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The Auk, Volume 50, Number 2 (1933)

2 (April)


Robert Ridgway: a Memorial Appreciation. 159-169.
Harry C. Oberholser.
An Incubating Woodcock. 170-173.
Clarence Cottam, Leon Kelso.
The Music of the Wood Pewee's Song and One of Its Laws. 174-178.
Wallace Craig.
Notes On the Birds of Jerusalem. 179-186.
R. W. Sheppard.
A Collection Showing Food Eaten By Birds. 187-189.
Emerson A. Stoner.
Additions To the Virginia Avifauna Since 1890.. 190-200.
James J. Murray.
On the Pal[Ae]Arctic Element In the A. O. U. 'Check-List' (4Th Edit.). 201-204.
F. C. R. Jourdain, H. F.
Obituaries. 260-261.
Notes and News. 262-264.

General Notes

White Pelican (Pelecanus Erythrorhynchos) In British Columbia. 205.
Kenneth Racey.
A Gannet In Delaware Co., Pa.. 205-206.
Mabel B., John A. Gillespie.
Great Blue Heron In Cuba: a Correction. 206.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
American Egret In Western Virginia. 206.
J. J. Murray.
American Egret Nesting In Delaware. 206.
Herbert Buckalew.
Snowy Egret In Arkansas. 206.
J. D. Black.
The Type of Egretta Brevipes. 206-207.
Ernst Mayr.
Recent Records of the Flamingo In Florida. 207-208.
Ernest G. Holt.
The Whistling Swan (Olor Columbianus) In South Carolina. 208.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Gray Lag Goose In Massachusetts. 208-209.
S. Morris Pell.
Blue Goose In Maryland. 209.
Witmer Stone.
Blue Goose In Alabama. 209.
Ernest G. Holt.
Third Occurrence of the Brant (Branta Bernicla Hrota) In South Carolina. 209-210.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
The Cinnamon Teal: a New Bird For South Carolina. 210.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Occurrence and Nesting of the Redhead In Montana. 210-211.
Winton Weydemeyer.
White-Winged Scoters In Eastern Kansas. 211.
W. S. Long.
Peculiar Behavior of Hawks with Flocks of Starlings. 211.
Maurice Brooks.
Status of the Genus Geranoa. 212.
Alexander Wetmore.
A Black Gyrfalcon (Falco Rusticolus Obsoletus) From New Hampshire. 212.
Arthur H. Norton.
Turkey Vulture At Ludlow, Mass. 212-213.
S. A. Eliot, Jr.
A Second Specimen of the Fossil Bird Bathornis Veredus. 213-214.
Alexander Wetmore.
Sight Records of the Eskimo Curlew. 214.
Charles W. Townsend.
The Yellow-Legs Wintering In South Carolina. 215.
Ivan R. Tomkins.
Winter Range of Long-Billed Curlew and Piping Plover. 215.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Gull-Billed Tern Nesting At Pensacola, Florida. 215-216.
Francis M. Weston.
An Oregon Record of the Red-Legged Kittiwake (Rissa Brevirostris). 216.
Ira N. Gabrielson.
Great Black-Backed Gull In Maryland. 216-217.
Ernest G. Holt.
Great Black-Backed Gull On the South Carolina Coast. 217.
H. L. Harllee.
Br. 217.
Charles W. Townsend.
Br. 217.
Marc C. Rich.
Eastern Mourning Dove Migrating To Cuba?. 218.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
Western Mourning Dove In Central Mexico. 218-219.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
Testicular Asymmetry In the Madagascar Coucal. 219-220.
A. L. Rand.
The Barn Owl (Tyto Alba Pratincola) In Maine. 220.
Arthur H. Norton.
Early Nesting of the Great Horned Owl. 220-221.
C. Huber Watson.
Eastern Robin Laying White Eggs. 221.
W. Sprague Brooks.
Great Crested Flycatcher In New Jersey In November. 221.
Marc C. Rich.
Lead-Colored Bush-Tit Near San Antonio, Texas. 221.
Albert J. B. Kirn.
First Record of Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) For Nebraska. 221-222.
Claude R. Wiegers, George E. Hudson, John L. Morrison.
Cape May Warblers Destructive To Grapes. 222-223.
Maurice Brooks.
Wilson's Warbler (Wilsonia Pusilla) On the Coast of South Carolina. 223.
E. Von S. Dingle.
English Sparrows Apparently Feeding On Larvae of Hornets. 223-224.
C. B. Gardner.
A Troupial Collected At Columbus, Ohio. 224.
Lawrence E. Hicks.
An Abnormally Colored Western Evening Grosbeak. 224-225.
Arthur Svihla.
The Clay-Colored Sparrow In Florida. 225.
Charles L. Phillips.
Eastern Henslow's Sparrow In North Carolina In Summer. 225.
Coit M. Coker.
Harris's Sparrow In Elkhart Co., Indiana. 225-226.
Raymond J. Fleetwood.
Shufeldt's Junco In the East. 226.
Charles W. Townsend.
The Song Sparrow Now a Breeding Bird In South Carolina. 226.
Thos. D. Burleigh.
Lapland Longspur: an Addition To the Louisiana List. 226-227.
George H. Lowery, Jr.
An Eastern Snow Bunting From Georgia. 227.
Ivan R. Tomkins.
Notes From Northern Steuben Co., N. Y.. 227-229.
Clarence F. Stone.
Concerning the Nesting Status of Certain Birds At Princeton, N. J.. 229-230.
Laidlaw Williams.
Water Birds Observed At Reading, Pa. 230-231.
Earl L. Poole.
Winter Records For the Coastal Region of North Carolina. 231-232.
Clarence Cottam.
Notes From Western North Carolina. 232.
J. J. Murray.
Additional Notes From the North Carolina Mountains. 232-233.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Rare Birds In the North Carolina Mountains. 233-234.
Marion A. Boggs.
Notes From Baldwin County, Alabama. 234.
Helen M. Edwards.
Some Recent Ohio Records. 234-236.
Milton B. Trautman.
Birds and Motor Cars. 236.
F. B. White.

Recent Literature

Chapin's 'Birds of the Belgian Congo.'. 237-240.
W. S.
Hachisuka's 'Birds of the Philippine Islands.'. 240.
W. S.
Stuart Baker's 'Nidification of Birds of the Indian Empire.'. 241.
W. S.
Ticehurst's 'History of the Birds of Suffolk.'. 241-242.
W. S.
Menegaux's 'Birds of France.'. 242.
W. S.
Anderson On Methods of Collecting and Preserving Specimens. 242-243.
W. S.
Stead's 'Life Histories of New Zealand Birds.'. 243-244.
W. S.
Taka-Tsukasa's 'The Birds of Nippon.'. 244.
W. S.
Latouche's 'Birds of Eastern China.'. 244-245.
W. S.
Pearson and Brooks On Crows and Jays. 245.
W. S.
Gorbunow's 'Birds of Franz-Joseph Land.'. 245.
W. S.
Palmgren's Recent Publications On Animal Ecology. 245-246.
W. S.
Groebbels' 'Der Vogel.'. 246-247.
H. F.
Heinrich's Expedition To Celebes and Halmahera. 247.
H. F.
Siewert On the White and Black Storks of Europe. 247-248.
H. F.
Other Publications. 248-250.
The Ornithological Journals. 250-259.
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