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The Auk, Volume 46, Number 3 (1929)

3 (July)


Summer Notes On the Sooty Grouse of Mount Rainier. 291-293.
R. A. Johnson.
Notes On the Unique Methods of Nidification of the Australian Mallee-Fowl (Leipoa Ocellata) with Original Data Supplied By Bruce W. Leake, R. A. O. U.. 294-305.
Edwin Ashby.
Some Procedures In Caring For a Research Collection of Birds. 306-310.
Margaret W. Wythe.
The Southward Shore-Bird Flight On the New Jersey Coast In 1928. 311-325.
Charles A. Urner.
Photographing Wild Turkey Nests In Pennsylvania. 326-328.
George Miksch Sutton.
April Birds of the Camargue. 329-343.
Francis Harper.
The Races of the Bare-Throated Francolin, Pternistes Cranchi. 344-347.
H. B. Conover.
Relationships of the Races of Phaeoprogne Tapera and Their Probable Significance. 348-357.
Frank M. Chapman.
Notes On the Birds of Hispaniola. 358-375.
Stuart T. Danforth.
Obituaries. 426-427.
Notes and News. 428-430.

General Notes

Second Ontario Record For Fulmarus Glacialis Glacialis. 376.
L. L. Snyder.
A Second Topotype of Campephilus Principalis. 376.
Robert Cushman Murphy.
Little Gull (Larus Minutus) At Port Newark, N. J.. 376-377.
Warren F. Eaton.
Larus Minutus Seen In Upper New York Bay. 377-378.
James P. Chapin.
Greater Snow Goose On Long Island, N. Y.. 378-379.
E. R. P. Janvrin.
Migrating Ducks In the Valley of Virginia. 379-380.
James J. Murray.
Nesting of the American Merganser In Chihuahua. 380.
A. J. Van Rossem.
Florida Gallinule In Northern New Jersey. 380.
W. Dan Quattlebaum.
Egg-Eating Habits of the Florida Gallinule. 380-381.
Donald J. Nicholson.
Notes On the Roseate Spoonbill (Ajaia Ajaja) In Florida. 381-382.
Donald J. Nicholson.
Early Date For Solitary Sandpiper. 382-383.
R. Clifford Black.
Wilson's Phalarope and Black-Necked Stilt In South Carolina. 383.
Herbert Ravenel Sass.
The Avocet In Georgia. 383-384.
Ivan R. Tomkins.
Black Vulture Nesting In Northern Virginia. 384-385.
C. Brooke Worth.
The Black Vulture Breeding In the Mountains of Virginia. 385.
James J. Murray.
The Turkey Vulture In Westchester County, N. Y.. 385-386.
C. H. Pangburn.
The Barn Owl (Tyro Alba Pratincola) Breeding In Colorado. 386.
Leon Kelso.
Field Identification of Vultures. 386.
Robert S. Woods.
The Barn Owl Nesting On the Lower Savannah River. 387.
Ivan R. Tomkins.
A Further Note On the Horned Owl and Goshawk Migration In British Columbia. 387-388.
J. A. Munro.
An Old Record of the Carolina Paroquet. 388.
G. Eifrig.
Crotophaga Ani In Pinellas County, Florida. 388-389.
William G. Fargo.
Proper Name of the Parauque"". 389.
Witmer Stone.
Blue Jay In Denver, Colorado. 389.
Thompson G. Marsh.
Feeding Habits of the Florida Grackle. 389-390.
Donald J. Nicholson.
Yellow-Headed Blackbird In Pennsylvania. 390.
Ernest G. Holt.
Xanthocephalus Xanthocephalus In Southern Mexico. 390-391.
Pierce Brodkorb.
A New Bird For New Mexico. 391.
Dix Teachenor.
Breeding of the Dusky Seaside Sparrow On the Mainland of Florida. 391.
Donald J. Nicholson.
An Albino Savannah Sparrow. 391-392.
J. J. Murray.
Harris's Sparrow In Massachusetts, a New Record. 392.
John B. May.
Lincoln's Sparrow Wintering At Jeffersonville, Montgomery County, Pa. 392-393.
Raymond J. Middleton.
Summer Tanagers and Other Southern Visitors In Massachusetts. 393-394.
John B. May.
Prothonotary Warbler (Protonotaria Citrea) In New Hampshire. 394.
John J. Welsh, G. P. Milne, F. B. White.
Black-Whiskered Vireo On Florida Keys. 394.
Captain Karl Squires.
Worm-Eating Warbler At Ipswich, Mass. 394-395.
George L. Perry.
The Connecticut Warbler In New Jersey In Spring. 395-396.
Dr. Leon Augustus Hausman.
Long-Tailed Chickadee In Iowa. 396.
Dr. F. L. R., Mary Price Roberts.
Bird Notes From Piedmont Virginia. 396.
Ruskin S. Freer.
Some Biloxi, Mississippi, Bird Notes. 397.
Chreswell J. Hunt.
Notes From Berrien County, Michigan. 397-398.
Pierce Brodkorb.
Summer Notes From Southern Illinois. 398-399.
Pierce Brodkorb.
Order of Awakening of Some Arizona Birds. 399.
Walter P. Taylor.
Birds and Motor Cars. 399.
F. B. White.
Plates of 'Birds of Patagonia.'. 399-400.
Witmer Stone.

Recent Literature

Friedmann's 'The Cowbirds.'. 401-402.
W. S.
Saunders On Bird Song. 402-404.
W. S.
Mackay's Shooting Journal. 404-405.
W. S.
Audubon Bird Cards. 405.
W. S.
Bent's Life Histories of North American Shore Birds. 405.
W. S.
Hellmayr On the Ornithology of Northeastern Brazil. 405-406.
W. S.
Miss Cooke On the Birds of the Washington Region. 406-407.
W. S.
Schantz's 'Birds of Illinois.'. 407.
W. S.
Lucanus' 'R. 407-408.
W. S.
Todd's 'Review of the Wood Warblers of the Genus Basileuterus and Its Allies.'. 408.
W. S.
Mathews' 'systema Avium Australasianarum'. 408-409.
W. S.
The Illinois Audubon Bulletin. 409.
W. S.
Sass's 'On the Wings of a Bird.'. 410.
W. S.
Delamain's 'Pourquoi Les Oiseaux Chantent.'. 410.
W. S.
Henry and Wait On the Birds of Ceylon. 410-411.
W. S.
Pellet Formation and Nesting Habits of the Barn Owl. 411.
Phoebe Knappen.
Bangs, Outram. 411.
Bannerman, David. 412.
Chapman, F. M.. 412.
Conklin, W. G. and Morton, J. N.. 412.
Cooke, May Thacher. 412.
Davidson, M. E. Mclellan. 412.
Griscom, Ludlow. 412-413.
Hadley, Alden H.. 413.
Harper, Francis and Harper, Jean S.. 413.
Johnsen, Sigurd. 413.
Lincoln, F. C.. 413-414.
Metcalf, Maynard M.. 414.
Meylan, O.. 414.
Mitchell, Charles A. and Duthie, R. C.. 414.
Peters, Harold S.. 414-415.
Peters, James L.. 415.
Peters, James L.. 415.
Reid, Russell and Gannon, Clell G.. 415.
Riley, J. H.. 415-416.
Schestakowa, Miss G. S.. 416.
Snyder, L. L.. 416.
Salomonsen, Finn.. 416.
Riley, J. H.. 416.
Swarth, H. S.. 416.
Zimmer, John T.. 416-417.
Zimmer, John T.. 417.
The Ornithological Journals. 417-425.
Ornithological Articles In Other Journals. 425.
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