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The Auk, Volume 37, Number 2 (1920)

2 (April)


A Revision of the Genus Eupsychortyx. 189-220.
W. E. Clyde Todd.
Observations on the Habits of Birds at Lake Burford, New Mexico. 221-247.
Alexander Wetmore.
Additions to the Avifauna of the Pribilof Islands, Alaska, Including Four Species New to North America. 248-254.
G. Dallas Hanna.
Extracts From Notes Made While in Naval Service. 255-261.
W. T. Helmuth.
The Plumage of Gulls in Relation to Age As Illustrated By the Herring Gull (Larus Argentatus) and Other Species. 262-268.
Jonathan Dwight.
The Subspecies of Branta Canadensis (Linnaeus). 268-272.
H. S. Swarth.
Description of a New North American Duck. 273-274.
Wharton Huber.
Fifth Annual List of Proposed Changes in the A. O. U. Check-List of North American Birds. 274-285.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Notes and News. 346-352.


An Occult Food Sense" in Birds". 339-341.
The Search for Food By Birds. 341-344.
Ridgway's Birds of North and Middle America, Vol. Viii. 344-345.

General Notes

A Loon (Gavia Immer) Caught on a Fishing Line. 286.
Verdi Burtch.
Intestinal C[Ae]Ca in the Anhinga. 286-287.
Alexander Wetmore.
On the Nesting of the Black Duck in Ohio. 287-288.
W. F. Henninger.
The American and European Widgeons in Massachusetts. 288-289.
J. C. Phillips.
Whistling Swan (Olor Columbianus) in Massachusetts. 289.
J. C. Phillips.
Habits of the Two Black Ducks, Anas Rubripes Rubripes and Anas Rubripes Tristis. 289-291.
J. C. Phillips.
Flight of Water-Fowl at Washington, D. C.. 291-292.
Brent M. Morgan.
Nesting of the Greater Yellow-Legs in Newfoundland. 292.
George H. Stuart.
Nesting of the Little Black Rail in Atlantic County, N. J.. 292-293.
George H. Stuart.
Age Attained By the Hyacinth Macaw. 293.
Witmer Stone.
Maggots in the Ears of Nestling Cooper's Hawks (Accipter Cooperi). 293.
Verdi Burtch.
Curious Habits of the Whip-Poor-Will. 293-294.
Henry K. Coale.
Aeronautes Melanoleucus (Baird) Versus Aeronautes Saxatalis (Wood-House). 294-295.
Harry C. Oberholser.
A New Name for Phaeochroa Gould. 295.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Great Crested Flycatcher in Massachusetts in Winter. 295.
Charles B. Floyd.
The Song of the Boat-Tailed Grackle. 295-297.
Francis Harper.
Clark's Crow in Denver. 297.
W. H. Bergtold.
Another Occurrence of a Starling Near Montgomery, Ala.. 298.
Peter A. Brannon.
A Flight of Newfoundland Crossbills. 298.
A. C. Bent.
Evening Grosbeak at Valley Falls, N. Y.. 298.
Grace Young Bowen.
Evening Grosbeak at Brantingham, Lewis Co., N. Y.. 299.
Verdi Burtch.
The Evening Grosbeak in Monte Vista, Colo.. 299.
Mrs. Jesse Stephenson.
Some Sparrow Notes From Madison, Wisconsin. 299-300.
Warner Taylor.
Zonotrichia Albicollis Again in Colorado. 300.
F. C. Lincoln.
The Proper Name of the West African Serin. 300-301.
Outram Bangs, Thomas E. Penard.
The Louisiana Tanager in Massachusetts. 301.
Outram Bangs.
Bohemian Waxing in Illinois. 301-302.
Henry K. Coale.
The Yellow-Throated Warbler in Central New York.--A Correction. 302.
A. H. Wright.
The Louisiana Water-Thrush Breeding at Graniteville, Aiken County, South Carolina. 302.
Arthur T. Wayne.
Elminia Bonaparte Preoccupied. 302.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Toxostoma Crissalis Versus Toxostoma Dorsalis. 303.
Harry C. Oberholser.
The Wheatear (Oenanthe Oenanthe Leucorhoa) in Eastern Pennsylvania. 303-304.
Witmer Stone.
Additional Notes on the Birds of Red Deer, Alberta. 304-306.
W. E. Saunders.
Birds of Irregular Occurrence on Long Island, N. Y.. 306-307.
Roy Latham.
Rare and Uncommon Birds at Branchport, Yates Co., N. Y.. 307-308.
Verdi Burtch.
Unusual Winter Bird Records for Iowa City, Iowa. 308-309.
Dayton Stoner.
Notes on Winter Birds of the Missouri Ozarks. 309.
Prewitt Roberts.
Mesa County, Colorado, Notes. 310.
Ada B. Copeland.
Some North American Birds Obtained in Japan. 311.
Nagamichi Kuroda.
The Color of Natal Down in Passerine Birds. 312.
Aretas A. Saunders.
Birds and Tent Caterpillars. 312-313.
Aretas A. Saunders.

Recent Literature

Baldwin's 'Bird-Banding By Means of Systematic Trapping.'. 314-315.
W. S.
Chapman on New South American Birds. 315.
W. S.
Cory's 'Catalogue of Birds of the Americas.'. 315-316.
W. S.
Witherby's Handbook of British Birds. 316-317.
W. S.
A Geographical Bibliography of British Ornithology. 317.
W. S.
Annual Report of the National Association of Audubon Societies. 317-318.
W. S.
Bulletin of the Essex County Ornithological Club. 318-319.
W. S.
Hollister's Account of the National Zoo. 319.
W. S.
Cory's Review of the Genus Rhynchocyclus. 319-320.
W. S.
Van Oort's 'Birds of Holland.'. 320.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Bangs and Penard. 320.
W. S.
Kirk Swann's 'synoptical List of the Accipitres.'. 321.
W. S.
Dr. Shufeldt's Bibliography. 321.
W. S.
Stuart Baker on Egg Collecting and Its Objects. 321-322.
W. S.
Economic Ornithology in Recent Entomological Publications. 322-325.
W. L. M.
Pine-Seed Eaters in British Garhwal. 325.
W. L. M.
The Ornithological Journals. 325-334.
Ornithological Articles in Other Journals. 334-338.
Additional Publications Received. 338.
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