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The Auk, Volume 42, Number 2 (1925)

2 (April)


Observations On the Domestic Behavior of the Barn Owl Tyto Pratincola. 177-192.
Julian K. Potter, John A. Gillespie.
The Relationships and Distribution of the Warblers of the Genus Compsothlypis: a Contribution To the Study of the Origin of Andean Bird Life. 193-208.
Frank M. Chapman.
A Graphic Method of Recording Flight. 209-216.
Earl L. Poole.
Birds' Nests At Home. 217-230.
E. A. Andrews.
Observations On the Spotted Sandpiper. 230-232.
A. J. Van Rossem.
An Outline of the Principles of the Natural Selective Absorption of Radiant Energy. 233-241.
B. W. Cartwright, C. G. Harrold.
The Ornithological Collection of the Berlin Museum. 241-245.
T. G. Ahrens.
Bird Netting As a Method In Ornithology. 245-251.
Joseph Grinnell.
The History and Characters of Vermivora Crissalis (Salvin and Godman). 251-253.
Outram Bangs.
A New Race of Sicalis Flaveola From South-Eastern Brazil. 253-255.
W. De W. Miller.
The Evening Grosbeak (Hesperiphona), the Only American Genus of a Palaearctic Group. 256-261.
Prof. Peter P. Sushkin.
Notes and News. 307-310.


Danger In Bird Traps."". 304-307.

General Notes

Notes On the Black Skimmer, In Maine. 261-262.
Arthur H. Norton.
Wilson's Petrel In Maryland. 262-263.
Alexander Wetmore.
White Pelican At Lawrenceville, Ill. 263.
S. H. Eaton.
Notes On Texas Ducks. 263.
Robert B. Lawrence.
European Widgeon, Mereca Penelope, At Niagara Falls, N. Y.. 263-264.
James Savage.
King Eider In North Carolina. 264.
Ludlow Griscom.
Blue Goose (Chen Caerulescens) At Seabreeze, Florida. 264-265.
R. J. Longstreet.
A Pink-Footed Goose Taken In Massachusetts. 265.
W. Sprague Brooks.
Blue Goose (Chen Caerulescens), In Maine. 265.
Arthur H. Norton.
The Brant (Branta Bernicla Glaucogastra) At Charleston, S. C.. 265-266.
E. B. Chamberlain.
King Rail Wintering On Long Island. 266.
Wm. J. Hamilton, Jr.
Type Locality of Ardea Herodias Wardi Ridgway: a Correction. 266-267.
Ernest G. Holt.
Purple Sandpiper At Cape May, N. J.. 267.
Wm. Yoder, A. Henry Gaede.
Wilson's Phalarope In Bronx Park, New York. 267-268.
John Kuerzi, Richard Kuerzi, Philip Kessler.
Notes On the Mating Habits of the Sparrow Hawk. 268-269.
Sherman C. Bishop.
Habits of the Marsh Hawk. 269.
Henry K. Coale.
Tyto Pratincola In Northeastern Illinois. 269.
Henry K. Coale.
Northern Pileated Woodpecker In Clayton Co., Iowa. 269-270.
Oscar P. Allert.
The Nighthawk In Alaska. 270-271.
O. J. Murie.
Another South Carolina Winter Record For the Crested Flycatcher (Myiarchus Crinitus). 271.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Tyrannus Verticalis In Eastern Oklahoma. 271.
Mrs. Walter D. Elrod.
Northern Raven In Tioga Co., N. Y.. 271.
J. Alden Loring.
The Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) On the Coast of South Carolina. 271-272.
Arthur T. Wayne.
The First Labrador Record of the Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris). 272-273.
Harrison F. Lewis.
Further Notes On the Breeding of the Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) At Hatley, Quebec, 1924. 273-275.
Henry Mousley.
Harris's Sparrow In Southwestern Ohio. 275.
Ben. J. Blincoe.
White-Crowned Sparrow In Montgomery Co., Virginia In January. 275.
Ellison A. Smyth, Jr.
Cliff Swallow (Petrochelidon Lunifrons) Again Nesting In Baltimore County, Maryland. 275-276.
Frank Coates Kirkwood.
Progne Elegans Vs. Progne Furcata. 276-277.
W. E. Clyde Todd.
The Great Northern Shrike and Its Song. 277.
W. H. Bergtold.
Bell's Vireo In Michigan. 277.
Josselyn Van Tyne.
Macgillivray's Warbler In Indiana. 277.
Earl Brooks.
Winter Wren In Michigan. 278.
Edith K. Frey.
A Double-Yolked Robin's Egg. 278.
Julia Miller.
Unusual Nesting of a Robin. 278.
Oscar P. Allert.
Notes On Birds of the Labrador Peninsula In 1924. 278-281.
Harrison F. Lewis.
Further Notes On the Birds of Hatley, Quebec, 1924. 281-282.
Henry Mousley.
Two New Birds For Porto Rico. 282.
W. E. Clyde Todd.
One Additional Copperplate of the Folio Edition of Audubon's 'Birds of America.'. 282.
Ruthven Deane.
Dates of Publication of Mikan's Flora and Fauna of Brazil. 283.
Alexander Wetmore.
Birds Caught By Burdocks. 284.
Leslie T. Little.

Recent Literature

Murphy's 'Bird Islands of Peru.'. 284-285.
W. S.
Wheeler's 'Birds of Arkansas.'. 285-286.
W. S.
Sumner On the Stability of Subspecific Characters. 286-287.
W. S.
Allen's 'Birds and Bird Lore.'. 287-288.
W. S.
Kirk Swann's 'A Monograph of the Birds of Prey.'. 288.
W. S.
White's 'Birds of Concord, New Hampshire.'. 288-289.
W. S.
Arnold's 'British Waders.'. 289-290.
W. S.
Califf's 'Permanent Bird Homes.'. 290-291.
W. S.
Bannerman On Tricholaema Hirsutum. 291.
W. S.
Riley On New Birds From West China. 291.
W. S.
Oberholser On East Indian Birds. 291.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Kuroda. 291.
W. S.
Grinnell On Wild Animal Life and National Forests. 291-292.
W. S.
Murphy's Reports On the Whitney South Sea Expedition. 292.
W. S.
Crosby On Bird Banding. 292.
The Illinois Audubon Bulletin. 292-293.
W. S.
Quail Investigation In 1924. 293.
W. S.
Report of the Chief of the Biological Survey. 293-294.
W. S.
Recent Papers By L. 294.
W. S.
Report On the Fiji-New Zealand Expedition of the University of Iowa. 294-295.
W. S.
Fleming On a New Gull. 295.
W. S.
Miller and Griscom On New Nicaraguan Birds. 295.
W. S.
Mathews' 'The Birds of Australia.'. 295.
W. S.
Proceedings of the Linnaean Society of New York. 295-296.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Peters. 296.
W. S.
Grote On Birds of the Grasslands of New Cameroon. 296.
W. S.
The Ornithological Journals. 297-302.
Ornithological Articles In Other Journals. 303-304.
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