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The Auk, Volume 49, Number 3 (1932)

3 (July)


The Blue Goose In Its Winter Home. 279-306.
E. A. Mcilhenny.
Daily Life of the American Eagle: Early Phase. 307-323.
Francis H. Herrick.
Notes On Some Neotropical Game-Birds. 324-336.
C. E. Hellmayr, H. B. Conover.
Glossy Ibis In Florida. 337-339.
John Bonner Semple.
Obituaries. 392-393.
Notes and News. 394-398.

General Notes

Leach's Petrel On the Coast of Maine. 340-341.
Arthur H. Norton, Robert P. Allen.
The Breeding of the Brown Booby In Porto Rican Territory. 341.
Alexander Wetmore.
The European Cormorant In New Jersey. 341-342.
Charles A. Urner.
A Compartively Tame Eastern Green Heron. 342.
Louis B. Kalter.
Wintering or Early Arrival of the Great Blue Heron In Connecticut. 342.
Devere Allen.
White-Fronted Geese Wintering At Vernon, Texas. 343.
R. L. More.
Lesser Snow Goose In South Carolina. 343.
J. Willcox Brown.
A Change In Distribution of the Fulvous Tree Duck (Dendrocygna Bicolor Helva) In Texas. 343-344.
J. J. Carroll.
The Black Duck In Oregon. 344.
Frederick C. Lincoln.
A Sight Record of a European Teal In Ohio. 345.
Milton B. Trautman.
The Harlequin Duck In Minnesota. 345.
W. J. Breckenridge.
Eider Duck (Somateria Mollissima Dresseri) On the Connecticut River In 1932. 345-346.
Lewis O. Shelley.
The American Eider In Colorado. 346.
W. H. Bergtold.
Duck Ponds" In Holland". 346-347.
W. L. Mcatee.
A New Genus For Rallus Poeciloptera. 347-348.
James L. Peters.
Purple Gallinule In Cape May Co., N. J.. 348.
Witmer Stone.
Purple Gallinule At Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 348-349.
W. Stuart Cramer.
The Red Phalarope In New Jersey. 349.
W. Stuart Cramer.
Additional Note On the Breeding In Maine of the Great Black-Backed Gull (Larus Marinus). 349-350.
C. F. Jackson, Philip F. Allan.
Nesting of the Eastern Mourning Dove. 350.
Myra Katie Roads.
Early Breeding of the Eastern Mourning Dove In Virginia. 350-351.
Alexander Wetmore, Frederick C. Lincoln.
Late Occurrence of Eastern Mourning Doves. 351.
Harold M. Holland.
The Snowy Owl In South Carolina. 351.
J. Willcox Brown.
Snowy Owl In Michigan. 351.
Oscar Mckinley Bryens.
Blue Jay Feeding On Stoneflies. 352.
W. J. Hamilton, Jr.
Snowy Owl, a New Species For Alabama. 352.
Helen M. Edwards.
Long-Billed Marsh Wrens Wintering Near Toledo, Ohio. 352-353.
Louis W. Campbell.
Early Nesting of Bluebird and Mockingbird. 353.
Bernard H. Stevenson.
The American Pipit At Glen Helen, Yellow Springs, Ohio. 353-354.
Louis B. Kalter.
Nesting of the Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) In Charleston, S. C.. 354.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Another Record of Brewster's Warbler In Lancaster County, Pa.. 355.
W. Stuart Cramer.
Cerulean Warbler In Boston, Mass. 355.
John H. Conkey.
Wilson's Warbler In Connecticut In January. 355.
Aretas A. Saunders.
Color of the Iris In the Great-Tailed Grackle. 356.
Karl Plath.
The Color of the Iris In the Boat-Tailed Grackle. 356-357.
E. Von S. Dingle.
Distribution of Yellow and Brown-Eyed Males of Boat-Tailed Grackle In Florida. 357.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Red-Winged Blackbirds Nesting In Treetops Near Top of Hill. 358.
Althea R. Sherman.
Newfoundland Crossbill At Wellesley, Mass. 358.
Fred H. Kennard.
Harris's Sparrow Again In Luce County, Michigan. 358.
Oscar Mckinley Bryens.
White-Throated Sparrow Wintering In Cheshire County, New Hampshire. 358.
Lewis O. Shelley.
The Winter Status of the Carolina Junco. 359.
J. J. Murray.
The Lark Bunting, an Addition To the Virginia Avifauna. 359-360.
J. J. Murray.
Notes From Along the Connecticut River. 360-362.
Aaron C. Bagg, S. A. Eliot, Jr.
Notes From the Washington, D. C. Region. 362.
W. Howard Ball.
Notes From Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 362-363.
Eugene P. Odum.
Some Notes From Cumberland Island, Georgia. 364.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
Birds Attracted To Small-Flowered Leaf Cup. 365.
Louis B. Kalter.
Some Avian Uses For Mistletoe. 365-366.
Emerson A. Stoner.
Deposition of Eggs In Time of Snow-Storm. 366-367.
George Miksch Sutton.

Recent Literature

Roberts' 'Birds of Minnesota.'. 368-370.
W. S.
The Birds of Louisiana. 370-371.
W. S.
Cayley'A 'What Bird Is That?'. 371-372.
W. S.
Brown's 'My Animal Friends.'. 372.
W. S.
Coble and Life's 'Introduction To Ornithological Nomenclature.'. 372-374.
W. S.
Griscom's 'Distribution of Bird-Life In Guatemala.'. 374-375.
W. S.
Mcatee On Protective Adaptations. 375-376.
W. S.
Deschauensee On the Birds of Southwestern Africa. 376.
W. S.
Armstrong's 'Birds of Samoa.'. 376-377.
W. S.
Mrs. Twining's 'Bird Watching In the West.'. 377.
W. S.
Cassinia For 1929-30. 377-378.
W. S.
Illinois Audubon Bulletin, 1932. 378.
W. S.
Economic Ornithology In Recent Entomological Publications. 378-379.
W. L. M.
Shorter Articles. 380-384.
The Ornithological Journals. 384-391.
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