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The Auk, Volume 53, Number 4 (1936)

4 (October)


Birth of a Black Duck Family (An As Rubripes Tristis). 377-380.
Henry Mousley.
The Vultur Sacra of William Bartram. 381-392.
Francis Harper.
The Hawk Migrations At Cape May Point, New Jersey. 393-404.
Robert P. Allen, Roger T. Peterson.
Further Remarks on Quiscalus With a Report on Additional Specimens from Louisiana. 405-417.
Frank M. Chapman.
Notes on Six Nests of the Kentucky Warbler (Oporornis Formosus). 418-428.
Charles F. De Garis.
European Goldfinch Near New York City, 1915-1935. 429-431.
J. T. Nichols.
Notes from Ellis and Cimarron Counties, Oklahoma. 432-435.
George Miksch Sutton.
The Birds At Soledad, Cuba, After a Huricane. 436-437.
J. L. Huntington, T. Barbour.
Obituaries. 483.
Notes and News. 484.
Index To Volume Liii. 485-508.
Dates of Issue. 508.


Injury Feigning" By Birds". 478-482.

General Notes

A New Family (Anhingidae) of Birds For the Fauna Columbiana. 438.
Paul Bartsch.
Man-O'-War-Bird In Oklahoma. 438.
George Miksch Sutton.
Western Grebe In South Carolina. 438.
E. B. Chamberlain.
Horned Grebe At Conowingo, Md., In July. 438.
W. Brooke Meanly.
Snowy Egret In Massachusetts. 438-439.
Lombard Carter Jones.
On an Unusual Feeding Habit of the Snowy Egret. 439.
S. A. Grimes.
Unusual Feeding Habits of Some of the Ardeidae. 439-440.
E. A. Mcilhenny.
The Redhead and Ring-Necked Duck Breeding At Pymatuning Lake, Pennsylvania. 440.
W. E. Clyde.
King Eiders In Massachusetts In May. 440-441.
Roland C. Clement.
European Turnstone, a Correction. 441.
E. B. Chamberlain.
Second Record of Golden Plover In Alabama. 441.
Harold S. Peters.
Breeding of the Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes Cucullatus) In Massachusetts. 441.
Tudor Richards.
Wilson's Plover Taken Near Toledo, Ohio. 441.
Louis W. Campbell.
Wilson's Snipe (Capella Delicata) Breeding In Dutchess County, New York. 441-443.
Evan Evans.
Status of Bartramia Longicanda In Lancaster Co., Pa. 443-444.
Herbert H. Beck.
Upland Plover Found Breeding In Berkeley County, West Virginia. 444.
J. L. Poland.
Solitary Sandpiper In Summer At Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. 444.
Maurice Brooks.
The Western Willet on the Niagara River. 444-445.
R. W. Sheppard.
Parasitic Jaegar In Connecticut. 445.
Joseph Brauner.
Glaucous Gull In Florida. 445.
Francis M. Weston.
Common Tern (Sterna Hirundo Hirundo) Nesting on Oneida Lake In Western New York. 446.
Verdi Burtch.
A Record of the Passenger Pigeon In British Columbia. 446-447.
Theed Pearse.
Additional Records of Neomorphus Radiolosus. 447.
Emmet R. Blake.
Saw-Whet Owl Apparently Nesting In Wisconsin. 447-448.
Walter J. Mueller.
A New Screech Owl from Colombia. 448.
Leon Kelso, Estelle H. Kelso.
Olive-Sided Flycatcher In Virginia. 448.
F. M. Jones.
Arkansas Kingbird At Cape May Point, N. J.. 448-449.
James T. Tanner.
Tufted Titmouse In Yates County, N. Y.. 449.
Chas. J. Spiker.
Winter Killing of Carolina Wrens. 449.
Maurice Brooks.
A Peculiar Albinistic Starling. 449.
Malcolm Davis.
Warbling Vireo (Vireo Gilva Gilva) Nesting In Alabama. 449-450.
C. Russell Mason.
Prairie Warbler In Dutchess Co., N. Y.. 450.
Ralph C. Preston.
Brewster's Warbler (Vermivora Leucobronchialis) In New Hampshire. 450.
F. B. White.
Nesting of the Louisiana Water-Thrush In Kansas. 451.
Walter Colvin.
Summer Tanagers Again Destroy Wasp Nests. 451.
J. L. Hamaker.
Eastern Summer Tanager In Colorado. 452.
Gordon Alexander.
Brewer's Blackbird Taken Near Toledo, Ohio. 452.
Louis W. Campbell.
Brewer's Blackbird (Euphagus Cyanocephalus) In Alabama. 452-453.
Thos. D. Burleigh.
Eastern Henslow's Sparrow Breeding In West Virginia. 453.
Maurice Brooks, Karl Haller.
Agelaius Humeralis a New Bird For North America. 453.
William W. Demeritt.
Lincoln's Sparrow and Lark Sparrow In the Northern West Virginia Panhandle. 453-454.
George Miksch Sutton.
Lapland Longspurs Noted In West Virginia. 454.
Maurice Brooks.
Sanderlings and a Marsh Hawk Wintering In New Hampshire. 454.
Eugene J. Goellner, Maurice Provost.
Lincoln's Sparrow In Wise Co., Va.. 454.
F. M. Jones.
Lapland Longspur (Calcarius Lapponicus Lapponicus) In Central New York In April. 454.
Verdi Burtch.
Recent Records of Some Uncommon Michigan Birds. 455.
Pierce Brodkorb.
Some Notes from Arkansas. 455-456.
William H. Deaderick.
New Bird Record For St. Croix, V. I.. 456-457.
Harry A. Beatty.
Two New Records For Panama. 457-458.
John A. Griswold, Jr.
Vireo Nelsoni Bond. 458.
James Bond.

Recent Literature

Mathews on the Birds of Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands and New Zealand. 459.
W. S.
Ardley on the Birds of the South Orkney Islands. 459-461.
Robert Cushman Murphy.
Sutton's 'Birds In the Wilderness.'. 461.
W. S.
Peattie's 'Green Laurels.'. 461-462.
W. S.
Clarke on 'Fluctuations In Numbers of Ruffed Grouse.'. 462-463.
W. S.
Are Arsenicals Dangerous To Game?. 463-464.
W. L. M.
Birds Against the Potato Beetle. 464.
W. L. M.
Robinson and Chasen on 'Birds of the Malay Peninsula.'. 464.
W. S.
Thomson's 'Birds of Cape York Peninsula.'. 464-465.
W. S.
Heim De Balsac on the Mammals and Birds of North Africa. 465.
W. S.
Errington and Hamerstrom on the Northern Bob-White's Winter Territory. 465-467.
E. G. H.
Parker's Ethics of Egg Collecting. 467-469.
W. S.
Other Ornithological Publications. 469-471.
The Ornithological Journals. 471-477.
Burt's 'The Resident Birds of Southern Michigan.'. 477.
W. S.
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