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The Auk, Volume 54, Number 4 (1937)

4 (October)


Nesting of the Bay-Breasted Warbler. 429-439.
Howard L. Mendall.
The Greater Snow Goose In Canada. 440-444.
E. F. G. White, Harrison F. Lewis.
Nesting Habits of the Spotted Sandpiper. 445-451.
Henry Mousley.
Bird Life on the North Carolina Coast. 452-460.
Thomas D. Burleigh.
Birds Observed on the Coast of Virginia and North Carolina. 461-463.
Allen J. Duvall.
The Virginia Rail In Michigan. 464-475.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw.
Audubon and the Dauphin. 476-499.
Francis H. Herrick.
Notes on Avian Coccidiosis. 500-509.
Donald C. Boughton.
A Robin With Two Sets of Tail Feathers. 510-513.
Robert M. Stabler.
Willow Ptarmigan At the Quebec Zoological Gardens. 514-515.
J. A. Brassard, Richard Bernard.
Size of Red Blood Corpuscles and Their Nucleus In Fifty North American Birds. 516-519.
Paul Bartsch, W. H. Ball, W. Rosenzweig, S. Salman.
Orthopedic Surgery on a White Pelican. 520-523.
Elizabeth A. Oehlenschlaeger.
Notes on Colorado Birds. 524-527.
Alfred M. Bailey, Robert J. Niedrach.
A New Race of Finsch's Parrot. 528-529.
Robert T. Moore.
Recent Literature. 550-571.
Correspondence. 572.
Obituaries. 573-574.
Corrections. 574.
The Fifty-Fifth Meeting of the A. O. U.. 575-576.
Index To Vol. 54. 577-590.

General Notes

Leach's Petrel Off Coast of Venezuela. 530.
Ludlow Griscom.
Little Blue Heron Trapped By a Clam. 530.
John B. Semple.
Little Blue Heron on Salt Water. 530-531.
Alexander Sprunt Jr.
Nesting of the Flamingo In the United States. 531-532.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Migrating Snow Geese In Northern New Jersey. 532.
Alfred E. Eynon.
Greater Snow Goose In New Hampshire. 532.
Lewis O. Shelley.
European Widgeon In Florida. 532-533.
Robert C. Mcclanahan.
Early Nesting of the Wood Duck. 533.
Charles K. Nichols.
European Teal At Lexington, Virginia. 533.
J. Southgate Y. Hoyt.
A Wood-Duck Marsh In Northwestern Iowa. 533-534.
Paul L. Errington.
Canvas-Back Breeding In Iowa. 534.
Logan J. Bennett.
Prairie Sharp-Tailed Grouse Budding on Wild Plum. 534-535.
Adrian C. Fox.
Incubation Period of Virginia Rail. 535-536.
Harold B. Wood.
Golden Plover In Florida During Winter. 536.
Francis M. Weston, Robert C. Mcclanahan.
Western Willet In Ohio. 536-537.
Lawrence E. Hicks.
A Second North American Specimen of the Bar-Tailed Godwit. 537-538.
James L. Peters, Joseph A. Hagar.
Avocet Taken In Ohio. 538.
Lawrence E. Hicks.
Saw-Whet Owl In Lexington, Virginia. 539.
J. Southgate Y. Hoyt.
Herring Gull At Barbados. 539.
Ludlow Griscom.
Northern Pileated Woodpecker In Hamilton County, Ohio. 539-540.
Karl H. Maslowski.
Status of Mitrephanes Phaeocercus Pallidus. 540.
Rodolphe M. Deschauensee.
American Magpie Taken Near Toledo, Ohio. 540.
Louis W. Campbell.
Southern Winter Wren In Virginia. 540-541.
Alexander Wetmore, J. J. Murray.
Bohemian Warwing In Luce County, Michigan. 541-542.
Oscar Mckinley Bryens.
North-South Versus Northeast-Southwest Migration of the Starling. 542.
John T. Nichols.
A Pine Warbler Killed By Arsenical Spray. 542-543.
Thomas Barbour.
Palm Warbler In Bermuda. 543-544.
Ludlow Griscom.
Cowbird's Egg In a Red-Wing's Nest. 544.
Henry Mousley.
European Goldfinch At Hanover, New Hampshire. 544-545.
Doris Huestis Mills.
An Ohio Invasion of Leconte's Sparrows. 545-546.
Lawrence E. Hicks.
Lapland Longspurs In Wisconsin In Summer. 546.
John S. Main.
Records from the Isles of Shoals. 546-547.
Philip L. Wright.
Notes from Vermont. 547-548.
George J. Wallace.
Summer Records from Ocean County, New Jersey. 548.
Robert W. Storer.
Uncommon Winter Birds In Coastal North Carolina. 548-549.
Clarence Cottam, A. L. Nelson, C. S. Williams.
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