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The Auk, Volume 46, Number 4 (1929)

4 (October)


The Purple Gallinule (Ionornis Martinicus) of Barro Colorado Island, Canal Zone. 431-446.
Alfred O. Gross, Josselyn Van Tyne.
Mark Catesby and the Nomenclature of North American Birds. 447-454.
Witmer Stone.
The Nest and Habits of the Connecticut Warbler In Minnesota. 455-465.
N. L. Huff.
Egg Weights From Egg Measurements. 466-473.
W. H. Bergtold.
Nomenclature and Systematic Position of the Paradise Whydahs. 474-484.
James P. Chapin.
On the Use of a Refracting Altazimuth Telescope For Bird Observation. 485-493.
Dr. Leon Augustus Hausman.
Birds of China. 494-501.
Rufus H. Lefevre.
Notes On the Bird Life of Northwestern Washington. 502-519.
Thomas D. Burleigh.
The Scops Owls of Northeastern Africa. 520-522.
Herbert Friedmann.
The Rediscovery of the St. Lucian Black Finch (Melanospiza Richardsoni). 523-526.
James Bond.
Obituaries. 577-583.
Notes and News. 584-592.
Index To Volume Xlvi. 593-624.
Dates of Issue. 624.


Common Sense and Nomenclature. 576.

General Notes

Observations of the Horned Grebe In Captivity. 527-529.
John W. Aldrich.
Red-Throated Loon In Northern Illinois. 529.
James Stevenson.
Auk Flights At Sea. 529-532.
Thomas H. Mckittrick, Jr.
Little Gull At Point Pleasant, N. J.. 532.
James L. Edwards.
Golden-Eye Nesting On the Ground. 532-533.
Wm. B. Mershon.
Breeding of the Pink-Footed Goose In Iceland. 533-534.
W. M. Congreve.
Caspian Terns (Sterna Caspia Imperator) At Palmyra, N. J.. 534.
J. T. Emlen, Jr.
Ducks and Other Water Birds On the Reading, Pa., Reservoir. 534-536.
Earl L. Poole.
Egret At Pocono Lake, Pa.. 536.
Henry R. Carey.
Egret At Wareham, Mass.. 536.
Walter B. Savary.
Snowy Egret (Egretta Candidissima Candidissima) In Northern New Jersey. 536-537.
Lester L. Walsh.
A White Heron Roost At Cape May, N. J.. 537.
Witmer Stone.
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron (Nyctanassa Violacea) In Morris County, N. J.. 537-538.
Lester Lewis Walsh.
Wilson's Plover On Cape Cod. 538.
Oliver L. Austin, Jr.
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron In New Hampshire. 538.
John T. Coolidge, Jr.
Some Shorebird Records For Northern Illinois. 538.
James Stevenson.
Wilson's Phalarope In Maryland. 538-539.
Alexander Wetmore.
Wilson's Phalarope Breeding In Michigan. 539.
Roger Tory Peterson.
Wilson's Phalarope and Baird's Sandpiper In South Carolina. 539-540.
Philip A. Du Mont.
The Booming of the Prairie Chicken. 540-543.
W. J. Breckenridge.
Domestic Pigeons Nest Hunting On a Mountain Top. 543-544.
Margaret M. Nice.
Zone-Tailed Hawk In Lincoln Co., New Mexico. 544.
Wharton Huber.
Screech Owl Apparently Poisoned By Spraying Solution. 544-545.
Wharton Huber.
Insect-Catching Tactics of the Screech Owl (Otus Asio). 545-546.
George Miksch Sutton.
Ani (Crotophaga Ani) Wintering In Florida. 546.
Philip A. Du Mont.
Feeding Habits of Chimney Swifts. 546-547.
John B. Lewis.
Alaska Longspur In New Mexico. 548.
Wharton Huber.
Nelson's Sparrow Nesting In Minnesota. 548.
W. J. Breckenridge, Wm. Kilgore.
The Genus Brachyspiza not Distinct From Zonotrichia. 548-550.
A. J. Vanrossem.
Another Cardinal In Colorado. 550.
W. H. Bergtold.
Savannah Sparrow Nesting Near Reading, Pa.. 550.
Earl L. Poole.
The Siberian Bank Swallow and Other Records From Point Barrow, Alaska. 550-551.
Affred M. Bailey.
Connecticut Warbler Nesting In Minnesota. 551-552.
William Kilgore, W. J. Breckenridge.
Nesting of the Connecticut Warbler In Alberta. 552-553.
Witmer Stone.
Identification of Sycamore Warbler In Connecticut Was Satisfactory. 553-554.
Philip A. Du Mont.
The Winking of the Water Ouzel. 554.
Charles W. Townsend.
Mockingbird Nesting Just Outside the Limits of Philadelphia. 554-555.
Wharton Huber.
Notes From Washington, D. C.. 555.
William Howard Ball.
Notes From Northern New Jersey. 555.
Robert T. Clausen.
Some Abnormal Breeding Records From the South Carolina Coast. 555-556.
Afexander Sprunt, Jr.
Notes From Champaign County, Illinois. 556.
Leland Quindry.
Some Observations of the Effects of a Late Snow Storm Upon Bird Life. 557-558.
Wendell P. Smith.
Notes From Cobb's Island, Virginia. 558-559.
C. Brooke Worth.

Recent Literature

Stresemann's 'Aves' In K. 560.
A. W.
Phillips' 'shooting Stands of Eastern Massachusetts.'. 560-561.
W. S.
Ten Year Index To 'The Auk.'. 561-562.
W. S.
Mrs. Bready's 'The European Starling On His Westward Way.'. 562-563.
W. S.
Proceedings of the Sixth International Ornithological Congress. 563.
W. S.
Soper's 'A Faunal Investigation of Southern Baffin Island.'. 564.
W. S.
Reports On Collections of the Whitney South Sea Expedition. 564-565.
W. S.
Nicholson's Census of British Heronries. 565-566.
W. S.
Bulletin of the International Committee For Bird Preservation. 566.
W. S.
Hausman On the Woodpeckers, Nuthatches and Creepers of New Jersey. 566.
W. S.
Riley On New Birds From Siam. 566.
W. S.
Huber On New Tachyphonus. 567.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Vanrossem. 567.
W. S.
Mcatee and Beattie On Gourds For Bird Houses. 567.
W. S.
Deschauensee On New Siamese Birds. 567.
W. S.
Burt On the Pterylography of Woodpeckers. 568.
W. S.
Todd On Pachysylvia. 568.
W. S.
Miss Howard On the Avifauna of a Shell Mound. 568-569.
W. S.
Prof. Patten's 'The Story of the Birds.'. 569.
W. S.
Wetmore On New Birds From Haiti. 569-570.
W. S.
The Ornithological Journals. 570-575.
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