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The Auk, Volume 53, Number 3 (1936)

3 (July)


The Ospreys of Smith's Point, Virginia. 261-268.
W. Bryant Tyrrell.
Courtship and Sexual Selection of the Flicker (Colaptes Auratus Luteus). 269-282.
G. K. Noble.
The Relation of Field Characters To the Question of Species and Subspecies. 283-287.
Aretas A. Saunders.
Sanctuaries of the Bird Islands of Great Salt Lake. 288-294.
Dr. John W. Sugden.
Observations on the Spot-Backed Weaver, (Ploceus Spilonotus Vig.). 295-297.
Raymond B. Cowles.
A Modern La Brea Tar Pit. 298-300.
A. E. Borell.
The Food and Nesting Habits of the Bald Eagle. 301-305.
Frank R. Smith.
The Rediscovery of the Nuthatch Daphoenositta With Notes on Its Affinities. 306-310.
A. L. Rand.
Some Miscellaneous Notes on South Carolina Birds. 311-315.
G. E. Hudson, Franklin Sherman.
A New Antbird from Venezuela. 316-317.
M. A. Carriker, Jr.
Notes on the Habits of the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow. 318-319.
Wray H. Nicholson.
Obituaries. 369-374.
Notes and News. 375-376.


Injury Feigning By Birds. 366-367.
Portenko on Limosa Lapponica. 367-368.

General Notes

The Red-Throated Loon In Montana--A Correction. 320.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
Shearwaters and Ships. 320-321.
Francis H. Allen.
Some Observations of the European Teal. 321-322.
Allan D. Cruickshank.
Spring Occurrence of the American Egret In Ontario. 322.
O. E. Devitt.
Snowy Egret In Michigan. 322.
Josselyn Van Tyne.
A Red Phase of the Black-Crowned Night Heron. 322-323.
A. J. Van Rossem.
Invasion of Glossy Ibises In Puerto Rico. 323.
Stuart T. Danforth.
Ring-Necked Duck In Berkshire County, Mass.. 323.
S. Morris Pell.
Southern Winter Range of Ixobrychus Exilis Hesperus. 323.
M. A. Carriker, Jr.
Bay Ducks Frozen To the Beach. 323-324.
Allan D. Cruickshank.
Effect of Extreme Cold on Ducks In Milwaukee Bay. 324-325.
O. J. Gromme.
Mexican Turkey Vulture (Cathartes Aura Aura) At Brownsville, Texas. 325.
Herbert W. Brandt.
Additional Notes on the Prevalence of the Adult Marsh Hawk In South Florida. 325-326.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Bone Healing In Young Marsh Hawks. 326-327.
Paul L. Errington.
Purple Gallinules (Ionornis Martinica) Are Predatory. 327-328.
E. A. Mcilhenny.
A New Illinois Record For the American Avocet. 328-329.
T. E. Musselman.
The Stilt Sandpiper Again on the Lower Savannah River. 329.
Ivan R. Tomkins.
European Woodcock (Scolopax Rusticola Rusticola) In Ohio. 329-330.
John W. Aldrich.
Rare Shore-Birds on the Massachusetts Coast. 330-331.
Joseph A. Hagar.
Trans-Atlantic Flight of Gull-Billed Tern. 331.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
Little Gulls Again In New York Harbor. 331-332.
James P. Chapin.
Status of the Black-Backed Gull. 332-333.
Clarence Cottam.
The Chuck-Will's-Widow In Maryland. 333.
Alexander Wetmore.
Snowy Owl In Virginia. 333.
A. O. English.
Sennett's Nighthawk In Ohio. 333-334.
John W. Aldrich.
Winter-Killing of Flickers In Central Iowa. 334-335.
Paul L. Errington.
Southern Sharp-Tailed Sparrow In Georgia and South Carolina. 335-336.
Ivan R. Tomkins.
A Hybrid Flicker At Ottawa, Ontario. 336.
Arthur D. Nelles.
Nesting of Oncostoma In the Canal Zone. 336-337.
David E. Harrowes.
Prairie Horned Lark (Otocoris Alpestris Praticola) Nesting In Baltimore Co., Maryland. 337.
M. Brooke Meanley.
A Winter Food Supply For the Crow. 337-338.
Compton Crook.
Are Starlings a Menace To the Food Supply of Our Native Birds. 338-339.
E. A. Mcilhenny.
The Singing and Soaring Height of Sprague's Pipit. 339.
Thos. S. Roberts.
A Georgia Specimen of Wayne's Marsh Wren. 339-340.
Ivan R. Tomkins.
The Second Occurrence of the Ohio House Wren In Maryland. 340.
Allen J. Duvall.
Eastern Mockingbird (Mimus Polyglottos Polyglottos) At Toronto, Ont.. 340.
J. H. Fleming.
European Goldfinch (Carduelis Carduelis) In Wisconsin. 340-341.
Clarence S. Jung.
Hoary Redpoll (Acanthis Hornemanni Exilipes) In New Hampshire. 341.
William C. Vaughan.
The Cape Sable Sparrow and Hurricanes. 341.
John B. Semple.
Harris's Sparrow Again In Luce Co., Michigan. 341-342.
Oscar Mckinley Bryens.
Smith's and Mccown's Longspurs Seen In Minnesota. 342.
Theodore And Mrs. Peterson.
Observations on Some Newfoundland Birds. 342-345.
Earle Amos Brooks.
Further Remarks on Birds of Bolling Field, D. C.. 345-346.
W. Howard Ball, Robert Browne Wallace.
Florida Records of Interest. 346-347.
Samuel A. Eliot, Jr.
Notes from Southern Florida. 347-348.
D. G. Nichols.
Notes from North Central Illinois. 348.
Frank Bellrose.
Late Nesting Records For Northern Illinois. 348.
Frank Bellrose.
Some Notes from Arkansas. 349-350.
William H. Deaderick.
New Records For the Puerto Rican Avifauna. 350-351.
Ventura Barnes, Jr.
Errata. 351.

Recent Literature

Pettingill on the American Woodcock. 352-353.
W. S.
Van Rossem on Birds of the Charleston Mountains, Nevada. 353-354.
W. S.
Books on British Birds. 354.
W. S.
Brooks' Plates of North American Birds. 354-355.
W. S.
Systematic Catalogue of the Birds of Argentina. 355.
W. S.
Nissen's Sch. 355.
R. S. P.
School Bulletin of the University of the State of New York. 356.
W. S.
Taka-Tsukasa's 'The Birds of Nippon.'. 356.
W. S.
Proceedings of the Linnaean Society of New York. 356.
W. S.
Framing the Birds of Prey. 356-357.
W. S.
Ali on 'Economic Ornithology In India.'. 357.
W. L. M.
Other Ornithological Publications. 358-359.
The Ornithological Journals. 359-365.
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