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The Auk, Volume 33, Number 4 (1916)

4 (October)


The Lake Crescent Region, Olympic Mountains, Washington, With Notes Regarding Its Avifauna. 357-370.
Samuel F. Rathbun.
Migration of the Yellow-Billed Loon. 370-376.
Joseph Dixon.
Notes on Some Maine Birds. 376-383.
Arthur H. Norton.
Notes on Some Spring Birds of La Plata. 384-399.
Roland F. Hussey.
Records of Birds New to the Pribilof Islands Including Two New to North America. 400-403.
G. Dallas Hanna.
The Birds of Vieques Island, Porto Rico. 403-419.
Alexander Wetmore.
The Saw-Whet Owl of the Queen Charlotte Islands. 420-423.
J. H. Fleming.
A New Form of Chlo. 423-424.
John C. Phillips.
Changes in the A. O. U. Check-List of North American Birds Proposed Since the Publication of the Sixteenth Supplement. 425-431.
Notes and News. 458-462.
Index to Volume Xxxiii.. 463-488.
Dates of Issue. 489.
Errata. 489.


Present Work of Gerhard Heilmann. 457-458.

General Notes

Concerning the Occurrence of the Western and Other Gulls in Southeastern Alaska. 432.
F. Seymour Hersey.
A Note on the Mottled Duck. 432-433.
J. C. Phillips.
An Overlooked Specimen of the Trumpeter Swan. 433.
Witmer Stone.
Egrets (Herodias Egretta) in Van Cortland Park, New York City. 433.
S. H. Chubb.
The Black Rail (Creciscus Jamaicensis) at Chicago, Ill.. 433-434.
H. L. Stoddard.
Eskimo Curlew in Massachusetts. 434.
John C. Phillips.
Early Flight of Wilson's Snipe in Massachusetts. 434.
J. C. Phillips.
Note on the Nesting of the Valley Quail. 434.
Henry K. Coale.
Crows Destroying Quail. 435.
John Lewis Childs.
Cassin's Sparrow in Colorado. 435.
W. H. Bergtold.
Incubation Period of the Horned Lark. 435.
Hazel Macdonald.
Junco Breeding at West Quincy, Mass.. 436.
N. C. Foot.
Multiple Nest of the Yellow Warbler. 436.
Jens K. Jensen.
Warbler Notes From Rhinebeck, N. Y.. 436-437.
Maunsell S. Crosby.
Mockingbird (Mimus Polyglottos Polyglottos) in Wayne County, Michigan. 437-438.
Bradshaw H. Swales.
The Carolina Wren in the Maine Wilderness. 438.
John Lewis Childs.
Notes From Wisconsin. 438-439.
Norman Dew Betts.
Pseudo-Masculinity in Birds. 439.
W. H. Bergtold.
Birds With Accessory Wings. 439.
W. H. Bergtold.

Recent Literature

Chubb's 'The Birds of British Guiana.'. 440-441.
W. S.
Chapman's 'The Travels of Birds.'. 441.
W. S.
Summer Birds of the Douglas Lake Region, Mich.. 442.
W. S.
Sawyer's 'Land Birds of Northern New York.'. 442.
W. S.
An Index to 'Bird-Lore.'. 443.
W. S.
A Bibliography of British Ornithology. 443-444.
W. S.
Todd on Dysithamnus Mentalis. 444.
W. S.
Cherrie on New Neotropical Birds. 444-445.
W. S.
Mathews' 'Birds of Australia'. 445.
W. S.
Riley on New Ralliformes. 445.
W. S.
Cory on New South American Birds. 445.
W. S.
Buturlin's Review of the Nuthatches. 445-446.
W. S.
Dabbene on Argentine Coots and Grebes. 446.
W. S.
Birds in Relation to the Dissemination of Mistletoes in the United States. 446-447.
W. L. M.
Further Data on the Spread of the Chestnut-Blight Fungus. 447-448.
W. L. M.
Economic Ornithology in Recent Entomological Publications. 448-450.
W. L. M.
Publications on Bird and Game Preservation. 450.
W. S.
The Ornithological Journals. 450-453.
Ornithological Articles in Other Journals. 453-454.
Publications Received. 454-456.
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