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The Auk, Volume 54, Number 3 (1937)

3 (July)


Behavior of Black Skimmers At Cardwell Island, Virginia. 237-244.
Oiln Sewall Pettingill, Jr.
The Companion In the Bird's World. 245-273.
Konrad Z. Lorenz.
Life History of the Boat-Tailed Grackle In Louisiana. 274-295.
E. A. Mcilhenny.
The Nesting Bald Eagles of Southeastern Florida. 296-299.
Joseph C. Howell.
Activity of the Screech Owl. 300-303.
Harry A. Allard.
A Costa Rican Race of Jardine's Pygmy Owl. 304.
Leon Kelso.
A New Wood Owl from Siam. 305.
Estelle H. Kelso.
The Cape May Warbler In Maine. 306-308.
James Bond.
Leconte's Sparrow Breeding In Michigan and South Dakota. 309-320.
Lawrence H. Walkinshaw.
Endoparasitism In Ruffed Grouse Near Hanover, New Hampshire. 321-323.
Frank H. Connell, H. M. Doremus.
A Preliminary List of Bird Weights. 324-332.
Paul A. Stewart.
The Spelling of Common Names of Birds. 333-340.
William H. Cheesman, Paul H. Oehser.
In Memoriam: Frederic Hedge Kennard, 1865-1937. 341-348.
Arthur Cleveland Bent.
New Light on Mark Catesby. 349-363.
Elsa G. Allen.
Morphogenesis of the Shoulder Architecture: Aves. 364-375.
A. Brazier Howell.
Notes and News. 425.
Report of the Committee on Bird Protection, 1936. 426-428.
H. C. Bryant.

General Notes

Western Grebe In Massachusetts. 376-379.
Francis H. Allen.
South American Pied-Billed Grebe In the Canal Zone. 379.
Josselyn Van Tyne.
The Gannets of Funk Island. 379-381.
E. Thomas Gilliard.
Double-Crested Cormorant Breeding In Michigan. 381.
Josselyn Van Tyne.
American Egret and Black-Bellied Plover In Delaware In Winter. 382.
Clarence Cottam.
Little Blue Heron In the Interior of Northern Maine. 382.
Howard L. Mendall.
Maine Records of the Eastern Glossy Ibis. 382.
Alfred O. Gross.
Ring-Necked Duck Nesting In Maine. 382-383.
Gustav Swanson.
King Eider In South Carolina. 383.
E. B. Chamberlain.
Tapeworm In Young Red-Breasted Merganser. 383.
Robert A. Johnson.
Turkey Vultures Killed By Automobiles. 383-384.
Alexander Sprunt.
A Hybrid Between Turkey Vulture and Black Vulture. 384.
E. A. Mcilhenny.
Mississippi Kite In South Carolina In Winter. 384-385.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
A Swainson's Hawk Migration. 385.
Allan D. Cruickshank.
Additional Illinois Golden Eagle Records. 385-388.
Charles T. Black.
An Illinois Record For the Little Brown Crane. 388.
Frank C. Baker.
Winter Shorebird Notes from Massachusetts. 388-389.
Joseph A. Hagar.
Long-Tailed Jaeger Observed on the Bear River Marshes, Utah. 389-390.
A. K. Fisher.
Common Tern and Wilson's Phalarope Nesting In Northern Indiana. 390.
Amos W. Butler.
Least Tern In Colorado. 390-391.
Gordon Alexander.
Eastern Mourning Dove In Cuba. 391.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
Smooth-Billed Ani In Florida. 391.
John B. Semple.
Hasbrouck's Screech Owl from Kansas. 391.
Otto W. Tiemeier.
New Name For Otus Flammeolus Guatemalae Preoccupied. 391.
Ludlow Griscom.
Alder Flycatcher At Pensacola, Florida. 392.
Robert C. Mcclanahan.
Chimney Swifts In Eastern Panama. 392.
Charles H. Rogers.
Swifts At Sea. 392.
Frank M. Chapman.
Canada Jay Breeding In Wisconsin. 392-393.
A. W. Schorger.
American Magpie In Missouri and Illinois. 393.
T. E. Musselman.
Eastern Crows Nesting on or Near the Ground. 393-394.
C. M. Aldous.
Elevation of Nests of the Western Crow. 394.
Emerson A. Stoner.
Varied Thrush At Richmond, New York. 394-395.
Witmer Stone.
Varied Thrush At Clementon, New Jersey. 395.
M. L. Parrish.
Bicknell's Thrush In Virginia. 395.
William J. Rusling.
Parula Warbler In Washington In December. 395.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
A Note Used During Migration By the Yellow Warbler. 395-396.
Winsor M. Tyler.
Giant Red-Wing In New York. 396.
Pierce Brodkorb.
Hepburn's Rosy Finch In Maine. 396-397.
Alfred O. Gross.
Leconte's Sparrow In Clermont County, Ohio. 397.
Woodrow Goodpaster, Karl H. Maslowski.
Leconte's Sparrow Near Toledo, Ohio. 397-399.
Louis W. Campbell.
Shufeldt's Junco Near Toledo, Ohio. 399.
Louis W. Campbell.

Recent Literature

Kirkman's 'Bird Behaviour'. 400-401.
G. M. A.
Butler's 'Birds Around the Year'. 401.
G. M. A.
Pearson's 'Adventures In Bird Protection'. 401-403.
G. M. A.
Hudson on Muscles of the Hind Limb In Birds. 403-404.
G. M. A.
Bartlett's 'Birds of Eastern New York'. 404-424.
L. G.
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