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The Auk, Volume 55, Number 1 (1938)

1 (January)


Oddly Plumaged Orioles from Western Oklahoma. 1-6.
George Miksch Sutton.
Social Behavior of the Black-Crowned Night Heron. 7-40.
G. K. Noble, M. Wurm, A. Schmidt.
Additional Hosts of the Parasitic Cowbirds. 41-50.
Herbert Friedmann.
Bird Remains from the West Indies. 51-55.
Alexander Wetmore.
Status of the White-Eyed" Murre". 56-61.
Robert A. Johnson.
Notes on Waterbirds of the Upper Texas Coast. 62-70.
George G. Williams.
Muscles of the Avian Hip and Thigh. 71-81.
A. Brazier Howell.
Nest Parasitism of Hawks. 82-84.
William Dunlap Sargent.
The Southern Dovekie Flight of 1936. 85-88.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Phalaropes of the Western Lake Erie Region. 89-94.
Louis W. Campbell.
Notes on Two Nests of the Eastern Mourning Dove. 95-97.
Margaret Morse Nice.
'Anting' By Birds. 98-105.
W. L. Mcatee.
Jaques Le Moyne, First Zoological Artist In America. 106-111.
Elsa G. Allen, Ph.D.
A New Race of Wild Turkey. 112-115.
Robert T. Moore.
Two New Races of North American Birds. 116-118.
W. E. Clyde Todd.
Recent Literature. 135-158.
Notes and News. 160-161.
Obituary. 162.


The Name 'Black-Poll Warbler'. 159.
Francis H. Allen.
Psychological Terminology. 159.
Wallace Craig.

General Notes

Audubon's Shearwater In Massachusetts. 119.
Juliet Richardson.
Western Grebe In Colorado. 119.
Alfred M. Bailey, Robert J. Niedrach.
American Egret along the Upper Hudson River. 119-121.
Dayton Stoner.
American Egret In Quebec. 121.
J. D. Cleghorn.
American Egret and Anhinga Nesting In Oklahoma. 121-122.
Margaret M. Nice.
Snowy Egret In West Virginia. 122.
Maurice Brooks.
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Breeding In Northern Illinois. 122.
Frank C. Bellrose.
Scoters on Lake Lynn, West Virginia. 122-123.
Maurice Brooks, I. B. Boggs.
Hooded Merganser Nesting In Connecticut. 123.
Dean Amadon.
Food and Measurements of Goshawks. 123-124.
Merrill Wood.
Yellow Rail At Lexington, Virginia. 124.
J. J. Murray.
Black Rail Nesting In New York. 124.
G. Carleton, R. Kramer, W. Sedwitz, O. K. Stephenson.
Key West Quail-Dove In Puerto Rico. 124-125.
Stuart T. Danforth.
Arkansas Kingbird Nesting In Michigan. 125.
C. W. Bazuin.
Virginia's Warbler In Idaho. 125.
Pierce Brodkorb.
Arkansas Kingbird In Adams County, Illinois. 125.
T. E. Musselman.
Red-Wings Feeding on the Larch Saw-Fly. 125.
Henry H. Tryon.
Song of the Chipping Sparrow. 125-126.
Albert R. Brand, Harold Axtell.
Shorebirds At a Western Maryland Lake. 126-127.
Maurice Brooks.
Waterbirds At Leetown, West Virginia. 127-129.
J. Lloyd Poland.
Heavy Flight of Waterfowl on Lake Lynn, West Virginia. 129-130.
James T. Handlan, Jr.
Notes from North Carolina. 130-131.
H. H. Brimley.
Additional Records For St. Croix, Virgin Islands. 131.
Harry A. Beatty.
Notes from the Lower Rio Grande Valley. 132-134.
Edward R. Ford.
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