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The Auk, Volume 40, Number 3 (1923)

3 (July)


The Short-Eared Owl As a Foster-Mother. 383-393.
Alexander Dawes Du Bois.
Notable Migrants not Seen At Our Arizona Bird Table. 393-409.
Florance Merriam Bailey.
Reason and Instinct In Bird Migration. 409-414.
N. F. Leopold, Jr.
Arrival of Birds In Relation To Sunspots. 414-419.
Ralph E. De Lury.
A Note On the Economic Status of the Bald Eagle In Alaska. 419-423.
Edward D. Crabb.
A Brewster's Warbler and His Brood. 423-430.
T. Donald Carter, R. H. Howland.
Notes On a Purple Martin Colony. 431-436.
G. Fred Ziegler, Jr.
Bird Banding As an Aid To the Study of Migration. 436-441.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Bird Banding At Thomasville, Ga., 1923. 442-452.
T. E. Musselman.
Notes On the Nesting Birds of Northern Santa Fe County, New Mexico. 452-469.
J. K. Jensen.
Observations On the Bird Life of Porto Rico. 469-478.
Parke H. Struthers.
Notes On Summer Birds of the Mamie Lake Region, Wisconsin. 478-489.
Hartley H. T. Jackson.
The Birds of Wellington and Waterloo Counties, Ontario. 489-513.
J. Dewey Soper.
Eighteenth Supplement To the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds. 513-525.
Notes and News. 572-576.


The Heath Hen. 568-569.
"Blue Feathers". 569-570.
Protecting Nesting Sites. 571.
Up To Date Names. 571-572.

General Notes

Notes On the Diving of Loons and Ducks. 525.
Nap. A. Comeau.
Western Grebe In Illinois. 526.
Stephen S. Gregory, Jr.
The Glaucous Gull At Ithaca, N. Y.. 526.
Herbert Friedman, Dana J. Leffingwell.
Concerning the Field Identification of the Anatidae. 526-527.
Aretas A. Saunders.
Ducks Useful In Arkansas As Scavengers of Red Rice. 527-528.
W. L. Macatee.
The Harlequin Duck In Massachusetts. 528.
Charles B. Floyd.
Occurence of the Barnacle Goose On Long Island. 528.
F. C. Willard.
Snow Goose In the Cayuga Lake Basin. 529.
Thomas Smyth.
Baird's Sandpiper In Dutchess County, N. Y. with Remarks On Its Identification In Life. 529-530.
Ludlow Griscom.
The Passenger Pigeon (Ectopistes Migratorius) In North Carolina. 530-532.
W. J. Holland.
Mourning Dove At Cap Rouge, Quebec. 532.
Gus. A. Langelier.
Breeding of the Goshawk In Massachusetts. 532-533.
J. A. Farley.
Long-Eared Owls Wintering At Evansburg, Pa.. 533.
Wm. Jay.
Pileated Woodpecker In Connecticut and New Jersey. 533-534.
Samuel Scoville, Jr.
The Red-Naped Sapsucker In Oklahoma. 534.
E. D. Crabb.
Another Three-Toed Woodpecker In Michigan. 534.
Stephen S. Gregory, Jr.
Observations On the Habits of the Whip-Poor-Will (Antrostomus V. Vociferus.). 534-536.
F. Seymour Hersey.
Gray Kingbird (Tyrannus Dominicensis) At Cape May, N. J.. 536.
Julian K. Potter.
The Starling In Norfolk, Va.. 536-537.
Jos. E. Gould.
Notes On a Sparrow Roost, and the Arrival of the Starling In Wisconsin. 537-539.
Herbert L. Stoddard.
The Starling (Sturnus Vulgaris) Breeding At Hatley, Quebec. 539.
Henry Mousley.
A Double Song of the Cardinal. 539-541.
Aretas A. Saunders.
Dickcissel In Central Park, New York City. 541-542.
Ludlow Griscom.
Habits of the Northern Shrike In Captivity. 542-543.
Charles B. Floyd.
The Prothonotary Warbler At New York City. 543.
Clifford Pangburn.
Bay-Breasted Warbler At Atlanta, Ga.. 543.
Earle R. Greene.
Yellow-Throated Warbler Again At Cape May, New Jersey. 543-544.
Julian K. Potter.
Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher In Dutchess County, N. Y.. 544.
Maunsell S. Crosby, Allen Frost, Ludlow Griscom.
Bewick's Wren (Thryomanes Bewicki Bewicki) In Clarendon County, S. C.. 544.
E. Von S. Dingle.
Wheatear At Godbout, Quebec. 544-545.
Nap. A. Comeau.
Nesting of the Hermit Thrush At West Brookfield, Mass.. 545-546.
Clara Everett Reed.
Some Unusual Occurrences In Eastern Vermont. 546-547.
Richard M. Marble.
Further Notes On Lake County, Minnesota, Birds. 547-548.
Charles E. Johnson.

Recent Literature

Barbour's 'Birds of Cuba.'. 548-549.
W. S.
Horsfield's 'Sidelights On Birds.'. 549-550.
W. S.
Witherby's 'Handbook of British Birds.'. 550-551.
W. S.
Lönnberg on Palaearctic Goshawks. 551.
W. S.
Todd On the Genus Arremonops. 551.
W. S.
Reports of the Roosevelt Wild Life Station. 551-552.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Bangs and Penard. 552-553.
W. S.
Townsend On Birds Collected In Lower California. 553.
W. S.
Mailliard On Field Work In Northern California In 1921. 553.
W. S.
Griscom On New Birds. 553.
New Argentine Birds. 553-554.
W. S.
Wetmore On Migration Records From Birds Banded At Salt Lake, Utah. 554.
W. S.
Chapin On African Birds. 554-555.
W. S.
Chapman On the Distribution of the Motmots. 555.
W. S.
Cockerell On the Plumage of Diatryma. 555.
W. S.
Stoner On Bird Banding and Incidental Studies. 556.
W. S.
Hartert, et al. on the Birds of Northern Africa. 556.
W. S.
Rothschild On Birds From Yunnan. 556.
W. S.
Mathews' 'The Birds of Australia.'. 556-557.
W. S.
Economic Ornithology In Recent Entomological Publications. 557-559.
W. L. M.
Success In Prairie Tree Planting. 559-560.
W. L. M.
Another Insect Birds Should not Eat. 560.
W. L. M.
The Ornithological Journals. 560-566.
Ornithological Articles In Other Journals. 566-567.
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