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The Auk, Volume 35, Number 1 (1918)

1 (January)


In Memoriam: Edgar Alexander Mearns. 1-18.
Charles W. Richmond.
Notes on the Breeding Birds of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 18-29.
Richard C. Harlow.
Uncolored Prints From Havell's Engravings of Audubon's 'Birds of America'. 29-32.
Harry Harris.
The Breeding of the Migrant Shrike at Hatley, Stanstead County, Quebec, 1916. 33-36.
H. Mousley.
Labrador Chickadee (Penthestes Hudsonicus Nigricans) in Its Return Flight From the Fall Migration of 1916. 37-40.
Horace W. Wright.
The Birds of Walla Walla and Columbia Counties, Southeastern Washington. 40-51.
Lee Raymond Dice.
A Revision of the Races of Toxostoma Redivivum (Gambel). 52-61.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Notes on North American Birds. Iv.. 62-65.
Harry C. Oberholser.
Thirty-Fifth Stated Meeting of the American Ornithologists' Union. 65-73.
T. S. Palmer.
Notes and News. 106-112.


The Blue Color in Pigeons. 105.

General Notes

Common Tern Nesting at Thousand Islands. 74.
Mabel Metcalf Merwin.
European Widgeon at Madison, Wis.. 74-75.
A. W. Schorger.
The European Widgeon in Massachusetts. 75.
William Brewster.
Little Blue Heron in Pennsylvania. 75.
Boyd P. Rothrock.
Northern Phalarope (Lobipes Lobatus) in Michigan. 75.
B. H. Swales.
Sharp-Tailed Grouse at Tremont, Indiana. 75-76.
George A. Brennan.
The White-Winged Dove (Melopelia Asiatica Asiatica) in Georgia. 76-77.
Francis Harper.
The Harpy Eagle in Colorado. 77-78.
W. H. Bergtold.
The Happy Eagle in Colorado. 78-79.
F. C. Lincoln.
Sap Drinking By Sapsuckers and Hummingbirds. 79-80.
A. A., A. H. Wright.
Starlings (Sturnus Vulgaris) at Barnstable, Mass.. 80-81.
T. E. Penard.
Yellow-Headed Blackbird in New Jersey. 81.
Witmer Stone.
The Bohemian Waxwing in Grand Junction, Colo.. 81-82.
Ada B. Copeland.
Concerning Brewster's Warbler. 82.
J. T. Nichols.
Brewster's Warbler in Pennsylvania. 82.
G. H. Stuart 3Rd.
Blackpoll Warbler Lingering in Mass.. 82-83.
Arthur C. Comey.
Labrador and Acadian Chickadees at Hatley, Stanstead County, Quebec. 83.
H. Mousley.
Willow Thrush in Pennsylvania. 83.
Boyd P. Rothrock.
Subsequent Nestings. 83-84.
J. K. Jensen.
Uncommon Birds at Hatley, Stanstead County, Quebec. 84-85.
H. Mousley.
Early Bird Records for the Vicinity of Washington, D. C.. 85.
W. L. Mcatee.

Recent Literature

Herrick's 'Audubon the Naturalist.'. 86-89.
W. S.
The New 'Birds of America.'. 89-91.
W. S.
Tropical Wild Life in British Guiana'. 91-93.
W. S.
Catalogue of the Childs Library. 93.
W. S.
Preliminary List of the Birds of Tennessee. 93-94.
W. S.
Birds of Carthage, Illinois. 94.
W. S.
Swarth and Bryant on the White-Fronted Geese of California. 94.
W. S.
Oberholser on the Subspecies of Leach's Petrel. 95.
W. S.
Oberholser on Birds From Islands in the Java and China Seas. 95.
W. S.
Paxson on the Last of the Wild Pigeon in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 95-96.
W. S.
Peters on Birds From Santo Domingo. 96.
W. S.
Recent Papers By Gyldenstolpe. 96.
W. S.
Cary's 'Life Zone Investigations in Wyoming'. 96.
W. S.
Third Report of the Meriden Bird Club. 96-97.
W. S.
Mathews' 'Birds of Australia'. 97.
W. S.
Strong on the Origin of Melanin Pigment in Feather Germs. 97.
W. S.
Bird Conservation in 1917. 97-98.
W. S.
Mullens and Swann's Bibliography of British Ornithology. 98.
W. S.
The Ornithological Journals. 98-101.
Ornithological Articles in Other Journals. 101-102.
Publications Received. 102-104.
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