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Migration and International Conservation of Waders: Research and Conservation of North Asian, African and European Flyways

International Wader Studies


Foreword: Marshes are Youth of the Earth. 1-3.
Paul Valery
Introduction. 4-8.
Wader Studies in the Soviet Union: an Historical Perspective. 9-12.
P. S. Tomkovich
Acknowledgements. 13-14.


The Odessa Protocol on International Co-Operation on Migratory Flyway Research and Conservation: the Wader Study Group Conference At Odessa, 13-17 April 1992. 17-21.


Waders As Indicators of Biological Diversity. 23.
V. E. Flint
Towards a Flyway Conservation Strategy For Waders. 24-44.
N. C. Davidson, D. A. Stroud, P. I. Rothwell, M. W. Pienkowski
The African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement: A Technical Agreement Under the Bonn Convention. 45-50.
G. C. Boere, B. Lenten
A Model For International Waterbird Management Agreements: the Greenland White-Fronted Goose Anser Albifrons Flavirostns. 51-52.
D. A. Stroud
Flyway Management: Needs and Uses. 53-58.
P. M. Rose
The System of Waterfowl Counting in the United Kingdom: Collecting Key Information For the Conservation of Waterfowl Species. 59-60.
J. S. Kirby, D. A. Stroud
Crofting and Bird Conservation On Coll and Tiree. 61-68.
D. A. Stroud
Information For Managing the Coastal Zone in the 1990S: the Example of United Kingdom Coastal and Estuarine Directories and Inventories. 69-72.
N. C. Davidson
Land-Claim and Recreational Pressure On British Estuaries. 73-74.
N. C. Davidson, D. Ds A. Laffoley, L. S. Way
Ecosystem Research Project On Disturbances By Human Activities in the Wadden Sea.. 75.
V. Knoke
The Great Arctic Reserve - Large-Scale Nature Protection in Northern Siberia. 76-77.
P. Prokosch, H. Hoetker
New Ways in Managing Nature Protection: A Smaller Army Brings More Young People To Environmental Work. 78-80.
H.-U. Roesner


The Mediterranean Flyway: A Network of Wetlands For Waterbirds. 81-84.
T. M. Van Der Have
Numbers of Juvenile Dunlins Calidris Alpina Ringed At the Vistula Mouth (Southern Baltic, Poland) in Relation To Arctic Breeding Conditions. 85-87.
J. Gromadzka
Siberian Dunlins Calidris Alpina Migrate To Europe: First Evidence From Ringing. 88-90.
J. Gromadzka, V. K. Ryabitsev
Age Differences of Wing Shape in Waders. 91-93.
A. N. Tsvelikh, E. A. Dyadicheva
Following Bird Numbers When They Keep Changing: Is Monitoring of Migratory Waders Possible?. 94.
H.-U. Roesner


Breeding Conditions For Waders in the Tundras of the USSR in 1988. 97-100.
P. S. Tomkovich
Breeding Conditions For Waders in the Tundras of the USSR in 1989. 101-104.
A. Y. Kondratyev
Breeding Conditions For Waders in the Tundras of the USSR in 1990. 105-110.
A. K. Yurlov
Breeding Conditions For Waders in Russian Tundras in 1991. 111-116.
V. K. Ryabitsev
Breeding Conditions For Waders in Russian Tundras in 1992. 117-123.
P. S. Tomkovich
Breeding Conditions For Waders in Russian Tundras in 1993. 124-131.
P. S. Tomkovich
Breeding Conditions For Waders in Russian Tundras in 1994. 132-144.
P. S. Tomkovich
Mapping Breeding Range Structure of Tundra Waders in Russia. 145-151.
E. G. Lappo
Breeding Distribution of Dunlin Calidris Alpina in Russia. 152-169.
E. G. Lappo, P. S. Tomkovich
Long-Term Changes in Wader Populations At the Lapland Nature Reserve and Its Surroundings: 1887-1991. 170-174.
A. S. Gilyazov
Post-Breeding Movements of Oystercatcher Haematopus Ostralegus Broods in the North of Kandalaksha Bay (The White Sea) and Some Aspects of Their Behaviour. 175.
E. A. Lebedeva, V. V. Biancki
Variation in Numbers of Migrating Waders On Bolshoy Ainov Island, Western Murman During 1963-1991. 176-179.
I. P. Tatarinkova
Seasonal Changes in Distribution, Abundance and Numbers of Waders in Relation To Lemming Population Cycles in the West Siberian Tundra. 180-185.
V. S. Zhukov
Distribution of Breeding Waders in the North-East European Russian Tundras. 186-194.
V. V. Morozov
Nesting Density Dynamics and Site Fidelity of Waders On the Middle and Northern Yamal. 195-200.
V. K. Ryabitsev, N. S. Alekseeva
The Phenomenon of Brood Aggregations and Their Structure in Waders in Northern Taimyr. 201-206.
M. Y. Soloviev, P. S. Tomkovich
Lemming Density in Taimyr Tundra and Its Influence On Reproduction of Birds. 207-213.
A. V. Rybkin
Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Wader Numbers in the Delta Complexes of the Northern Subarctic. 214-220.
Y. Yu. Blokhin
Breeding Wader Populations On the Marine Coasts of North-Eastern Sakhalin. 221-224.
A. Y. Blokhin
Distribution of Waders During Migration At Sakhalin Island. 225-232.
V. A. Nechaev
Main Concentrations of Migrating Waders On the Kamchatka Peninsula. 233-236.
E. G. Lobkov
The International Significance of Wetland Habitats in the Lower Moroshechnaya River (West Kamchatka, Russia) For Waders. 237-242.
N. N. Gerasimov, Y. N. Gerasimov


5a. Breeding

Important Areas For Breeding Waders in Italy. 245-250.
R. Tinarelli
Age Oometry of the Redshank Tringa Totanus in the South of the Ukraine. 251.
M. E. Zmud
On the Breeding of Kentish Charadrius Alexandrinus and Little Ringed Plovers C. Dubius in the Lower Tiligul Liman, South-Western Ukraine. 252-255.
V. P. Stoylovski, D. A. Kivganov
Numbers and Status of Waders On Dolgiy and Kruglyy Islands in the Black Sea Nature Reserve. 256-260.
T. B. Ardamatskaya
The Oystercatcher Haematopus Ostralegus in the Black Sea Nature Reserve. 261-263.
A. G. Rudenko
Distribution, Numbers and Some Aspects of the Biology of the Kentish Plover Charadrius Alexandrinus in Southern Ukraine. 264-267.
A. I. Korzyukov, O. A. Potapov
Productivity of the Collared Pratincole Glareola Pratincola On the Northern Coast of the Azov Sea. 268.
S. Pozhidaeva, G. N. Molodan
Fluctuations in the Numbers of Breeding Waders During Different Stages of Reservoir Formation. 269.
V. L. Bulakhov, L. A. Leonova, O. M. Myasoyedova
The Influence of Water Levels of Saline Lakes Along the Samara River Valley, Ukraine, On Fluctuations in Numbers of Black-Winged Stilts Himantopus Himantopus and Avocets Recurvirostra Avosetta. 270.
L. Bulakhov, A. A. Gubkin, An. A. Gubkin
Population Changes in Waders Breeding At the Slavyansk Salt Lakes, Eastern Ukraine: Observations From 1985-1991. 271.
S. Pisarev, I. Sykorsky, A. Timoshenko
Review of the Ukrainian Wader Fauna. 272.
V. Serebryakov
Current Population Status of Rare and Protected Waders in South Russia. 273-283.
V. P. Belik
Current Distribution and Population Trends of Some Rare Waders in Belarus. 282-284.
M. V. Nikiforov
Waders of the Novgorod Region: Peculiarities of Their Distribution and Important Breeding Areas. 285-290.
A. L. Mischenko, O. V. Sukhanova
The Importance of the Peatlands of the Upper Volga Area As Habitats For Breeding Waders. 291-298.
V. I. Nikolaev
Curlew Numenius Arquata in the Vologda Region of North-European Russia. 299-302.
V. T. Butiev, E. A. Lebedeva
Rare Breeding Waders of the Moscow Region: Distribution and Numbers. 303-308.
V. A. Zubakin, T. V. Sviridova, V. V. Kontorschikov, O. S. Grinchenko, E. V. Smirnova, S. V. Volkov, E. D. Krasnova, M. L. Kreindlin
Numbers, Reproductive Success and Genetic Structure of Lapwings Vanellus Vanellus in Areas of Varying Pastoral Regimes. 309-314.
S. M. Klimov
Waders in Agricultural Habitats of European Russia. 315-324.
E. A. Lebedeva
Migration, Breeding and Population Size of Curlew Numenius Arquata in Orenburg Region, Russia. 325-328.
G. M. Samigullin
Daily Activity of Stone Curlew Burhinus Oedicnemus During the Breeding Period. 329-332.
A. A. Karavaev
The Numbers of Breeding Waders On Some Lakes in the Lower Amu-Darya River Region, Uzbekistan. 333-336.
E. Shernazarov, M. M. Turaev
Habitat Distribution and Diet of Lapwings Vanellus Vanellus in the Kurgaldzhinskiy Nature Reserve, Central Kazakhstan. 337-341.
V. V. Khrokov
Breeding Dotterels Charadrius Morinellus in the Altai Mountains of Kazakhstan. 342-344.
B. V. Tsherbakov
Status of Snipe Gallinago Spp. and Woodcock Scolopax Rusticola in the South-East of Western Siberia. 345-350.
N. M. Golovina
Population and Range Fluctuations of Asian Dowitcher Limnodromus Semipalmatus in the Central Asian Arid Zone. 351-357.
Yu. I. Melnikov
Waders of the Khubsugul Lake, Mongolia. 358.
N. G. Skryabin, I. I. Toopitsyn

5b. Migration and Wintering

Preliminary Data On the Diet of Migrating Ruffs Philomachus Pugnax in Northern Italy. 361-364.
N. Baccetti, L. Chelazzi, I. Colombini, L. Serra
Stop-Over Strategy of Ruff Philomachus Pugnax During the Spring Migration. 365-369.
N. Baccetti, R. Gambogi, A. Magnani, D. Piacentini, L. Serra
Wood Sandpiper Tringa Glareola and Green Sandpiper Tringa Ochropus in Bulgaria. 370-374.
D. N. Nankinov
Wintering Waders of the Ukrainian Part of the Danube Delta. 375-377.
M. Y. Zhmud
Wader Migration in the North-Western Part of the Black Sea Region. 378.
A. N. Kabakov
The Northern and Western Black Sea Region - the Wadden Sea of the Mediterranean Flyway For Wader Populations. 379-393.
J. Kube, A. I. Korzyukov, D. N. Nankinov, Oag Muenster, P. Weber
Routes and Timing of Common Snipe Gallinago Gallinago Migration in the Ukraine. 394.
V. V. Serebryakov, V. N. Grishchenko
Summer Movements of Waders in the Samur River Delta: Preliminary Data and Review of the Problem For the Caspian Sea Region. 395-402.
E. A. Lebedeva, V. T. Butiev
The Importance of the Western Caspian Coast For Migrating and Wintering Waders. 403-412.
A. O. Shubin
Waders of the Sewage Water Reservoir in the Aksay Town (Uralsky Region). 413.
V. V. Khrokov, N. N. Beryozovikov, F. F. Karpov, A. V. Kovalenko
Between-Year Recapture Rates of Waders Ringed On Migration in South-Eastern Kazakhstan: Constancy in Timing and Location of Flyway Routes. 414-416.
E. I. Gavrilov, S. N. Erokhov, A. E. Gavrilov
Numbers of Migrating Waders in South-East Kazakhstan Assessed By Standardised Monitoring. 417-424.
A. E. Gavrilov, V. I. Pridatko, E. I. Gavrilov, S. N. Erochov
Migration of Waders in the Khabarovsk Region of the Far East. 425-430.
V. V. Pronkevich
Migration of Waders in the Lunski Gulf, North-Eastern Sakhalin. 431-434.
V. B. Zykov, Z. V. Revyakina


Mass of Ruffs Philomachus Pugnax Wintering in West Africa. 435-440.
Oag Muenster
Observations On Palearctic Waders Wintering in the Inner Niger Delta of Mali. 441-443.
R. Tinarelli
Waders On the Southern Mozambique Coast. 444-447.
P. Nilsson, A. Shubin
Appendix 1. List of Conference Participants. 451-454.
Appendix 2. Translations of the Odessa Protocol. 457-491.
Species Index. 493-500.

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