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The Auk, Volume 58, Number 2 (1941)

Publication Information
2 (April)


Nesting Behavior of the Atlantic Murre. 153-163.
R. A. Johnson.
'White-Faced' Terns. 164-178.
Ralph S. Palmer.
Social Nesting Habits of Crotophaga Major. 179-183.
David E. Davis.
Homing Instinct of the Red-Winged Blackbird. 184-187.
Reginald D. Manwell.
Size of Bird Flocks In Winter. 188-194.
Leonard Wing.
Enemy Recognition By the Song Sparrow. 195-214.
Margaret M. Nice, Joost Ter Pelkwyk.
Development of Nestling Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. 215-232.
Reed W. Fautin.
Seasonal Pattern and Genic Balance. 233-235.
Ernst Schwarz.
The James Craw Portrait of Alexander Wilson. 236-238.
John M. Mcwilliam, Casey A. Wood.
Taxonomy and Habits of Pigeons. 239-245.
E. W. Gifford.
Variation In North American Ravens. 246-249.
George Willett.
A New Race of Coracina Caledonica. 250.
E. Mayr, S. Dillon Ripley.
Fifty-Eighth Stated Meeting of the A. O. U.. 271.
Recent Literature. 272-287.
Conservation Notes. 288.
Francis H. Allen.
Discussion: Lorenz's Objective Method of Interpreting Bird Behavior. 289-291.
A. L. Rand.
Report of the Committee on Bird Protection, 1940. 292-298.
Form of Bequest. 299.

General Notes

Cory's Shearwater In South Carolina. 251.
Edward S. Dingle, E. B. Chamberlain.
Gannets along the Connecticut River In New Hampshire and Vermont. 251-252.
Richard Weaver.
Snowy Egret Again Nesting In Cape May County, New Jersey. 252-253.
C. Brooke Worth.
American Bittern Eats Garter Snake. 253.
William Marcus Ingram.
Migrant Ducks In the Dominican Republic. 253-254.
Alexander Wetmore.
Turkey Buzzards Killing Young Pigs. 254.
W. J. Hamilton, Jr.
Gyrfalcon In Wisconsin. 254.
C. T. Black.
Marsh Hawk Feeding on Scaup Duck. 254-255.
Edward R. Ford.
Sage Hen Eats Grasshoppers. 255.
Louis M. Moos.
Golden Plover In Central Indiana. 255-256.
Delos E. Johnson.
An Oddly Colored Wilson's Snipe. 256.
Ivan R. Tomkins.
Eskimo Curlew Food Note Corrected. 256.
Clarence Cottam, Phoebe Knappen.
Herring Gull In Guatemala. 257.
Alexander Wetmore.
Ruff In Iowa In Spring. 257.
Homer R. Dill.
Common Tern Nesting At Oneida Lake, New York. 257-258.
Verdi Burtch.
Historical Data on a Specimen of Sooty Tern from Oswego, New York. 258-259.
Dayton Stoner.
Noddy and Sooty Terns Nesting on Bare Ground. 259.
J. C. Dickinson, Jr.
Bridled Tern In Florida Bay. 259-260.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Black Terns Nesting In New Brunswick. 260.
Harold S. Peters.
Eastern Mourning Dove In the Dominican Republic. 260-261.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
Red-Headed Woodpecker In Quebec. 261.
Charles L. Phillips.
Arkansas Kingbird In Florida. 261.
Charles L. Phillips.
Color Attractive To Hummingbirds. 261.
Clarence Cottam.
Barn Swallow Breeding In Southern Alabama. 261-262.
Thomas D. Burleigh.
Migration of Blue Jays. 262-263.
Maurice Broun.
Fish Crow In Center County, Pennsylvania. 263.
Richard F. Miller.
Short-Billed Marsh Wren In the Western Adirondacks. 263-264.
J. Kenneth Terres.
Mockingbird In New Hampshire In Midsummer. 264.
Richard Weaver.
Bicknell's Thrush In West Virginia. 264.
William A. Lunk.
Warbling Vireo In Cape May County, New Jersey. 264-265.
Richard F. Miller.
Western Meadowlark In New Jersey. 265.
John T. S. Hunn.
Probable Breeding of the Beautiful Bnnting In the United States. 265-266.
George Miksch Sutton, Allan R. Phillips, Lyndon L. Hargrave.
Natural Death of a Fox Sparrow. 266.
Henry M. Stevenson, Jr.
Notes from Hawk Mountain (Kittatinny Ridge), Pennsylvania. 266-268.
Maurice Broun.
Maritime Birds Occurring With Summer Storms Near Charleston In 1939. 268-270.
James A. Bruce.
Notes from Northern Lower California. 270.
Laurence M. Huey.
Interesting Records from High Elevations on Mount Rainier, Washington. 270.
C. Frank Brockman.
'Anting'; Termites. 271.
Charles H. Blake.
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