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The Auk, Volume 55, Number 4 (1938)

4 (October)


The Downy Young of Dendragapus. 589-595.
James Moffitt.
Partial Nidification of the Flightless Cormorant. 596-597.
Malcolm Davis.
Florida Crane a Resident of Mississippi. 598-602.
E. A. Mcilhenny.
Seasonal Variations In the Tree Sparrow. 603-613.
A. Marguerite Baumgartner.
Instinctive Music. 614-628.
Sydney E. Ingraham.
Observations At a Rufous Hummingbird's Nest. 629-641.
A. Dawes Dubois.
Tongue Musculature of Passerine Birds. 642-650.
William L. Engels.
Number of Feathers and Body Size In Passerine Birds. 651-657.
F. B. Hutt, Lelah Ball.
A Facial Anomaly In a Pheasant. 658-660.
Robert M. Stabler.
A New Eastern Race of the Canada Goose. 661-662.
W. E. Clyde Todd.
A New Genus and Species of Mexican Flycatcher. 663-665.
John T. Zimmer.
Recent Literature. 681-699.
Obituaries. 700-701.
The Fifty-Sixth Meeting of the A. O. U.. 701-702.
Index To Volume 55. 703-722.

General Notes

Holboell's Grebe and American Brant In Wisconsin. 666.
S. Paul Jones.
A New Breeding Bird For New York State. 666-667.
Allan D. Cruickshank.
Recent Occurrence of the Flamingo In Puerto Rico. 667.
Stuart T. Danforth.
Blue Goose In St. Joachim, Quebec. 667.
J. A. Brassard.
Blue Goose In New Hampshire. 667-668.
Eugene J. Goellner.
Old-Squaws Taken In Gill-Nets. 668.
Walter E. Scott.
Blue Goose and American Egret In Chester County, Pennsylvania. 668.
Wharton Huber.
Gray-Breasted Tree Duck In Puerto Rico. 668.
Stuart T. Danforth.
Food Habits of Small Falcons In North-Central States. 668-670.
W. J. Breckenridge, Paul L. Errington.
Sandhill Crane In Kentucky. 670.
Burt L. Monroe.
Whooping Crane In Louisiana. 670.
E. A. Mcilhenny.
Yellow Rail At Churchill, Manitoba. 670-671.
Arthur B. Fuller.
American Woodcock In Thunder Bay District, Ontario. 671.
L. S. Dear.
Baird's Sandpiper In Texas. 671.
William B. Davis.
Scandinavian Lesser Black-Backed Gull At Key West, Florida. 671-672.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Food of Young Laughing Gulls. 672.
Herbert Buckalow.
Herring Gulls Following the Plow. 672.
Allan D. Cruickshank.
Nelson's Downy Woodpecker from Colorado. 672-673.
Alfred M. Bailey, Robert J. Niedrach.
Data from Ninety Eastern Crows. 673.
Walter E. Scott.
Chickadee Neurasthenia. 673-674.
Gordon Boit Wellman.
A Robin's Nest Containing Eight Eggs. 674.
C. Brooke Worth.
Starlings Summer In Arkansas. 674-675.
T. L. Quay.
Red Crossbill Breeding In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 675.
Arthur Stupka.
Polygamy In the Western Lark Sparrow. 675-676.
E. H. M. Knowles.
Rose-Breasted Grosbeak In Colorado. 676.
Alfred M. Bailey, Robert J. Niedrach.
Notes from West Virginia. 676-678.
Karl W. Haller.
Some Rarer Birds At the Falls of the Ohio. 678.
Burt L. Monroe.
High Mortality At the Washington Monument. 679.
Robert Overing.
An Orgy of Ants. 679-680.
C. Brooke Worth.
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