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The Auk, Volume 44, Number 4 (1927)

4 (October)


The Snowy Owl Migration of 1926-27. 479-493.
Alfred O. Gross.
A New Race of Molothrus Bonariensis From Brazil. 494.
Elsie M. B. Naumburg, Herbert Friedmann.
A Revision of the Classification of the Cowbirds. 495-508.
Herbert Friedmann.
The Galapagos Penguin In Captivity. 509-512.
Chas. Haskins Townsend.
Grayson's Pigeon (Zenaidura Graysoni) In Captivity. 513-519.
E. W. Gifford.
Further Notes On the Birds of Hatley, Quebec, 1925-1926. 520-523.
Henry Mousley.
A Comparative Field Study of Wright's and Hammond's Flycatchers. 524-528.
J. Hooper Bowles, F. R. Decker.
Observations On the Spring Migration of Aphriza and Gavia In the Gulf of California. 529-531.
Laurence M. Huey.
Birds of the Island of Anguilla, West Indies. 532-538.
James L. Peters.
Notes On the Bird-Life of Mona and Desecheo Islands. 539-544.
Parke H. Struthers.
Summer Birds On Mount Magazine, Logan County, Arkansas. 545-548.
W. J. Baerg.
Notes On the Courtship of the Lesser Scaup, Everglade Kite, Crow, and Boat-Tailed and Great-Tailed Grackles. 549-554.
Charles W. Townsend.
Notes and News. 594-596.
Index To Volume Xliv. 597-627.
Dates of Publication. 627.
Errata. 627.


Destruction of Eagles In Alaska. 591-592.
G. Willett.
Generic Name of the Emu. 592-593.

General Notes

Rare Alcidae In Barnegat Bay, New Jersey. 555.
Ludlow Griscom.
Brown Pelican and Summering Bonaparte's Gulls At Newport, R. I.. 555-556.
J. T. Nichols.
Madeira Petrel (Oceanodroma Castro) In Pennsylvania. 556-557.
George Miksch Sutton.
Canvasback In Pennsylvania In Summer. 557.
Herbert H. Beck, Clifford Marburger.
Notes On the Migration of Brant. 557-558.
W. B. Mershon.
The Bean Goose (Anser Fabalis) In Canada. 558-559.
P. A. Taverner.
Cackling Goose (Branta Canadensis Minima) In Southeastern Michigan. 559.
George Miksch Sutton.
The White-Fronted Goose (Anser Albifrons Gambeli) In South Carolina. 559.
Ludlow Griscom.
Habits of the Purple Gallinule (Ionornis Martinicus). 560.
Alfred M. Bailey.
The White-Fronted Goose (Anser Albifrons Gambeli) In New Jersey. 560.
Ludlow Griscom.
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Nesting In New Jersey. 560.
Benjamin C. Hiatt, Charles B. Doak.
A Record of the Ruffed Grouse From the Pleistocene of Maryland. 561.
Alexander Wetmore.
Renaming of the Venezuelan Odontophorus Guianensis Canescens. 561-562.
W. H. Osgood, H. B. Conover.
Nesting of the Harpy Eagle (Thrasaetus Harpyia). 562-563.
James Bond.
Goshawk Nesting In Clarion County, Pennsylvania. 563.
George Miksch Sutton.
Mortality Among Screech Owls of Pennsylvania. 563-564.
George Miksch Sutton.
Snowy Owl Killed By Automobile. 564.
George Miksch Sutton.
Nesting of Costa's Hummingbird In 1927. 564-565.
Robert S. Wood.
White-Throated Swift In Denver, Colo. 565.
Prudence Bostwick.
White-Throated Swift In Michigan. 565.
Bertram A. Barber.
The Gray Kingbird (Tyrannus Dominicensis) Again On the Coast of South Carolina. 565-566.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Arkansas Kingbirds At Madison, Wisconsin. 566.
G. E. French, W. E. Griffee.
Feeding Station Habit of Fish Crow. 566-567.
Wm. G. Fargo.
Brewer's Blackbird (Euphagus Cyanocephalus) In South Carolina. 567.
Franklin Sherman, George E. Hudson.
Rusty Blackbird Again In Colorado. 567.
Thompson G. Marsh.
Lark Sparrow In New Jersey. 567-568.
C. Brooke Worth.
Lark Sparrow At Cape May N. J.. 568.
Witmer Stone.
Snow Bunting In Georgia--Correction. 568.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Nesting of the Acadian Sharp-Tailed Sparrow (Passerherbulut Nelsoni Subvirgatus) In Maine. 568-570.
Arthur H. Norton.
White-Crowned Sparrow and Yellow-Breasted Chat In South-Western Saskatchewan. 570.
Laurence B. Potter.
Philadelphia Vireo and Bay-Breasted Warbler In the Adirondacks. 570-571.
Edward Weyl.
A New Golden Warbler From the Island of St. Lucia, B. W. I.. 571-572.
James Bond.
Connecticut Warbler At Daytona Beach, Florida. 572-573.
R. J. Longstreet.
Some Unusual Records For South Carolina. 573-574.
A. L. Pickens.
Swimming Ability of Fledgling Birds. 574-575.
Frank F. Gander.
Birds Slaughtered By Automobiles. 575.
Frank F. Gander.
Robin Killed By Eating Twine. 575.
W. H. Bergtold.
Cormorants Again On Trial. 583-584.
W. L. M.

Recent Literature

Henderson's 'The Practical Value of Birds.'. 576-577.
W. S.
Nicholson's 'How Birds Live.'. 577-578.
W. S.
Seton Gordon's 'Days with the Golden Eagle.'. 578.
W. S.
Jackson's 'Notes On the Game Birds of Kenya and Uganda.'. 579.
W. S.
Sutton On the Invasion of Goshawks and Snowy Owls. 579-580.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Kuroda. 580.
W. S.
Grote On Bycanistes. 580.
W. S.
Recent Papers From the Tring Museum. 580-581.
W. S.
Philippine Birds For Boys and Girls. 581.
W. S.
Simmons' 'sindbads of Science.'. 581-582.
W. S.
Mcgregor On Philippine Birds. 582.
W. S.
Delacour and Jabouille On the Ornithology of French Indo-China. 582.
W. S.
Huey On Birds of Lower California. 582-583.
W. S.
Wetmore On Fossil Birds From Colorado, and a New Bird From Haiti. 583.
W. S.
Riley On East Indian Birds. 583.
W. S.
Insect Food of the Black-Headed Gull. 584.
W. L. M.
The Ornithological Journals. 584-590.
Ornithological Articles In Other Journals. 590.
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