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The Auk, Volume 39, Number 2 (1922)

2 (April)


In Memoriam: Charles Barney Cory. 151-166.
Wilfred H. Osgood.
The Breeding Habits of the Barnacle Goose. 166-171.
F. C. R. Jourdain.
Flight Songs and Mating Songs. 172-175.
Aretas A. Saunders.
Birds of Frost Valley, Slide Mountain Region, Southern Catskills. 176-188.
Mary Wood Daley.
A Comparison of the Food Habits of British and American Starlings. 189-195.
E. R. Kalmbach.
The Function of the Oesophagus In the Bittern's Booming. 196-202.
James P. Chapin.
Roderick Ross Macfarlane, 1833-1920. 203-210.
Edward A. Preble.
Adventures In Bird-Banding In 1921. 210-224.
S. Prentiss Baldwin.
Some Bird Notes From Indian Bay, Man. 224-232.
William Rowan.
Birds of Bowling Green, Kentucky. 233-243.
Gordon Wilson.
Seventh Annual List of Proposed Changes In the A. O. U. Check-List of North American Birds. 243-249.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Notes and News. 299-304.


Bird Counts. 298.
Inner Primaries of Woodpeckers. 299.

General Notes

Dovekie (Alle Alle) At Newport, Me.. 249.
Carrie E. Miller.
Iceland Gull At Elizabeth, N. J.. 249.
Charles A. Urner.
An Inland Record For the Man-O'-War-Bird. 249-250.
Paul Bartsch.
Surf Scoters (Oidemia Perspicillata) Near St. Louis, Mo.. 250.
O. Widmann.
European Widegon (Mareca Penelope) At Corpus Christi, Texas. 250.
O. Widmann.
Old-Squaw (Clangula Hyemalis) In Texas. 250.
Robert B. Lawrence.
An Enormous Flock of Canvas-Backs (Marila Valisineria) Visit the Detroit River. 250-251.
Etta S. Wilson.
The Greater Snow Goose In Massachusetts. 251.
Aaron C. Bagg.
Notable Increase of Egrets In Chatham County, Georgia. 251-252.
W. J. Erichsen.
Nesting of the Bittern (Botaurus Lentiginosus) In Philadelphia Co., Pa.. 252.
Richard F. Miller.
A Connecticut Record of the Stilt Sandpiper. 252-253.
Aretas A. Saunders.
The European Gray Partridge In Saskatchewan. 253-254.
John Smith Dexter.
Early Nesting of the Mourning Dove. 254.
Aretas A. Saunders.
On the Nesting of Ectopistes Migratorius. 254-255.
Henry K. Coale.
Notes On Ectopistes Migratorius. 255.
Henry K. Coale.
Economic Status of Coragyps Urubu In British Guiana. 255-256.
Casey A. Wood.
Snowy Owl At Elizabeth, N. J.. 257.
Charles A. Urner.
Nesting of the Long-Eared Owl In Southern New Jersey. 257.
Richard F. Miller.
Hawk Migration Route At Whitefish Point, Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 257-258.
M. J. Magee.
Golden Eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos) and Porcupine. 258-259.
Albert Lano.
The Whistled Call of the Hairy Woodpecker. 259-260.
Kathleen M. Hempel.
Two Interesting Occurrences of the Alder Flycatcher In Erie County, N. Y.. 260-261.
Thomas L. Bourne.
An Albino King Bird At Prouts Neck, Maine. 261.
Wm. Pearce Coues.
The White-Necked Raven (Corvus Cryptoleucus) In Boulder County, Colorado. 261.
Theodore R. Beard.
Magpies, At Emmetsburg, Iowa. 261.
Leroy Titus Weeks.
Starlings Nesting At Syracuse, N. Y.. 261-262.
Franklin H. May.
Evening Grosbeak At Stroudsburg, Pa.. 262-263.
Herbert W. Westwood.
White-Throated Sparrow Summering In Autauga County, Alabama. 263.
Lewis S. Golsan.
Evening Grosbeaks In Pike Co., Pa.. 263.
Edwin B. Bartram.
Tree Sparrow (Spizella Monticola Monticola) In Georgia. 263-264.
Aaron C. Bagg.
The Nesting of Henslow's Sparrow In Southern Connecticut. 264-265.
Aretas A. Saunders.
An Albino Swamp Sparrow (Melospiza Georgiana). 265.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Albinism In the Sharp-Tailed Sparrow (Passerherbulus Caudacutus). 265.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Note On the Philadelphia Vireo (Vireosylva Philadelphica). 265-266.
Harrison F. Lewis.
Golden-Winged Warbler Nesting At Waterford, N. Y.. 266.
Edgar Bedell.
Hooded Warbler Near Elizabeth, N. J.. 266.
Charles A. Urner.
A Deceived Yellow Warbler. 266.
Leroy Titus Weeks.
The Mockingbird At Prouts Neck, Maine. 267.
Wm. Pearce Coues.
An Unusual Mockingbird Record. 267.
Edwin B. Bartram.
Piairie Warbler (Dendroica Discolor) In January In South Carolina. 267.
Arthur T. Wayne.
A Question Concerning the Distribution of the Long-Billed Marsh Wren. 267-268.
Aretas A. Saunders.
The Willow Thrush (Hylocichla Fuscescens Salicicola) On the Coast of South Carolina. 268.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Parkman's Wren Near Chicago. 268.
Henry K. Coale.
Notes From Lawrence, Kans.. 268-269.
Bessie D. Reed.
Notes On the Birds of the Beaver River Valley In Saskatchewan. 269-270.
John Smith Dexter.
Bird Changes Caused By the Winter of 1917-1918. 270.
Gordon Wilson.
Arkansas Kingbird and Egrets In Connecticut. 270-271.
Lester W. Smith.
Notes On Early Summer Birds of the Virginia Coast. 271-273.
E. L. Poole.
Some Records From the Madison, Wisconsin, Region For the Spring of 1921. 273-274.
Warner Taylor.
Notes On Connecticut Birds. 275.
Louis H. Porter.
Spring 1917 Migration of Shore Birds At Branchport, N. Y.. 275.
Verdi Burtch.
Rare and Uncommon Birds At Branchport, N. Y.. 276-277.
Verdi Burtch.
A Strange Migration. 277-278.
E. D. Nauman.
Bird Banding As an Opportunity To Study Character and Disposition. 278.
Wm. I. Lyon.
A Correction For Lake County, Minnesota, Birds. 278.
Charles E. Johnson.

Recent Literature

Chubb's 'Birds of British Guiana'. 279.
W. S.
Bannerman On the Canary Islands. 279-280.
W. S.
Abel Chapman's 'Savage Sudan'. 280-281.
W. S.
Mcatee's Spring Bird Lists. 282.
W. S.
Kopman, On the Wild Life Resources of Louisiana. 282-283.
W. S.
Todd On the Genus Pipromorpha. 283.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Chrostowski. 283-284.
W. S.
Oberholser On Bird Life In the Great Basin. 284.
W. S.
Mcatee's Community Bird Refuges. 284-285.
W. S.
Wetmore On Body Temperature of Birds. 285-286.
W. S.
Bangs On Birds of the American Museum's Asiatic Expedition, of 1916-1917. 286-287.
W. S.
Miller and Griscom On Central American Birds. 287.
W. S.
Grinnell and Storer On Yosemite Birds. 287-288.
W. S.
Cherrie and Reichenberger On New Birds From Southern South America. 288.
W. S.
Murphy and Harper On the Diving Petrels. 288-289.
W. S.
The Ornithological Journals. 289-293.
Ornithological Articles In Other Publications. 294-296.
Additional Publications Received (Up To March 20). 297.
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