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The Auk, Volume 35, Number 3 (1918)

3 (July)


Georgia's Rarities Further Discovered in a Second American Portfolio of John Abbot's Bird Plates. 271-286.
Samuel N. Rhoads.
Notes on the Anatomy of the Cuban Trogon. 286-289.
Hubert Lyman Clark.
Further Notes and Observations on the Birds of Hatley, Stanstead County, Quebec, 1916-1917. 289-310.
H. Mousley.
Home Life of the Vesper Sparrow and the Hermit Thrush. 310-321.
E. M., W. A. Perry.
The Distribution of Nuttall's Sparrow in California. 321-326.
Carl L. Hubbs.
The Limicol[Ae] of the State of Washington. 326-333.
J. H. Bowles.
The Birds of Desecheo Island, Porto Rico. 333-340.
Alexander Wetmore.
Some Recent Connecticut Bird Notes. 340-344.
Aretas A. Saunders.
Notes on the Nesting Birds of Wahpeton, North Dakota. 344-349.
J. K. Jensen.
Notes and News. 381-386.

General Notes

Larus Nelsoni, in Juvenal Plumage, From the Hawaiian Islands. 349-350.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Anas Rubripes Rubripes in North Dakota. 350.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Melospiza Melodia Ph[Ae]A in Southern California. 350.
Edward J. Brown.
Numenius Americanus Americanus Not a Breeding Bird of Michigan. 350-351.
Harry C. Oberholser.
The Rough-Legged Hawk (Archibuteo Lagopus Sancti-Johannis) at Washington, D. C.. 351.
Arthur H. Howell.
Occurrence of Goshawks (Astur A. Atricapillus) and Saw-Whet Owl (Cryptoglaux Acadica) in the Vicinity of Washington, D. C.. 351.
A. K. Fisher.
Large Flight of Great Horned Owls and Goshawks at Hadlyme, Connecticut. 351-352.
Arthur W. Brockway.
Megaceryle Vs. Streptoceryle. 352-353.
W. Dew. Miller.
The Sapsucker Wintering in Central Maine. 353-354.
Harriet A. Nye.
A Crested Flycatcher Injured By Swallowing a Grasshopper. 354-355.
Arthur H. Howell.
An Attempt to Breed the Pine Grosbeak in Captivity. 355-356.
Geo. M. Marckres.
The Systematic Position of Calyptophilus. 356-357.
W. Dew. Miller.
Junco Aikeni in New Mexico. 357.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Notes on Some Bird Fossils From Florida. 357-358.
Robert Wilson Shufeldt.
A Note Concerning Bird Mortality. 358-359.
Aretas A. Saunders.
Birds and Mulberries. 359-360.
Ernest G. Holt.
An American Edition of Audubon's 'Ornithological Biography.'. 360-362.
William C. Braislin.

Recent Literature

Loomis on the Tubinares. 362-364.
W. S.
Murphy on Atlantic Oceanites. 364-365.
J. T. N.
Cory's 'Catalogue of Birds of the Americas.'. 365-366.
W. S.
Mcatee's 'sketch of the Natural History of the District of Columbia.'. 366.
W. S.
Townsend's 'In Audubon's Labrador.'. 367.
W. S.
Pearson's 'Tales From Birdland.'. 367-368.
W. S.
Mathews' 'Birds of Australia.'. 368.
W. S.
Lincoln's 'The Woodpeckers of Colorado.'. 368-369.
W. S.
Cassinia for 1917. 369.
W. S.
Bangs and Penard on a Collection of Surinam Birds. 369-370.
W. S.
Riley on a New Bullfinch From China. 370.
W. S.
Mcgregor on New or Noteworthy Philippine Birds. 370.
W. S.
Gabrielson on the Birds of Clay and O'Brien Counties, Iowa. 370.
W. S.
Recent Papers on Bird Preservation. 370-371.
W. S.
Bird Enemies of Brine Shrimps and Alkali Flies. 372.
W. L. M.
Bird Enemies of the Varying Hare. 372.
W. L. M.
Curious Hoarding Habits of Birds. 372-373.
W. L. M.
Bird Enemies of Tree Hoppers (Membracid[Ae]). 373-374.
W. L. M.
The Ornithological Journals. 374-378.
Ornithological Articles in Other Journals. 378-379.
Publications Received. 379-381.
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