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The Auk, Volume 44, Number 1 (1927)

1 (January)


Notes On the Birds of Southeastern Alaska. 1-23.
Alfred M. Bailey.
Unique Method of Pollination By the Rubythroat. 24-27.
Andrew L. Pickens.
The Colorado Sparrow Hawks. 28-37.
W. H. Bergtold.
A Visit To the Queen Charlotte Islands. 38-43.
Rev. C. J. Young.
Additional Notes On the Birds of Montgomery Co., Virginia. 44-46.
Ellison A. Smyth, Jr.
Notes On Summer Birds of Southwestern Kansas. 47-58.
Jean Linsdale.
Notes On Birds of the Labrador Peninsula In 1925 and 1926. 59-66.
Harrison F. Lewis.
Six New Subspecies of Birds From Lower California. 67-72.
Joseph Grinnell.
The Forty-Fourth Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 73-84.
T. S. Palmer.
Report of the Secretary. 85-91.
T. S. Palmer.
Correspondence. 154-155.
Notes and News. 156-168.

General Notes

Sabine's Gull In Massachusetts. 92.
Allen H. Wood, Jr.
Caspian Tern At Stone Harbor, N. J.. 92.
William Yoder, Julian K. Potter.
Noddy Tern (Anous Stolidus) At Daytona Beach, Florida. 92-93.
R. J. Longstreet.
Sooty Tern (Sterna Fuscata) and Bridled Tern (Sterna Anaetheta) On the South Carolina Coast. 93-94.
E. Von S. Dingle.
Two Birds New To the Fauna of South Carolina. 94.
Arthur T. Wayne, Franklin Sherman.
White Pelican In Southeastern Pennsylvania. 94.
George Miksch Sutton.
European Teal In North Carolina. 95.
Wharton Huber.
A Death Trap For Ducks. 95-96.
W. B. Mershon.
An Unusual Flight of Snow Geese In the Lake Winnebago Area, Wisconsin. 96.
Owen J. Gromme.
Peculiar Flight Action of the Great Blue Heron. 96.
Talbott Denmead.
Great White Heron In North Carolina. 97.
H. H. Brimley.
Louisiana Heron On Seven Mile Beach, N. J.. 97.
William Yoder, Julian K. Potter.
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron In New Hampshire. 97.
Thomas Barbour.
The Martha's Vineyard Crane. 98.
S. C. Brooks.
Late Nesting of Wayne's Clapper Rail. 98.
Donald J. Nicholson.
Buff-Breasted Sandpiper At Cape May, N. J.. 99.
Witmer Stone.
Wilson's Phalarope In Massachusetts. 99.
George L. Perry.
Golden Plover (Pluvialis Dominicus) At Sound Beach, Conn.. 99-100.
Rutgers R. Coles.
Another Late Nesting of Bob-White. 100.
Harold M. Holland.
Monetary Value of Marsh Hawks. 100-101.
E. R. Kalmbach.
An Autumn Hawk Flight. 101-102.
H. S., H. B. Forbes.
Goshawks and Snowy Owls. 102.
Witmer Stone.
Nesting of Short-Eared Owl In Illinois. 102-103.
Edward H. Ford.
Pileated Woodpeckers Wintering In Cleveland County, Oklahoma. 103.
Margaret M. Nice.
Say's Phoebe At Brooklyn, N. Y.. 103-104.
Warren F. Eaton.
Habits of Blue Jays and Doves In Central Kansas. 104.
Leon L. Gardner.
Starling Nesting In Wisconsin. 104-105.
S. Paul Jones.
Decrease In Starlings In New Hampshire. 105-106.
Lewis O. Shelley.
Grackles Killing Young Pheasants. 106.
Frank B. Foster.
A House Finch Infected By Fly Larvae. 106-107.
W. H. Bergtold.
The Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax N. Nivalis) Taken Near Charleston, S. C.. 107-108.
Alexander Sprunt, Jr.
The Cardinal In Colorado. 108.
W. H. Bergtold.
Nonpareil Breeding In Cardinal's Nest. 108-109.
Herbert Ravenel Sass.
The Dickcissel In Colorado. 109-110.
W. H. Bergtold.
More Notes On Cliff Swallows. 110.
Clara Everett Reed.
Yellow-Throated Vireo Breeding In Delaware Co., Pa.. 110-111.
John A. Gillespie.
An Unusual Nest of the Parula Warbler. 111.
R. N. Davis.
Bay-Breasted Warbler Breeding In the Adirondacks, N. Y.. 111.
Jay A. Weber.
Rock Wren In Illinois. 111-112.
A. Sidney Hyde.
Singing By Migrant Gray-Cheeked Thrush. 112.
John A. Gillespie.
Notes From the Mt. Marcy Region, N. Y.. 112-114.
Edward Weyl.
Notes From South Carolina. 114-115.
Herbert K. Job.
Florida Notes. 115.
Donald J. Nicholson.
Three Rare Birds For Northern Michigan. 115-116.
M. J. Magee.
Notes From Michigan. 116-117.
Edward R. Ford.
Relation of Water Level To Bird Nesting Sites In Florida. 117-118.
Roland M. Harper.
Additional Notes On the Birds of Eastern Kentucky. 119-120.
R. E. Horsey.
Notes On Porto Rican Birds. 120-121.
F. A. Potts.
On the Origin of Flight. 121.
Chapman Grant.
The Copper Plates of the Folio Edition of Audubon's 'Birds of America'. 121-122.
Ruthven Deane.

Recent Literature

Wetmore's 'The Migrations of Birds.'. 123-125.
W. S.
Taverner's 'Birds of Western Canada.'. 125-127.
W. S.
Aubudon's Delineations of American Scenery and Character. 127-128.
W. S.
Banfield's 'Last Leaves From Dunk Island.'. 128-129.
W. S.
Walter's 'Wild Birds In City Parks.'. 129.
W. S.
Todd On Neotropical Goldfinches. 129-130.
W. S.
The Australian Check-List. 130-132.
W. S.
A Chinese Checklist. 132.
W. S.
Hachisuka On Egyptian Birds. 132-133.
W. S.
Hopkinson's 'Records of Birds Bred In Captivity.'. 133.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Grinnell. 133-134.
W. S.
Bangs and Peters On a New Berneria From Madagascar. 134.
W. S.
Chapman On New Birds From South America. 134.
W. S.
Nelson On New Mexican Birds. 134.
W. S.
Kirke Swann's 'Monograph of the Birds of Prey.'. 134-135.
W. S.
Dickey and Vanrossem On New Pigeons From Salvador. 135.
W. S.
Barbour On a Remarkable New Bird From Cuba. 135.
W. S.
Mathew's 'The Birds of Australia.'. 135.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Wetmore. 135-136.
W. S.
Helms On the Birds of Angmagsalik. 136-137.
W. S.
Riley On Birds From Yunnan and Szechwan. 137.
Swarth On the Birds and Mammals of the Atlin Region, B. C.. 137-138.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Hartert. 138-139.
W. S.
Devincenzi's 'Birds of Uruguay.'. 139.
W. S.
Snyder On the Birds of Wrangell Island. 139-140.
W. S.
Arrigoni On the Game Laws of Italy. 140.
W. S.
Humphreys' 'Fogs and Clouds.'. 140.
W. S.
Heinroth's 'Birds of Middle Europe.'. 141.
H. C. O.
The Ornithological Journals. 142-150.
Ornithological Articles In Other Journals. 151-153.
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