Annual Cycle of the Black-Capped Chickadee-2. 518-535.
Eugene P. Odum.
Inheritance of White Plumage In Phasianus. 536-542.
J. H. Bruckner.
Distribution of the Families of Birds. 543-557.
Albert A. Barden, Jr.
Further Studies on Trichomoniasis In Birds. 558-562.
Robert M. Stabler.
A Miocene Gull from Nebraska. 563-566.
Alden H. Miller, Charles G. Sibley.
Recent Literature. 592-606.
Conservation Notes. 607.
Francis H. Allen.
Obituaries. 613-614.
Notes and News. 615-616.
Index To Volume 58. 617-633.


Birds and Wind. 608.
W. L. Mcatee.
Presentation of Nesting Data. 608-612.
Frank A. Pitelka.

General Notes

An Unknown Loon from the Miocene Fossil Beds of Maryland. 567.
Alexander Wetmore.
Double-Crested Cormorant Breeding In Massachusetts. 567-568.
Joseph A. Hagar.
Cormorants Killed By Lightning. 568.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Little Blue Heron Nesting In Massachusetts. 568-569.
Joseph A. Hagar.
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron In Wisconsin. 569-570.
Martha Anderson Wyman.
A Mallard-Pintail Hybrid. 570.
Gordon Gunter.
European Widgeon In Delaware. 570.
Herbert S. Cutler.
Food Detection By Vultures and Condors. 571.
William Vogt.
Eastern Goshawk Nesting In Southern New Hampshire. 572.
Jacob Bates Abbott.
Red-Shouldered Hawk Eating a Wood Duck. 572-573.
William F. Rapp, Jr.
Further Notes on Wintering of the Rough-Legged Hawk In Florida. 573.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Purple Gallinule Nesting In Virginia. 573-574.
Harold H. Bailey.
Unusual Water- and Shorebirds In the Illinois River Valley. 574-576.
Frank C. Bellrose.
Rare Water- and Shorebirds In North-Central Oklahoma. 576-578.
A. M. Baumgartner, F. M. Baumgartner.
Hudsonian Curlew In District of Columbia. 578.
Henry H. Collins, Jr., John S. Webb.
Ruff In Massachusetts. 578-579.
Samuel A. Eliot, Jr.
Glaucous Gull In Florida. 579.
Hustace H. Poor.
Gulls Eat Fruit of the Cabbage Palmetto. 579.
Maurice Broun.
Common Terns Nesting on Muskrat Houses. 579-580.
Oliver H. Hewitt.
An Egg of the Marbled Murrelet. 580-581.
George Miksch Sutton, John B. Semple.
Chimney Swift Having Benign Lymphangioma. 581.
J. C. Dickinson, Jr.
Possible Homosexual Mating of the Rock Dove. 581.
Hervey Brackbill.
Boreal Flicker In Kansas. 581-582.
George C. Rinker.
The Passing of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. 582-584.
E. A. Mcilhenny.
Hylocichla Fuscescens Salicicola In Tamaulipas: a Correction. 584.
George Miksch Sutton.
Tree Swallows and Highways. 584.
Charles H. Blake.
Brown Thrasher Wintering In Northern Illinois. 584.
Walter T. Fisher, Francis D. Fisher.
Starlings At a Blackbird Roost. 584-586.
John B. Loefer, J. A. Patten.
Myology of Fregilupus Varius In Relation To Its Systematic Position. 586-587.
Malcolm R. Miller.
Predation of Boat-Tailed Grackles on Feeding Glossy Ibises. 587-588.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Birds Imprisoned By a Snowstorm. 588.
G. N. Rysgaard.
A Noteworthy Concentration of Birds. 588-589.
Dayton Stoner.
Banded Birds Recovered In El Salvador. 589-590.
May Thacher Cooke.
Ticks Affecting Birds' Eyesight. 590-591.
Ruth Harris Thomas.
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