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The Auk, Volume 50, Number 3 (1933)

3 (July)


Outram Bangs, 1863-1932. 265-274.
B. James, L. Peters.
Topsell's 'Fowles of Heauen.'. 275-283.
Bayard H. Christy.
The Relation of Light Periodicity To the Reproductive Cycle, Migration and Distribution of the Mourning Dove (Zenaidura Macroura Carolinensis). 284-296.
L. J. Cole.
Notes On the Havemeyer Collection of Central American Birds. 297-308.
Ludlow Griscom.
Speed of Bird Flight. 309-316.
The First Appearance and Spread of the Breeding Range of the European Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) In Ohio. 317-322.
Lawrence E. Hicks.
Notes On Some Birds From Santa Catharina, Brazil. 323-324.
C. Eliot Underdown.
The Dovekie Influx of 1932. 325-349.
Robert Cushman Murphy, William Vogt.
Notes and News. 384.

General Notes

A Record Colony of Yellow-Crowned Night Herons. 350-351.
Ernest G. Holt.
Definite Breeding of the Glossy Ibis In Louisiana. 351-352.
Ernest G. Holt.
The Glossy Ibis In Georgia. 352.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Greater Snow Goose At Troy Meadows, N. J.. 352-353.
Charles K. Nichols.
The Blue Goose In North Carolina. 353.
Clarence Cottam.
The Pintail Duck (Dafila Acuta Tzitzihoa) Wintering In Maine. 353-354.
Arthur H. Norton.
Teals Resting On Plowed Ground. 354.
J. J. Murray.
The European Widgeon (Mareca Penelope) Again In Maine. 354.
Arthur H. Norton.
Blue-Winged Teal Breeding In Cheshire County, New Hampshire. 354-355.
Lewis O. Shelley.
Golden Eagle In Louisiana. 355.
Ernest G. Holt.
Broad-Winged Hawks and Starlings. 355-356.
Charles W. Townsend.
Eastern Red-Tailed Hawk Breeding On the South Carolina Coast. 356.
E. B. Chamberlain.
The Western Pigeon Hawk In Florida. 356.
Alexander Wetmore.
Notes On the Prairie Chicken In Indiana. 356-357.
Sidney R. Esten.
Some Feeding Habits of the Solitary Sandpiper. 357-358.
Lewis O. Shelley.
A Willet In the Connecticut Valley In New Hampshire. 358.
Lewis O. Shelley.
Northern Phalaropes On the New Jersey Coast. 358.
Witmer Stone.
Second Occurrence of Northern Phalarope In South Carolina. 358-359.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Golden Plover, a New Species For Alabama. 359.
Helen M. Edwards.
Wilson's Phalarope (Steganopus Tricolor) In Berkshire Co., Mass.. 359.
G. Bartlett Hendricks.
Black Terns At Harrisburg, Pa.. 359.
Harold B. Wood.
Terns Near Phoenixville, Pa.. 359-360.
Frank B. Foster.
Laughing Gull Breeding On the South Carolina Coast. 360.
E. M. Burton, E. B. Chamberlain.
Br. 360-361.
V. C. Wynne-Edwards.
West Virginia Breeding Record For the Saw-Whet Owl. 361-362.
A. B. Brooks.
Chuck-Will's-Widow Again In Ohio. 362.
Benedict J. Blincoe.
An Old Specimen of Hybrid Flicker From Central Arkansas. 362.
Philip A. Dumont.
Nesting of the Rough-Winged Swallow In Montana. 362-363.
Winton Weydemeyer.
The Starling As a Mimic. 363.
Winsor M. Tyler.
The Names of Two Genera of Timaline Birds. 363-364.
J. H. Riley.
The Loggerhead Shrike, an Addition To the Virginia Avifauna. 364.
John B. Lewis.
Western Palm Warbler In Massachusetts In Spring. 364-365.
S. A. Eliot, Jr.
The Hoary Redpoll In Montana. 365.
Winton Weydemeyer.
Bachman's Sparrow In the Virginia Blue Ridge. 365.
Ruskin S. Freer.
A Late Migration of Fox Sparrows. 365-366.
Marc C. Rich.
The Lark Sparrow In Virginia. 366.
Martin Curtler.
European Goldfinch In Western Massachusetts. 366.
S. A. Eliot, Jr.
Notes On the Birds of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. 366-367.
G. B. Hendricks.
Notes From Dorchester Co., Maryland. 367-368.
S. E. Perkins, Iii.
Winter Notes From Back Bay, Virginia and North Carolina. 368.
J. J. Murray.
Notes From Baldwin County, Alabama. 368-370.
Helen M. Edwards.
Notes From Mountain Lake, Florida. 370.
Henry O. Havemeyer.
Notes From Tippecanoe Co., Indiana.. 370-371.
Louis A. Test, Frederick H. Test.
Bird Notes From the Chicago Area. 371-373.
James Stevenson, Pierce Brodkorb.
Recent Records For Oklahoma and Texas. 373.
Alexander Wetmore.
The Importance of Stoneflies In the Winter Food of Certain Passerine Birds. 373-374.
W. J. Hamilton, Jr.
Speed of Racing Pigeons. 374-375.
Robert A. Mullen.

Recent Literature

Leopold's 'Game Management.'. 376-377.
W. S.
Jones On 'Insect Coloration and the Relative Acceptability of Insects To Birds.'. 377.
W. S.
Fauna of the National Parks. 377-378.
W. S.
Bond's 'My Bird Boarders.'. 378.
W. S.
La Touche's 'Handbook of the Birds of Eastern China.'. 378.
W. S.
Swann and Wetmore On the Birds of Prey. 378.
W. S.
Other Publications. 378-381.
The Ornithological Journals. 381-384.
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