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The Auk, Volume 43, Number 1 (1926)

1 (January)


In Memoriam--John Hall Sage. 1-17.
Witmer Stone.
Birds of the Brownsville Region, Southern Texas. 18-36.
Ludlow Griscom, Maunsell S. Crosby.
The Ornithological Collection of the Museo Nacional, Buenos Aires Its Origin, Development and Present Condition. 37-46.
Roberto Dabbene.
Alexander Lawson's Bird Engravings. 47-61.
Bayard H. Christy.
Nesting Habits of the Everglade Kite In Florida. 62-67.
Donald J. Nicholson.
The Forty-Third Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 68-80.
T. S. Palmer.
Report of the Secretary. 81-85.
T. S. Palmer.
Notes and News. 137-142.


Editions of the 'Check-List.'. 136.

General Notes

Nesting of the Black Tern In Wisconsin. 86-87.
Paul W. Hoffmann.
The Point Barrow Gull In Missouri--An Addition To the State List. 87.
Arthur H. Howell.
Ring-Billed Gull (Larus Delawarensis) In Arkansas. 87.
Albert Lano.
Black Ducks and Pintail At Boston. 87-88.
George H. Mackay.
The Brown Pelican (Pelecanus Occidentalis) In Ontario.--A Correction. 88.
L. L. Snyder.
The Barnacle Goose In North Carolina. 88.
Charles F. Batchelder.
Double-Crested Cormorants In the Connecticut Valley In Fall. 88-89.
Aaron C. Bagg.
Mortality Among Cormorants On Coast of Chile. 89.
Charles L. Fagan.
A Gannet At Painesville, Ohio. 89-90.
E. E. Hadeler.
Wood Ibis In Illinois. 90.
S. H. Eaton.
Louisiana Heron On Long Island. 90.
Ralph Ellis, Jr.
Little Black Rail Again In Illinois. 90.
Frank M. Woodruff.
Northern Phalarope In Dutchess County, N. Y.. 90-91.
Edward D. W. Spingarn.
Early Nesting of the Woodcock In South Jersey. 91.
Richard F. Miller.
Hudsonian Godwit On Long Island In Spring. 91-92.
John F. Kuerzi.
Purple Sandpiper On Long Island In Summer. 92.
Ralph Ellis, Jr.
Diving and Swimming Activities Displayed By the Limicolae. 92-93.
J. E. H. Kelso.
American Avocet (Recurvirostra Americana) On the Arrow Lakes, British Columbia. 93.
J. E. H. Kelso.
Oystercatcher In Cape May Co., N. J.. 93.
Richard F. Miller.
Status of Upland Plover In Lancaster Co., Pa.. 93-94.
Herbert H. Beck.
Late Nesting of Bob-White. 94.
Harold M. Holland.
Nesting of Mourning Doves During September, 1925, In Norman, Oklahoma. 94-95.
Margaret M. Nice.
Nesting Habits of the Barn Owl. 95-96.
Julian K. Potter, John A. Gillespie.
Bats Eaten By Short-Eared Owl. 96-97.
Laurence M. Huey.
Belted Kingfisher Preyed Upon By Red-Tailed Hawk. 97-98.
L. L. Snyder.
Actions of the Northern Pileated Woodpecker. 98.
O. M. Bryens.
Arctic Three-Toed Woodpecker At West Point, N. Y.. 98.
Wirt Robinson.
The Arctic Three-Toed Woodpecker In New Jersey. 98-99.
Richard J. Herbert, Joseph J. Hickey, Irving Kassoy.
The Arkansas Kingbird, (Tyrannus Verticalis) In Maine. 99.
Charles W. Townsend.
Phibalura Flavirostris Vieill. In Bolivia. 99-100.
Frank M. Chapman.
Early Flight of Snow Bunting and Lapland Longspur In Connecticut Valley. 100.
A. C. Bagg.
Gambel's Sparrow In South Carolina. 100-101.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Dickcissel At Sea. 101.
Edward Fleisher.
First Record of Macgillivray's Warbler In Indiana. 101-102.
Pierce Brodkorb.
Mockingbird At Schoharie, N. Y.. 102.
Mrs. Perry E. Taylor.
Regulus Calendula Breeding In Michigan. 102.
Pierce Brodkorb.
The Russet-Backed Thrush In Missouri. 102.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Land Birds At Sea. 103.
Amos W. Butler.
Nantucket Island Notes. 103-104.
George H. Mackay.
Notes From Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 104.
W. Sprague Brooks, Thomas Barbour.
Correction. 104.

Recent Literature

Bailey's 'Birds of Florida.'. 105-106.
W. S.
Forbush's 'Birds of Massachusetts'. 106-109.
W. S.
Phillips' 'Natural History of the Ducks.'. 109-110.
W. S.
Wyman and Burnell's 'Field Book of Birds of the Southwestern U. S.'. 111.
W. S.
Glover Allen's 'Birds and Their Attributes.'. 112-113.
W. S.
Kirke Swann's 'Two Ornithologists On the Lower Danube.'. 113-114.
W. S.
Brooks' and Swarth's 'Distributional List of the Birds of British Columbia.'. 114-115.
W. S.
Jourdain On Parasitism In the Cuckoos. 115-116.
W. S.
Miller and Griscom On Central American Birds. 116.
W. S.
Sushkin On Palaearctic Birds. 116-117.
W. S.
Wetmore On the Food of Phalaropes, Avocets, and Stilts. 117.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Hartert. 117-118.
W. S.
Figgins On Subspecies. 118-119.
W. S.
Gardner On Modification and Taxonomic Value of the Tongue In Birds. 119-120.
W. S.
Dickey and Van Rossem On New Birds From Salvador and Mexico. 120.
W. S.
Casey Wood's 'Sketches of Oceania.'. 120-121.
W. S.
Mathews' 'The Birds of Australia.'. 121.
W. S.
Kirke Swann's 'Monograph of the Birds of Prey.'. 121.
W. S.
E. A. Chapin On the 'Food Habits of the Vireos.'. 122.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Chapman. 122-123.
W. S.
Todd On New Furnariidae and Dendrocolaptidae. 123.
W. S.
The Bird Number of 'Natural History.'. 123.
W. S.
Herrick On the American Eagle. 124.
W. S.
Murphy On Oystercatchers. 124.
W. S.
The Ornithological Journals. 124-133.
Ornithological Articles In Other Journals. 133-135.
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